2019 Milstein Family Foundation Newsletter
Though school is out for the summer, we are still relentlessly working to battle anti-Semitism on campus and beyond, on mainstream media and social media, and even in Congress. This fight is more important than ever, as fringe hateful ideologies move into the American mainstream.

Adam has written two articles about this threat. One, which was published by the Daily Caller, breaks down how accusations of “Islamophobia” have a chilling effect on freedom of speech and enable anti-Semites to spread their hateful message with less opposition or criticism. The second article, which was published by the Jerusalem Post, further explains how modern anti-Semitism manifests from three sources: the radical left, the radical right, and radical Muslims.

We are delighted to feature Act.IL, which connects pro-Israel activists worldwide to fight against the demonization of the Jewish State online and prevent anti-Semitic radicalization. The Milstein Family Foundation is proud to support Act.IL.

With sincere love and admiration for the State of Israel and the Jewish people,

Gila and Adam Milstein
How Accusations of ‘Islamophobia’ Threaten Our Freedom of Speech
Across the globe, anti-Semites are growing bolder. Each smear is more overt. Each attack is deadlier. Hateful rhetoric once kept to the fringes of society has crept into the mainstream and is now disseminated online and in the halls of Congress.

Written by Adam Milstein, published in the Daily Caller
Today's Antisemitism: A Three-Headed Monster
When we see anti-Semites acting out their hateful bigotry – as we’ve seen from Pittsburgh to Poway to the halls of Congress – we are confronted with a choice: do we condemn the evil and hope for the best? Do we turn our backs on the future of our people and allow history to repeat itself? Or do we fight back?

Written by Adam Milstein, published in the Jerusalem Post
Act.IL was founded in 2015 as a joint venture of IDC Herzliya and the Israeli-American Council (IAC).

Act.IL integrates a revolutionary mobile and web platform to harness support for Israel online - the first of its kind in the history of pro-Israel activism. By crowdsourcing online activism, Act.IL mobilizes Israel supporters worldwide to make support for Israel more visible and combat de-legitimization efforts that seek to destroy the Jewish homeland.

The Times of Israel recently called Act.IL “one of the fastest growing Israel advocacy groups ever,” with over 16,000 online community members from 41 countries who actively fight for Israel hundreds of times a day.

Gila and Adam Milstein have been there since day one. They helped get this program off the ground and facilitate countless collaborations, projects, and partnerships between Act.IL and other organizations, enabling this powerful vector for change to grow and expand its work in an unprecedented way.
Join our community and make a daily difference for Israel:
The Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation is proud to sponsor this impactful organization.