A Note from Scott and Marsha
April 16, 2020
We hope this finds you enjoying the spectacular weather this week. We also hope you've been outside enjoying your vitamin D with garden gloves, dirty knees and beautiful flowers in your landscape. As we experience what we TRULY hope is our final cold front, we are in spring mode here x10.  

Did you enjoy a beautiful Easter? We did. It's always nice to press pause for a special weekend. We are truly grateful this year for so many things. In the midst of our current circumstances, funny things still happen. I'll share. 

As we finished our Easter dinner, Scott walked into the kitchen and picked up his phone. He missed a call. And he says, "Why is the Chatham County Sheriff office calling me on Easter Sunday?" Awesome.  

He calls the number to be told they would put a message through to the officer. Again,  awesome . Five minutes later, an officer calls. God bless her.  

Apparently, someone wondered onto the property and decided it would be a good idea to visit the Garden Center while it's closed. This particular someone also thought it would be a great idea to kick in the gate. The shop was locked and they were unable to get in. Thankfully, the house plant babies are good. Critical information. I know, right? 

As they wander around briefly,"Oh wait. Is that a golf cart I spy??"  

Keep in mind, we were able to see this all on camera footage. The intruder/assailant, or whatever you would like to call him, takes off on the golf cart driving erratically. He rams a perennial table and knocks flower trays on the ground, smashes some pottery, and drives over 4 butterfly bushes. Then, he drives the cart through the new wood fencing breaking the main waterline, bounces over some beautiful blooming Azaleas and off he goes! He drove miles down Highway 751!. All the way to Craig's Market and Gas station. MILES before he was seen and fortunately, quite possibly chased (at 10mph), into the woods behind Craig's.  

Yep. We seriously don't make this stuff up. So after getting the irrigation shut down, all the repairs done, and inventory adjusted, we are now driving our bashed in golf cart with a story to tell. So when you see us on the golf cart bouncing around and still smiling, you can smile too.  

Are you acting like a wildflower scattering kindness in the wind? We hope so. Come scatter kindness our way and we'll give some back to you. Not only do we still have cheerful smiles, we also have all things green and gorgeous.   Nothing cheers us up quite like the beauty of nature.  
Friends, we wanted let you know that we fall under the essential business category and will remain OPEN for your convenience. We also remain committed to the idea that being outside and gardening is such a great way to relieve tension and anxiety during this time. Bringing green home right now might be just what you need to enjoy your space, since we will all be spending a lot more time there in the coming weeks. We are very aware of the concerns related to this virus and take them very seriously. For more information regarding how we are taking measures to protect our employees and customers, please CLICK HERE .
We have made some changes to our curbside pick-up and delivery options (we always offer a delivery option, by the way)!!! We are only offering pick-up Tuesday-Friday and there are a limited number of spots for each day. Check out our inventory online here , place your order from the comfort of home and pick-up curbside or have it delivered! Minimum order for pick up must be $50; delivery orders must be a minimum of $100. Please check you total order! Delivery within 10 miles is $35, 11-20 miles is $50. We can't wait to serve you in this way!
You have been patiently waiting. Milkweed has arrived! If you didn't know, Monarch butterflies LOVE and NEED milkweed. Milkweed is native, and we have orange (asclepias tuberosa) which is drought tolerant once established, and pink (asclepias incarnata) for average or wet soil. It can even be used in rain gardens. Milkweed is the only plant that monarch butterflies lay their eggs on. While butterflies feed on many pollinator plants, only the monarch larvae will feed on milkweed, so we need this to keep the population of monarchs going!!
We are huge fans of Coleus around here. Coleus is an annual prized for its foliage. It performs best in the shade, or at least part shade, but some varieties will even tolerate full sun. We have many varieties to choose from, even adorable Under the Sea Monkey dwarf varieties!! Plant in your garden or in a container, and you will enjoy gorgeous color all season long. Coleus is an excellent "fill" choice for containers.
The smell of Jasmine blooms in the late spring and early summer is enticing and intoxicating. Confederate Jasmine is a flowering vine with white flowers that produce amazing fragrance. When the blooms are spent, you will still enjoy dark green glossy foliage. Plant it next to something it can climb, and enjoy how quickly it will grow once it is established. It is easy to prune back if it gets out of hand at all. You can plant in sun, part sun or shade.
April is the perfect time to schedule a consultation for landscape design. Are you dreaming of a landscape that is easy to maintain? A beautiful paver patio to entertain friends? A solution to the unlit and dark spaces you have? All of the above? Schedule a consult today! Our designer can come to your home and maintain safe distance or even speak to you over the phone as he walks your property. For more information and to schedule a consult , visit our website !
Due to the current situation, we are putting all classes and workshops on hold until further notice. If classes are canceled and included a fee, a full refund will be issued. We will notify any participants of these changes well in advance.
Did you know that now is the perfect time to begin repotting and dividing your houseplants (if necessary)? We divided and repotted a Birdsnest Sansevieria and included step-by-step instructions and pictures ! We will post more about repotting houseplants in later posts as well! Stay tuned!
In all the busyness, we forgot to share our tips for lawn and garden in April! Find your April to do list here .
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