Secrets of the Ethers   

The Secrets of the Ethers - Ernst Marti's The Etheric

.... In  The Etheric, Marti explores the fourfold realm of the ethers. Giving an overview of their cosmic origins in the evolution of the earth, Dr. Marti shows how the ethers work in phenomena of warmth, light, sound, and organic life. He brings a contemporary understanding and insight to the classical elements fire, air, water, and earth as the media through which the etheric manifests and works in the world. 

Four physical forces are also explored which, as opposites of the ethers, have a constant tendency to break down and annul what life-giving ether creates. Dr. Marti studies the shadow aspects of the ethers connected to what he terms the 'sub-natural' forces of electricity, magnetism, and nuclear force....

.... Ernst Marti shows the polarity of the ethers manifesting in space and time through the scheme of the seven dimensions as taught by Rudolf Steiner. He also creates an overview of the dynamic between the ethers that allows the reader to find his way to the direct soul experience of each one. He tells the story of the manifestation of the ethers that is the same story as the spiritual development of humanity. 

Marti's insights are unique and go further than perhaps any other anthroposophist to create a topology of the etheric world. Modern science does not recognize the four elements of fire, air, water, and earth. The solid, liquid, and gaseous forms of matter are not elements. The Greek concept of nature was based on the recognition of the four elements. Somewhat as a fifth, ether was added. Aristotle said of ether: "It is that which is different from earth, water, air, and fire; it is eternal and eternally revolves in a circle." 

The elements have their origin in the center, the ethers in the periphery. The former are central, the latter peripheral; the former are point-like, individual; the latter universal, comprehensive. Mathematically speaking, one could say they relate to each other like plus and minus, positive and negative.

Understanding the Ethers

The life-giving teachings that enliven the etheric body are explained in this new theory of education derived from Waldorf education and philosophies that teach that each person replicates the entire evolution of humanity.
A comprehensive overview of the ethers from ancient teachings to the ideas of anthroposophists and modern scientific theories and their function in the human etheric body.
Know Her
Begin your journey in opening the Seven Seals and discover the living imaginations and hidden nature of the Sophia -the Great Triple Goddess.

Know Yourself
Learn how the etheric light that dances from the pineal gland to the pituitary gland is of utmost imprtance in turning matter into spirit. 
Be Pure
Open the seventh seal and secret teachings of the Sophia Christos Initiation and consiously cross the threshold of the spiritual world. 
Rudolf Steiner on Traditional Childhood Illnesses and Vaccines

Compiled by David Adams
The following quotations include virtually all of the references to these topics I was able to find in English translation. Rudolf Steiner generally portrayed the traditional childhood diseases as signs, aids, trials, and accompaniments of the natural process of child development and maturing immune systems. He helps us to understand their deeper meaning and management within human development.

Probably because vaccines for suppressing these diseases were far less common, varied, and widespread in Steiner's day, he says comparatively little about them - with one particularly significant warning for the future in the late quotations from The Fall of the Spirits of Darkness and Secret Brotherhoods

Although I checked several German indexes of Steiner's work to try to make sure I found everything, I no doubt have missed at least one or two references or private conversations. Please let me know of any you know about.

The Cosmic Earthly Nutrition Stream Explained

Ascension Sacraments for the Cosmic and Earthly Nutritional Diet

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Standing at the Threshold

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