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Six Reasons to get excited about
MEG-2:The Trench movie:
In less than 13 months from now, MEG-2: The Trench will open in theaters around the world. As good as the first movie was I predict the second will be even better.

I had waited 23 years to be at The MEG premiere in Hollywood (8-6-18). While I love doing interviews, my biggest concern was making it past the long line of reporters before my legs gave out from Parkinson's. With no place to sit down, I’d be writhing and twisting in front of millions of viewers (dyskinesia –caused by the meds) or I could simply shut down (out of dopamine) and neither option was very appealing. Neither was using a walker or a wheelchair. A shuttle van dropped me, my wife (Kim), our son (Branden), and daughter (Kelsey) and producer Belle Avery outside the theater and it was hot and humid and the sun was low and bright. Kim told me to lose the sunglasses – no way, And so the long walk to the theater began…

I stopped for CNN and Samantha Davidson at MEA, who is the daughter of a close friend, then darted for the theater no worries - until the Larry David incident.

After the movie, we headed out the theater and my friend Mark says, "Isn't that Larry David." It sure looked like him, and seeing how I had missed meeting the cast I figured I'd get a shot with L.D. So I introduce myself and tell him I drive my wife crazy because I am just like him, and she takes a photo... only it wasn't him. And he never said a word.
The Megalodon Returns: 6 Reasons To Get Excited Over The Meg 2

The megalodon was both an incredible and frightening predator that ruled the oceans some two million years ago. This prehistoric shark grew up to 50 feet in length. If it’s still around today, no sea would be safe. Good thing the megalodon now only lives in books and movies like The Meg, which will be getting its sequel soon.

(Hell, I’d free-base tomorrow if I knew it cure me of the damn writhing… and that’s from the FRICKIN! Meds.)
Living Tips:
Can Marijuana be used to treat
Parkinson’s Disease?
What is the science and pharmacology behind marijuana, and can it be used to treat Parkinson's symptoms?

The endocannabinoid system is located in the brain and made up of cannabinoid receptors(a receptor is molecular switch on the outside of a cell that makes something happen inside a cell when activated) that are linked to neurons (brain cells) that regulate thinking and some body functions. Researchers began to show enthusiasm to study cannabis in relation to PD after people with PD gave anecdotal reports and posted on social media as to how cannabis allegedly reduced their tremors. Some researchers think that cannabis might be neuroprotective—saving neurons from damage caused by PD.

Cannabinoids (the drug molecules in marijuana) have also been studied for use in treating other symptoms, like bradykinesia (slowness caused by PD) and dyskinesia (excess movement caused by levodopa). Despite some promising preclinical findings, researchers have not found any meaningful or conclusive benefits of cannabis for people with PD. Researchers issue caution for people with PD who use cannabis because of its effect on thinking. PD can impair the executive function—the ability to make plans and limit risky behavior. People with a medical condition that impairs executive function should be cautious about using any medication that can compound this effect.

Full article below:
MEG: Primal Waters eBook discounted in July
TOR/FORGE has announced that MEG: Primal Waters, the third book in The MEG series will be receiving an eBook down price promotion during the month of July.
Music Video of the Month:
“Tumbling Dice” the Rolling Stones
This version of Tumbling Dice is my favorite, with Mick Jagger out front and (and never better), Mick Taylor on lead…Keith weaving rhythm, Bill Wyman on bass and Charlie Watts on drums keeping that amazing riff going, backed by Bobby Keys on sax, Jim Price on trombone, and Nicky Hopkins on piano. I could loop and listen all day… and often do.
MEG: Purgatory: Another sneak peek at the chosen artist contribution
MEG: Purgatory Collector’s Limited Edition Package will not be sold in stores or on; it must be pre-ordered at (you still have lots of time as I must finish LOCH-3: Heaven Lake (see update below).

As part of MP Package Features: Front cover (different from Tor’s) will identify the book as a Limited Collector’s edition hardback. Inside will be a certificate on the signature page, along with a number. That’s right—each hardback will have a number matching the order in which books are purchased. As with LOCH-3, all books will be signed by moi, Steve Alten. Interior artwork: We will be contacting the best Megalodon/sea monster artists from all over the world, inviting them to participate in our celebration of MEG by creating one of the 20-30 action scenes in the novel (or their favorite scene from one of the other MEG novels)—their works of art to be placed in the novel as well as a special eBook FREE to all who purchase three (total) collector edition hardbacks before pre-orders end.

Sneak Peek: Artist Joshua Ballze
Limited Classic MEG Poster
on sale while supplies last!
This image (my personal favorite) was created by MEG artist Erik Hollander for me for a limited paperback release by Bantam-Doubleday. These mass market paperbacks are almost impossible to find (I only own one) and the image has never been offered as a poster.

MEG Helicopter Attack: 24 x 36 inches Limited Edition (only 200 printed).

Price: $34.95 plus s & h. Mailed in a sturdy poster tube.

To Order: go to
UPDATE: The LOCH: Heaven’s Lake: July 2022
Had to take a week to do a hard copy read and edit in order to forge ahead three steps and loving it!

I’m 80% complete, better update in September on a finish date. The LOCH-3: Heaven Lake will be printed by A & M Publishing, the entity that published MEG: Generations.

Copies must be preordered on before we go to print.
Special Project working with NY Times Best Selling Creator of The Meg - Steve Alten
Imagine a virtual underwater high school campus right in Sea Monster Cove that is actually a state-of-the-art learning center where secondary school teachers and their students will have access to Enhanced Virtual Academics (EVA) and major-motion-picture-worthy 3D animation that combines LEARNING with ENTERTAINMENT. 
What is Enhanced Virtual Academics?
EVA uses visual learning experiences which stimulate long term memory. Imagine reading The MEG novel where each chapter features color images and photos of the scenes you are reading, Vocabulary words appear in the chapter as hyperlinks – click on it and you have the definition right there within the framework of the story, stimulating long-term memory storage. E.V.E. novels also feature curriculum materials located at the end of each chapter. These exercises are intended to reinforce the vocabulary words (again helping to stimulate long-term vs short term memory). 

Looking for Computer Animators, Progressive Architectural 3D Animators

Character Animators including Human, Animals and Ocean Environment 3D Rigger, Texture Map Artist

Creative: Ghost, Opinionated Shit-Stirrer to Add Spice to a Virtual High School Situate in a Cove of Prehistoric Sea Creatures
SHARK WEEK on Discovery: Starts July 24
Shark Week 2022 Schedule
July Zoom Call:
You are invited to a scheduled Zoom meeting with Steve Alten.

Sunday July 24, 2022 at 3pm edt.

Reserve your spot with Kelly at

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Recipe of the Month:
Summer Delights Salad
With each bite, you'll experience a nourishing blend of fresh baby spinach and spring mix, creamy feta cheese crumbles, nutrient-filled pomegranate seeds, bright, fresh raspberries, and salty, toasted pine nuts. A refreshing and sweet cranberry-infused olive oil dressing is drizzled on top.

Ingredients For Salad:
4 cups fresh baby spinach
4 cups spring mix salad greens
3/4 cup feta cheese, crumbled
3/4 cup pomegranate seeds
3/4 cup fresh or frozen raspberries
1/3 cup pine nuts, toasted

Ingredients For The Dressing:
1/2 cup cranberry juice concentrate, thawed
3 tablespoons olive oil
2 tablespoons rice
vinegar, salt to taste.

*IF YOU HAVE A RECIPE YOU WOULD LIKE TO SHARE, please e-mail to me at Put RECIPE in the subject line.
Funny Video of the Month
A Favorite Scene

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Stay well, and please stay safe… and know I appreciate you.

Steve Alten, Ed.D.
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