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September 2015 Newsletter
Dear Readers:

The publishing industry has undergone major changes over the last twenty years. No one is more aware of that reality than yours truly. I've endured the ups and downs of a roller-coaster career since MEG was published by Bantam-Doubleday back in July of 1997. Eighteen years, fifteen novels, seven publishers, four NY Times best-sellers, four international best sellers, and three movie deals later, I've shared a frustration felt by many authors who spend years writing what we believe is a great book, only to see our work underachieve in sales because of mediocre cover art and a lack of marketing. With MEG green-lit at Warner Bros. Studios and TV networks circling several of my other books, I made a decision - to put together a talented team and try this publishing deal myself.

As such, I am pleased and excited to introduce A & M Publishing.

Our first two novels will be published sometime in October in mass market paperback ($9.99 U.S.) under the VIPER PRESS imprint. Call it a SHARK DOUBLE FEATURE:

We're phasing out the old, publishing the new 20th anniversary edition which combines MEG: ORIGINS with the 2015 rewritten version of MEG. Erik Hollander created a wild new cover, and there are a few new images inside. (There will be no MEG hardbacks sold in stores, keeping my promise to those of you who purchased limited hardback anniversary editions.)

Taylor Trade published the hardback last year, but I think you'll agree this cover is a bit more enticing. I've changed the story slightly, which should appeal to both young adults and adults.

Steve Alten
Tor/Forge, the publisher who has published many of my books - including MEG: PRIMAL WATERS and MEG: HELL'S AQUARIUM has purchased MEG: NIGHTSTALKERS from Rebel Press and will publish the hardback next summer. They will also be publishing the VOSTOK paperback.

WRITING COACH: Launching New Writers
Over the last 12 years I've worked with individuals who had a great idea for a book but lacked the experience and skills to turn it into a sellable finished manuscript. All new writers experience this - I had to hire my own writing coach after finishing the first draft of the manuscript that would become MEG. Was the $6,000 investment worth it? Fifteen books and a movie deal later, I'd say yes.

If you feel you have what it takes but need help, then I'm offering my services to two candidates. We'll develop your story, create a beat sheet, then I'll edit your work, making sure the writing is tight. When the manuscript is finished I'll help you find an agent and publisher. Cost of the program: $3,599.

The catch: I need to spend an hour on the phone with each potential candidate, brainstorming your idea while deciding if you are coachable. The call is free, but it's important as we could be working together for a year or more.

If you have the desire, an idea, and the necessary funds email me a one paragraph synopsis at   SUBJECT: Writing Coach Submission.
Recommended reading for Horror Lovers:                       
Josh Viola was one of my first Writing Coach students. His books have been published and won prestigious awards, and now he's become a publisher with a new horror anthology set to be released in September called NIGHTMARES UNHINGED.
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Laugh of the Month
For my non-Jewish readers, Shiva is the act of visiting the family of a loved one after a passing. 

IF YOU HAVE A JOKE YOU WOULD LIKE TO SHARE, please e-mail to me at   Put JOKE in the subject line.
Recipe of the Month: Fish Cakes from Chef Rick

5 baseball size red potatoes with skin boiled and mashed.
An equal size of fish cooked, and when cool, flaked. (Grouper is my favorite because bones are easy to pluck out as you flake the meat with your fingers)
½ cup scallions diced small
1 cup diced sweet red peppers
3 jalapenos de-seeded and diced small
1 cup diced celery
½ Tsp cumin
½ Tsp Old Bay Seasoning
Goya Adobo all-purpose seasoning  sea salt
1 cup Zatarain's New Orleans Style Fish Fry seafood breading mix
4 eggs whipped

(1) In a large bowl, mix the red potatoes and fish thoroughly.

(2) Saute' scallions, sweet red red peppers, jalapenos and celery in Olive Oil or butter.

(3) Add these ingredients-after sautéing to the potatoe and fish mixture. Mix well.

(5) Add the cumin, Old Bay Seasoning, Goya Adobo seasoning, and sea salt.Mix very well before adding eggs.

(6) Now mix the whipped eggs thoroughly into the batter.


(1) Have one box of Zatarain's spread out in a large plastic bowl, and a pan of water handy to clean the batter-ball hand-the other hand remains dry and is used to apply the Zatarain's.

(2) Heat a large skillet (electric skillet works great for this)foodspray the skillet set on medium

(3) Wet the ball hand, shake it, and then scoop out a ball (you will know how big by the 3rd ball) and hold it over the bowl...use the dry hand to scoop up a handful of Zatarain's, and sprinkle it on, and then press down on the ball until it is a patty, then shake the Zatarain's on the ball and your hand back into the bowl, and with a second large spatula on the patty, turn it over and with the other spatula slide the patty onto the skillet. (By the 3rd patty you will know when to clean your hand in the pan of water, and you will be able to perform this task like a lifetime line you're out of room-the skillet's full of fish cakes)

(4) Now, start sprinkling Zatarain's on each patty and lightly pat it in a bit, so when you turn them, most of the Zatarain's will stay on.

This reads more difficult than it is. I have made thousands during my traveling chef years, and at 80, I still have several usable fingers...these cakes freeze well and come back to life as good as new on a medium-heat skillet.
-- from Rick Magers

*IF YOU HAVE A RECIPE YOU WOULD LIKE TO SHARE, please e-mail to me at  Put RECIPE in the subject line.


Jon Stewart closes The Daily Show with his moment of Zen, I offer you my moment of Curly... (I defy you to watch this and not smile).


Stay well, stay safe... and know this author really appreciates you. 


 -Steve Alten, Ed.D.