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December 2015 Newsletter
Dear Readers:

My apologies for not sending out a November  newsletter. I wanted to wait until the MEG NEW & EXPANDED EDITION was listed on & Barnes& so I could send you a link. Unfortunately, days turned into weeks and weeks turned into December. 

Today the first links appeared, along with the first orders into bookstores. Unfortunately, because it is the end of the year, the books will only appear in bookstores based on demand, if you show up to your local store without calling first & ordering, you probably won't find it. 

I NEED YOUR HELP... and in exchange, I have a special holiday gift as a THANK YOU.

Please call your local bookstore and order the book using ISBN 978-1-9439-5701-9 (or simply tell them the NEW & EXPANDED EDITION from Viper Press).

Or you can just order the book via the internet (here's the Barnes & link: ...

ANY ONE WHO ORDERS THE PAPERBACK AND EMAILS ME THE RECEIPT at  will receive a personalized holiday signed bookplate!

Tell me who you want the bookplate personalized to, and any special message.

No limit! If you buy ten copies as holiday gifts I'll send 10 bookplates.

Offer expires on 12-25-15.

*Note: will be adding the book as well, as of this newsletter we were still waiting for the link to be uploaded.


COST: $9.99 PAGES 506 (the original was 420). The book begins with the never-before-published prequel MEG: ORIGINS and continues with the all-new, completely rewritten and expanded version of MEG. Mixed into the text are 17 interior images.

Again, the books will appear in bookstores based on demand, if you show up to your local store without ordering it first, you won't find it.

That will all change when Warner Bros. announces the movie and cast...VERY SOON!

Thank you for all your support. I wish all of you a safe, happy holiday and look forward to personalizing your copies of MEG.

Peace & love... and Baba-boey to all my fellow Howard Stern fans.

Steve Alten