Our step-by-step guide will get you to class on time!
Step 1: Account Access
Go to our website. From the menu across the top, select Classes>Schedule & Descriptions. The current schedule will appear. Click on the silhouette indicated in photo above.
  • Use new login information sent via email on 2/14 to access your account.
  • If you cannot locate email with login information, enter the email address at which you receive the weekly email and select "Need a new password" and follow the prompts.
When you are logged in, the silhouette figure on the toolbar will become a menu. Any time you see the menu, you are logged in.
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Step 2: Search Classes
Scroll through the schedule to find your classes. When you find the class you would like to take, click the "Book Virtual" button next to the class name. This will direct you to the "Purchase Group Pricing" page.

In our new system, registration can be considered a two-step process: the actual purchase of a class or package of classes, and then the registration for a specific class(es), steps 3 & 4 of this guide.

If you are registering for more than one course per month, we strongly recommend that you avoid confusion by completing the entire registration process for one course before repeating the process for your second course.

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Step 3: Buy Group Pricing
The "Buy Virtual" button will direct you to the Select Group Class Pricing page, unless you have remaining classes available to you from a prior purchase. Select "Buy Now" to the right of your screen.

Under the Group Class Pricing Summary, type the number of classes you would like to buy in the Quantity box and press enter. Your total will update, and you can complete the purchase. You have bought one or several classes, but are registered for only the class you entered "Book Virtual" for.
  • If you purchased one class only, go to step 5.
  • If you intend to register for the full month or several weeks of a course, you still need to return to the schedule to register for the remaining classes you plan to take (Step 4 of this guide).
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Step 4: Register for Class
This step is for those registering for more than one class, because after completing the purchase, you will need to return to the schedule to reserve your spot(s) in the remaining weeks of the class.

This can easily easily be done using our "Advance Registration" feature, which you will find illustrated and explained in this link.

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Step 5: Access Your Class
You've purchased your package and registered for specific classes. Now it is time to get on your mat!

To access your class, click on the menu from the main toolbar. Select "Attendance". Here you will see a list of all the classes for which you have registered. Next to the class you wish to enter, select "Join Now" and you will be directed into Zoom for your class.

As always, if you find you have any questions you can call us at (703) 435-1571 during office hours (9:30 - 11:30am, Monday - Thursday) or by emailing haycvideos@gmail.com

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Step 6: FAQ's
We love our new registration system, but we recognize what a significant change it is. We sincerely appreciate your patience and all of your feedback as we move through this transition.

and hope that if you have questions, the answers are no more than a click away.

If you do not see the answers to your questions, please email us at haycvideos@gmail.com, or call (703) 435-1571 during our current office hours.
A Few Helpful Purchasing Tips:
  • Remember to review the schedule to determine how many classes you will have for the month before selecting "Buy Virtual" so that you know what quantity to enter.

  • Once the classes are purchased, you will need to go and select the classes you are taking to be registered. You can always double check your registrations by returning to the main menu found on the dark green toolbar and selecting "Attendance".

  • Please note, pricing is based on the length of the class (1 hour = $10, 1.25 hour = $12.50, 1.5 hour = $15). If you are purchasing classes of different lengths/prices, you will need to complete the checkout procedure more than once so that you have the appropriate number of credits for each type of class.
Beyond the Basics
Are you ready for some more advanced features?
Introducing the Health Advantage Yoga Center App!
Accessing our site has never been more convenient. Visit the app store on your phone or tablet (both apple & android) and search for "The Health Advantage Yoga Center" to get our new app. All of the registration and schedule information you need, as well as links to join classes, can now fit in the palm of your hand!
Family Networks
Have you ever wished you could register yourself and your significant others for yoga classes from the same account? At HAYC you now can! If you would like us to link your family so registration can happen for all from one account, send an email to haycvideos@gmail.com and let us know. We'll link you up and send instructions for this handy feature.