Many of our veterans have served our country and arrive back home with post-war disabilities, anxiety, depression and PTSD, among other issues. It is not uncommon for veterans to have service dogs. We'll talk about these special
canines who help veterans get through their daily lives. Have you ever seen a cat roaming in your neighborhood with a tipped ear and wondered what it was all about? We'll let you know; it may surprise you. There are a host of medical issues that occur in dogs, and one includes bloat. If you don't know about bloat, it's something you should know because it can mean  life or death. All the informati on is right here in this month's Pet Tips and Treats newsletter, which is filled with valuable information. Remember to watch for our periodic special discount "treat" just for you and your pet to enjoy. Don't forget to share the love and send our newsletter to others who also cherish their pets.

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September 2018

Step up for animals in September with Happy Cat Month and Puppy Mill Awareness Day
. There are many special days to celebrate animals this month

National Service Dog Month
Sept. 8, National Iguana Awareness Day
Sept. 9, National Hug Your Hound Day
Sept. 13, Pet Birth Defect Awareness Day
Sept. 15, Puppy Mill Awareness Day
Sept. 22, National Elephant Appreciation Day
Sept. 23 Dogs in Politics Day (also known as Checkers Day)
Sept.23-29, National Deaf Dog Awareness Week
Sept. 23-29, National Dog Week
Sept. 23-29, Sea Otter Awareness Week

Have a heart for H.A.R.T.T. and Join Us for Brunch

H.A.R.T.T. (Humane Animal Rescue and Trapping Team) has been chosen as the beneficiary for Wildflower Bread Company's Grand Opening celebration in North Phoenix, on Sunday, Sept. 9 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at 5813 N. 7th Street, Suite 130.
Join us for a delectable menu of breakfast, gourmet sandwiches, delicious salads and baked goods. You'll meet the caring H.A.R.T.T. trappers whose dedication to the organization is helping to save so many lives.
Your minimum donation of $15 per person and $5 per child will make a difference in the lives of animals. 100% goes directly to H.A.R.T.T.
We hope to see you there!

How Service Dogs Help and Bring Hope to Veterans

The bond between service dog and veteran is immeasurable. Oftentimes, after arriving back home after serving, especially those returning from a war-torn area, a veteran may have physical impairments and/or emotional issues ranging from bad dreams and flashbacks to fear and depression. Many veterans have been able to bring a service dog into their life to help with the sometimes-crippling aftereffects of war.

Free-Roaming Cats with Tipped Ears and What You Should Know

Have you seen any community cats in your neighborhood with something strange about their ears? Maybe you've noticed and something doesn't seem quite right. What's it all about?

What is Bloat in Dogs and What You Can Do?

Have you heard of bloat? It's very serious and all dog parents should know about it. Dogs most affected are the larger breed dogs with deep chests, including Great Danes, Irish setters and German shepherds among others.

Employee of the month:
Phoebe King, guest service attendant 

Phoebe King grew up with all kinds of animals. Pets are a huge part of her life, which is why she loves working with the dogs and cats at Second Home. As a Guest Services Attendant she helps with arrivals and departures, room set-up, taking out the dogs, helps in daycare, and is in training with cats.
In August, Phoebe celebrated her one-year anniversary at Second Home. "I've grown attached to a lot of the rescues there," she said. "I take care of the dogs and cats at Second Home as if they were my own and then go home to my own," she said, adding that currently she has a horse, four turtles, three dogs, one cat, one rabbit and four koi fish.
At Second Home, Phoebe especially enjoys the activities and interaction with all the pets, especially the personal time and getting to know the dogs and cats.
If there is anything people should know about Second Home it's "the people who work there and what they do; they do it from their heart," Phoebe said. "They love the animals as if they were their own. Anyone who walks into Second Home, we treat them like family."

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