Hello Steering Committee –
The I2E 2021-2022 National Candidate Committee is nominating, for your consideration, Senator Catherine Cortez Masto (NV).  As you know, Senator Masto is an incumbent and the 1st Latina US Senator.  Though NV is considered a “Lean D” state, this race is targeted by the GOP and will be a competitive race. Sen Masto won by 26k votes in 2016. 
This is a race we deem an I2E event will have a remarkable impact.  Please review the profile for Senator Catherine Cortez Masto for further detail and rationale for supporting her race. Here’s the link to the form to vote - Senator Catherine Cortez Masto
Thank you for your time, consideration and registering your vote by 12pm (noon) on Saturday, March 6th.
With kind regards,
Lizza Harrison
Nat’l Candidate Committee Chair

Password - 2021X0vmfWcz5
Executive Committee members:
Casey Chapman Ross, Beth Falcone, Karen Meyer, Karyn Scott, Kelly Dixon, Mary Anna Paul, Stacy Alexander, Hannah Temple, Laura Rose Wilson, Tanya Payne, Nan McRaven, Helen Bryan, Laura Cho, Lizza Harrison, Meena Vendal, Pooja Sethi, Amy Brown, Yael Ouzillou, Susan Blount, Laura Hernandez and Elizabeth Bray

Group and Committee Chairs:
I2E Co-Chairs 2021 - Laura Hernandez and Elizabeth Bray
Candidate Co-Chairs- Lizza Harrison (EWA) and Pooja Sethi (Texas)
Membership Co-Chairs-  Beth Falcone and Kelly Dixon
Events Co-Chairs- Amy Brown and Tanya Payne
Finance Chair- Susan Blount
Governance Chair- Laura Scanlan Cho