Weekly Community Update
April 6 - 12
“Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after the other.”
– Walter Elliot
We hope you and your families are remaining well (and have enough toilet paper!)

Prevention is Key is remaining an active part of our community during the COVID-19 outbreak. We are continuing to search for new resources to help ease the uncertainty of our current routines.

Please feel free to utilize and share the resources listed below.

Our CARES facility is regularly running Zoom recovery meetings and hangouts. You can access that schedule here .

Additionally, the New York times has gathered online recovery resources, most of which are free. Some options include being able to track habits, meditate, and find a community of peers.

These extraordinary times pose many challenges for all of us. One of the most challenging issues for parents may be how to talk to your kids about what is happening around them and throughout the world.

"Nothing in my nearly 18 years of recovery from addiction and a dissociative disorder has allowed me to so fully embrace “one day at a time” quite like the present context in which we find ourselves amid COVID-19."

Read Dr. Jamie Marich's lived experience with addiction and her outlook on maintaining balance during COVID-19.

Inspire Every Kid in America to Live Naturally High: These resources are recommended for middle and high school students. There are opportunities for reflection, discussion, and activities that are paired with each Storyteller video. Feel free to work on this playlist independently, or try adding virtual discussions to the mix and get creative with the suggested activities!  
The PIK Team isn’t going anywhere. We will continue to provide valuable resources to help all of us find calm during this unsettling time.

Stay well.
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