Rejoice in the Lord always; again I say, Rejoice. 

As we enjoy these 12 Days of Christmas, may each of you experience the blessings of the Peace of God, which surpasses all understanding.

Merry Christmas to All in our Community for Mission.
Water With Blessings Is Kentucky Strong For Tornado Survivors
As you know, the Water With Blessings base of operations is in Louisville, Kentucky, and many of our most loyal friends are Kentuckians. So when people in the Bluegrass are suffering, it has a special impact on us as well.
And as we reported earlier, Water With Blessings is already providing support. The use of Sawyer PointONE filters and pouches will help provide long-term solutions for clean water without the environmental burden of plastic water bottles, or the need to find a power source in those areas with a boil-water advisory.

Please show your support for those whose lives were turned upside down by the devastating tornadoes, while helping to keep the need in the public eye. Each purchase of a t-shirt or sweatshirt will help us send more Sawyer PointONE filters to the people of western Kentucky.

There are lots of options in colors and sizes, and you can order the t-shirts with long or short sleeves. And there are even options for different shades of blue (because we understand that some of our friends aren’t necessarily UK fans).

You can order using the buttons below – either black words with light blue, or white words with Kentucky blue. Either way, you can share in our proud Kentucky heritage of caring for those in need.

Please help us today!
An Early Christmas Gift: Celebrating Ownership Of Our Headquarters With Your Support

Christmas came early for Water With Blessings. On December 21 we celebrated ownership of our new headquarters following a yearlong capital campaign. Paying off the mortgage for our work and warehouse space will allow us to devote even more funds to our mission efforts in 48 countries and the Navajo Nation.
Thanks to generous donations from supporters of our first-ever capital campaign, the Water With Blessings staff and board vice president Tammy Reid gathered for a special ceremony in our parking lot to mark this milestone. Our special guests included Tommy Burns who, along with his late wife Penny, donated key support for the building’s down payment.
Sr. Larraine Lauter, our Executive Director, began by acknowledging all of the capital campaign donation cards, shaped like water droplets, hanging in the front windows in our headquarters. An executive from Independence Bank provided a copy of the mortgage receipt for a brief ceremony that involved a unique seesaw contraption designed by the engineer Kevin Reid, spouse of board member Tammy Reid.
The mortgage receipt was placed in a blue bag hanging at one end of the seesaw that was lowered into a small fire and vaporized. Afterwards, guests enjoyed coffee or hot chocolate with Christmas cookies on this special day honoring our first year with the benefits of expanded work areas and warehouse space.
We are grateful that you helped make this new WWB Headquarters a reality. We look forward to new initiatives in 2022 as we continue to work more effectively to send more filters and train more Water Women to make clean water flow for God’s Thirsty Children. Thank you!
You can find a link to view the brief video to mark this special occasion on our Facebook page or YouTube channel.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Thank you,
Rebecca Stutsman
Chief Development Officer
As the Year Ends, Please Consider Making the Gift of Clean Water to God's Thirsty Children
The month of December offers us a joyous time of year to celebrate the spirit of Christmas and togetherness with family and friends. According to a recent survey, nearly 6 of 10 Americans (59%) expressed a preference for a charitable donation made on their behalf in 2021 rather than receive a material gift this Christmas. If you are looking for a charitable gift that will keep on giving beyond the holiday season, please consider a donation to Water With Blessings to honor your special family member or friend. Please share our unique mission of improving children’s health with clean water so that we can distribute more filters in the Navajo Nation and in countries around the world!
In addition, 1,500 American adults were asked about their December giving preferences. The final tally found that 64% of respondents participate in year-end charitable activities, including
----giving money (53%);
----donating goods (46%) to charities;
----donating cash or goods directly to families in need (27%);
----performing random acts of kindness (25%);
----volunteering (20%)
When you look beyond these compelling statistics, we know intuitively--and research confirms it--that it feels good to give to others and giving helps us feel connected, especially during the challenges of a global pandemic and the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. When you look at the beautiful faces of our Water Women and their children featured in our e-news, you can see the looks of relief on their faces when they realize that they will be able to access clean water on a daily basis following filter training and household placement that also benefits 3 neighboring families. Thanks to you for your donations, advocacy and volunteering on behalf of Water With Blessings: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
This year, we have begun expanding our giving opportunities so that more Water Women can use filters and participate in training with more diverse types of gifts to include
--Shares of stock and securities
--Charitable distributions from IRA accounts
--Bequests, wills and estate planning
--Cash/checks/online credit card gifts
--Matching gifts from your employer
Your personal philanthropy has a big impact—thank you for considering Water With Blessings for your charitable giving..
We believe every child should be drinking clean water. Are you with us?
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