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As most of our communities have switched over to streaming in the last few weeks, we wanted to focus on bringing you tips on streaming this month! Lambda wants to make sure you are confident in your stream and give you other options as you look to adjust your setup to be more effective.
Meeting Space
Staying Connected while Social Distancing
With the climate of today and many people not able to meet or travel for several weeks, the need for small conference room solutions has grown! Here at Lambda we want to provide you with the resources that will allow you to continue growing your business while keeping all of your employees safe. 
Let’s start with conference Audio.
Being able to communicate as a team is critical and even more so in this time of social distancing. Having a good microphone system in place in a conference room or huddle space can be invaluable to still being able to communicate with team members in another state or those working from home.
Stem audio has come out with a solution that is almost as simple as a “plug and play”!
The Stem ecosystem is a toolbox of five network products that can be mixed and matched into any size meeting room. Now, while some of these products are better suited to a professional install there are two products in the line we wanted to highlight for you today! Those are the Stem Wall and the Stem Table. These 2 products are POE powered and via a USB cable can connect directly to your computer for video or audio conferencing. If you need more than one of these products, you can add the Hub. The Hub allows all the Table or Wall units to act as one big unit. With Stem’s proprietary room design feature, you can see exactly how many units you will need for a space before you buy! This is a great feature to make sure you have great audio for you conference spaces.
The other piece of staying connected is through Video.
Huddly GO is a compact, wide-angle, software-enhanced conference camera that gives you an outstanding experience, straight out of the box. This can be a great solution for those conference room or huddle spaces where you need a camera with a wider lens or a higher quality image. This gives you a 150º wide camera angle and 1080p picture quality out of a 16MP camera. It’s simple to setup and will give you a great shot of your meeting space, ensuring your teammates on the other end can see everything that is happening.
Lambda wants to make sure you can stay connected during this time of social distancing. If you aren’t sure how to do that, give us a call! We can offer simple solutions for you to easily apply audio and video to your meetings or for capturing a teaching lesson.
Audio Tips
Pre and Post fade Aux Mixes
As most of our communities have switched over to streaming in the last few weeks, we wanted to focus on bringing you tips on streaming! Lambda want to make sure you are confident in your stream and give you other options as you look to adjust your setup to be more effective.

Did you know that on every sound board there are two ways to send something out of an Aux Channel? These are called Pre-Fader aux send Post Fader aux send. Most people don’t know they have this option on their sound board or if they’ve seen it, they don’t know what it is for. So, what is the purpose of these two different send options? Well I’m glad you asked!!

Let’s start with the Pre-Fader send. A pre-Aux send delivers the audio signal out of the mixer after the gain, but before it passes through the channel fader. This option is most often used when sending a channel somewhere you don’t want the volume to change when you adjust the fader, aka adjusting the Main mix. You would find this most often on a monitor mix. If you have a monitor set up in a family room off your main area, you may not want the volume to fluctuate as it would in your main room. This is an easy option to accomplish this.
The other send option is Post-Fader. A post aux send delivers the signal out of the mixer after it’s gone through the fader. So, when you move the volume fader, the aux send volume is equally changed. The post-fader option is most often used on a send that you want to “follow” the same mix you are sending to the main house speakers. You can often find this type of aux feeding a lobby speaker or a streaming mix.

Now you may be wondering if you have your aux send set to the correct option for streaming your even this week. You can find this as a setting on your console. You can see from the picture what it looks like, but if you are having trouble finding it you can check your manual or contact Lambda anytime! We’d love to help give you more information on the aux send function.

Using equipment to its fullest
During social distancing we at Lambda have made sure to include lots of training into our days! Not only have we brushed up on our OSHA training, but we’ve virtually attended a Danley Sound Labs seminar, BTX’s Stem Audio systems and so much more! Now is a great time to learn more about your equipment or do some trainings you’ve been putting off until you have more time. We hope to come out of this social distancing equipped with more knowledge and information on new systems and refreshed on our favorite ones. We hope you can do the same!
So during quarantine, we wanted to take a minute to remind you about ‘El Maunuel’! One of the biggest things we like to encourage at Lambda Audio Visual is using your equipment to its fullest. Almost every piece of equipment we work with and sell is positioned to not only fill your needs, but to grow with you. Our tech tip this week is non-other than the equipment user Manual!  

We affectionately speak of this amazing tool on our crews as our most important and knowledgeable crew member ‘El Manuel’ (of course we say it with an accent). “Have you checked with Manuel”, is a common day to day saying for us. This is because while our trainings do a great job of getting teams started and helping them to solve problems, it’s only when you dig into what the manufacturer has designed the equipment to do that you can fully understand it.  

So, you’re interested now, and you want to try our idea, but you threw away the box your equipment came in along with that precious little book of knowledge. What now? Never fear, the internet is a treasure trove of manuals and information. Some of our favorites are Black Magic Support with a constantly updated user manuals for all their products.  We also love the Youtube resources for Obsidian control systems , formerly known as Martin Lighting. They have an expansive tutorial set online showing step by step how to become an expert with their products. Check out Obsidian Control Systems - YouTube . Another incredible catalog of resources comes from Boxcast . They have a library of support and tutorials to help you troubleshoot in minutes. Last, but not least, did you know we have other learning resources and checklists for you on our website?

Join us in educating yourselves on the products you own so you can use it to its fullest capability!

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