July 2021
Father's Day at The Station
Last year, due to the pandemic, many families did not have a chance to celebrate Father’s Day together. So this year we wanted to celebrate big in recognition and celebration of all the fathers here at The Baltimore Station. Last month, our kitchen staff put together the works for a cookout - burgers, hot dogs, ribs, and steak for our residents and staff!

One of our residential attendant supervisors, Donya, is a new father to his 3-month-old son. “It was a great Father’s Day. One of the best gifts is to see my son smile. It is nice to have a national day to celebrate fathers behind the scenes. It feels like nothing you do goes unseen.”

One resident spoke about how he has four children, and six grandchildren. “I love my grandchildren. When I was out on the streets, I tried to stay away from my family. I didn’t want them to see me the way I was. I’ve been doing really good thanks to TBS; I’ve learned a lot. I missed a lot from being on the streets, but I also gained a lot when I came back to my life. They called on me yesterday. I was so happy to talk with them for Father’s Day. That is the blessing in my life right there - my kids. They live around here in Baltimore County so when I get a chance to see them, it makes my day.”
Cylburn Arboretum Trip
The Baltimore Station has been working with Baltimore City Recreation and Parks to bring outdoor activities to the men. Most recently, residents from our South Baltimore location took a trip to the Cylburn Arboretum on July 8th. Molly Hoopes who is a naturalist/art teacher, lead a watercolor class where the men painted Black Eyed Susans. After art class, they walked around the gardens where they learned about the different foliage.

Stephanie Hebb, one of our case managers, said “A lot of the men enjoy art because it is a different form of expression for them. If some of the men have difficulties verbalizing their feelings, it comes out through artistic expression. Being in nature, getting out of an area they are used to, is a nice break from their day-to-day activities.”

While South Baltimore went to Cylburn, residents from our Baker Street location went to the Rawlings Conservatory. While there, they had the chance to explore five different environments, learning about plants from all over the world. Stephanie mentioned that the men really enjoyed this trip. Later this month, residents from our South Baltimore location will take a trip to Rawlings Conservatory. Our team is planning a few more outings this summer involving educational outdoor trips for the men including a trip to Sandy Point State Park in August.
Out of This World Movie Night!
Looking for a fun family activity? Look no further!

The Baltimore Station’s 2nd annual Drive-In movie night will be taking place on Thursday August 26th at 7pm. Join us to watch the iconic movie E.T the Extra- Terrestrial. Tickets are $75 per car, which includes food from Mission BBQ and non-alcoholic drinks! Don’t worry, we will be fully stocked with Reese’s Pieces for the big E.T fans who want to indulge in our little alien friend’s favorite candy. There will be live music until the showing begins and a chance to win fabulous raffle baskets. It’s guaranteed to be a fun time for all!

Upcoming Events
Keep an eye on our website and social media for information on the below events!

Family of Brothers Golf Tournament August 6th

Out of this World Movie Night August 26th

10 Better Than Par Heroes Edition September 11th

Pigtown Festival September 25th

MMHA Golf Tournament September 30th

Stars, Stripes & Chow Chili Edition November 6th