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When canvassing contractor options, many requirements come into consideration before making the final selection. Longevity of the company should be one of those considerations.

How long will this company be around?
Will they be there when I need them?
Will they outlast the warranty on my equipment?

With Statewide Conditioning Inc., the answer is a resounding YES!

Our company was established in 1986 by Robert Egan, and he has always believed in personal relationships, accountability and keeping your word. You can see his influence in our day-to-day business and our company values, but one value that we emulate that's not our our core list (but should be) is longevity.
Movies like Top gun and Platoon are released, Halley’s comet swings by Earth, the Mir space station is launched, Space Shuttle Challenger explodes, and the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster occurs. A new car costs less than $10,000, and Statewide Conditioning Inc. is founded by Robert Egan.
Statewide Conditioning Inc. has survived regional and world financial struggles, natural disasters and the evolution of technology and business in our industry. Our company continues to thrive in the face of challenges and improve our offerings, as well as renewing our commitment to the best service possible every year. We don't just rebuild, we renovate, we refine, we improve.

Statewide = Longevity

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Equipment Update
The HVAC industry is still facing unprecedented delays in equipment shipments from all major manufacturers.

Work around those long lead times by ordering your equipment now and having it installed before summer. Currently running 12+ week lead times, act now!
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