Communities Are Calling For Employment & Support for Local Reentrants!

On September 25th UNITE INDY announced that it is now doing business as 2nd Chance Indiana. For the past four years our former website has provided jobs and support for those with a criminal recordthe very people, who without a job, recidivate at a rate of 67%.
For quite a while we have been working in seven Indiana counties, and so the new name is not only more accurate than Unite Indy, our new website is exceptionally easy to navigate for those looking for employment and for those supporters, donors, and volunteers who want to help in some way with this work. Over the past week people have been calling from around the state who have seen our name-change press release and learned more about what we do. They too are looking for help for their reentrant population, and we are excited to get to know them and help improve lives anywhere in Indiana that we can.
A working person can support his or her family, but also, as a group, they can reduce poverty and improve communities. But most important: Working heads of households are giving their children a map of employment, improved educational opportunities, a better diet, and better health care options. Check out today!
US Cold Helping Reentrants Get To Work

2nd Chance Indiana’s Marion County Transportation Manager, Molly Oliver, met with U.S Cold Storage folks a few days ago and heard another success story about a reentrant who was recently hired. He was walking a long distance to work, and no doubt was looking ahead to the approaching cold weather. How long do employees with that kind of burden stick around? Sadly, not long. But because of our van transportation program he and others now have a reliable ride to work. He's happy, US Cold is happy, and we are over the moon. Our Reentry Transportation Program removes the No.1 barrier to getting and keeping a job, which is the lack of affordable and reliable transportation. A good job can halt recidivism in its tracks.
Pictured LtoR: US Cold’s HR Administrator Rachel Applegate, 2CI’s Molly Oliver, Communte With Enterprise's Craig Rak, and Dan Foster, HR Supervisor for US Cold.
Making Jobs Available to Indiana Reentrants

The Duvall Residential Center works quietly to house and help reentrants to reorient, receive training, and connect their residents coming out of incarceration to employment that may be a court-ordered requirement for reentry. 2nd Chance Indiana's Scott Whiting and Molly Oliver met with Duvall management to discuss development of a smaller, more tailor-made job fair for the 25 to 30 folks at the center who need to get and keep employment. So planning is in the works!
No pictures allowed...Duvall Residential Center is one of several secure facilities that house inmates that may be awaiting trial or sentencing, or they may be serving a sentence after being convicted of a crime. Also, these centers make Indiana jail and prison records on inmates, including arrest records, sentencing records, court documents, and other criminal records available to the public. Good people quietly doing good work!
Will 2CI Be Jumping
On A MagicBus?

As the effort grows to help more reentrants get and keep their jobs through providing van transportation to and from work, 2nd Chance Indiana (2CI) has been analyzing the benefits of MagicBus, a company that provides streamlined software for employee van-pooling. The software is key to our need to track riders, control costs, and plan routes that best meet the requirements of our employer partners and the reentrants we serve.
Plus, the software is automated, and can create new vanpools with on-demand dynamic schedules, and more. Learn more about our van transportation program for reentrants, Here!

Two Powerful Anti-Violence Organizations #Teamupforpeace

Stop The Violence Indianapolis and Hoosiers for Good have teamed up with members of IU’s football team who are using their influence through social media with young 'followers' to find alternatives to gun violence. The athletes are texting and speaking out about how everyone can find a better way to solve differences than the senseless use of guns.
Anthony Beverly, founder of Stop the Violence Indianapolis works directly in many of our most troubled areas, helping to promote peaceful resolutions and teach young people to avoid disagreements that can rise to the level of injury. Check out his web page Here! Check out Hoosiers for Good Here! Pictured: Anthony Beverly of Stop the Violence Indianapolis.

Indiana Schools Must Now Reveal Test Scores & Key Indicators Of Success

As of today, each school in Indiana must post a performance review on its website providing critical data on the academic performance of students at that school. Up until today, Indiana schools got graded like the kids…”A” through “F,” but that simple format left much to be desired. For kindergarten through 8th grade, parents can now see the pass rates for the 3rd grade literacy test, IREAD, and the state ILEARN test, the school rate of chronic absenteeism, and more. High schools will report SAT scores, graduation rates, absenteeism, etc. Considering the overwhelming connection between educational success and incarceration, this information is gold to parents who want a great future for their kids. Read Nancy's post, Here!
Why Support 2nd Chance Indiana?
2nd Chance Indiana's team works to reduce recidivism and rebuild lives through the dignity of work. In the process we believe that our efforts can also have a profound, multi-generational impact by reducing poverty, crime, and homelessness.
Our major focus is to assist the 12,000 inmates returning to Central Indiana after long-term incarceration. 2nd Chance Indiana provides mentored job training inside the correctional facility, and a jobs website for those with a criminal record,, which is filled with job opporotunities and support agencies to help reentrants get back to work, support themselves and their families, and contribute to the economic improvement of their neighborhoods.

How You Can Support Jobs for Justice- Involved Individuals
Support For Reentrants After Incarcertion:
Since 2017 UNITE INDY, now 2nd Chance Indiana, has provided a free web-based system,, that connects those released from incarceration with jobs offered by our 45 employer partners, willing to hire people with a criminal record and pay them a living wage.
The site also offers a huge network of support organizations that can help with housing, drug abatement, licensing, clothing and so much more.

A good job found quickly after release from incarceration drives down recidivism about 90%, according to studies. Unemployment is connected to poverty, a criminal record, and re-incarceration. Our poorest neighborhoods contain many who have not been able to get good jobs because they have a criminal record, but 2nd Chance Indiana not only connects them with jobs, it also provides van transportation to many sites to help those who do not have affordable or reliable transportation. In some neighborhoods of Marion County unemployment is extremely high and poverty remains the overwhelming cause of violence and lack of opportunity for children.

Please donate to 2nd Chance Indiana now. There are a number of choices that are all secure and safe. By sending your fully tax deductible gift* now we can have a greater impact meeting needs in our community.
Many, many thanks!

 *UNITE INDY dba 2nd Chance Indiana is approved under Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 501(c)(3) as a Public Charity, donors can deduct contributions they make under IRC Section 170.
Corporate Partners
A big Thank YOU to our Corporate Partners for their unwavering support which makes it possible for us to provide our services at no charge to job applicants and employers!

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