State Senator Peter Lucido Endorses Lisa McClain
"Lisa McClain is the clear choice for Congress in Michigan’s 10th. I know her well, and she is a conservative outsider with a real track record of business success.
She will fight for us! She is tough, smart, and has a strong work ethic. Lisa has made a huge difference in so many community organizations over the 20 years that she has lived here in Macomb County."
Peter J. Lucido
Michigan State Senator
Join me in supporting, endorsing, and voting for Lisa McClain for Congress.
Meet Lisa McClain - Friday July 17th
Lisa will be out and about in the District on Friday, July 17th.
Stop by one of the three locations for an opportunity to meet her and ask questions at these fun and friendly events.
Lisa Supports "Buy American"
For years we watched our jobs being sent overseas. President Trump is bringing jobs back to America. My campaign team and I fully support President Trump’s call to buy American. All of our campaign materials – signs, direct mail, and shirts – are all made in America.

I wouldn’t have it any other way. We must continue to support our workers and our country.
Calling All Volunteers!
We are in the final weeks heading into the primary on August 4th and are ramping up our volunteer efforts. We need a large amount of volunteers in this final push. There are so many things to do -- from door-to-door canvassing to volunteering at a precinct on Primary Day. WE NEED YOU!

If you want to help us in the final stretch, please complete the volunteer form by clicking the Volunteer button above.
It's A Good Sign - McClain Billboards Are Up!
Billboards have gone up around the district with Lisa's message. While it is challenging to get a good angle when you take pictures of billboards, we think they will be hard to miss around town. Let us know what you think about them!
Drop us a line at:

(Please do not attempt to take pictures of the billboards while driving. )
Would you like a sign?
We have yard signs and larger signs for businesses.

If you would like to get a sign for your yard or business,   PLEASE CLICK HERE.
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