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Summer 2019 Newsletter
Non-Renewal Compliance

“Testing is really expensive, isn’t it?”
“Didn’t we just certify last year?”
“Why is our insurance company threatening to end our policy?”
Questions like these can come up a lot, especially when it comes to life safety systems. These testing requirement intervals are based on the NFPA standards. All AHJ’s require testing of fire alarm and fire suppression systems, different AHJ’s will require specific intervals, this could mean quarterly, semi-annual, annual and the 5-Year, all of which are required. These tests and inspections are designed to ensure proper operation of your systems and have possible repercussions for your insurance premium or even your policy’s existence and....
Inspection Stickers: Small Profile, Big Impact

If you have ever done a walkthrough of a property to either familiarize yourself with or see what fire and life safety devices are on site, you may have noticed various dated stickers. These stickers may be on any number of fire and life safety devices such as fire panels, fire sprinkler risers, FDC’s or a fire hose cabinet and.....
In this month’s Statcomm Employee Spotlight, we’re proud to introduce you to Jamal Jordan
In our latest episode of the Statcomm Spotlight, we’re excited to introduce Jamal Jordan, one of our 5 Year Sprinkler Inspectors ! Jamal comes from a big family who loves a good party, and it shows in one of his favorite childhood memories: meeting legendary singer/songwriter Prince at a Christmas get-together. Jamal also appeared on Nickelodeon’s popular kids’ game show Double Dare in 1992.
It was in college when Jamal became interested and began his training toward becoming a licensed HVAC technician, after he received his license Jamal had decided that HVAC was not for him and joined the TSA, as a security officer. After several years in security, Jamal made the decision to leave security and get into Fire and Life safety.  And so, in 2012 Jamal joined the Statcomm team, and he’s been with us ever since. He began his tenure as a technician and has become our lead technician for five-year fire test and inspections. If you watch our video series on YouTube, you’ve seen Jamal walking us through a few different fire sprinkler devices. He says his favorite part about working for Statcomm is the integral part he plays in making sure buildings, and the people who occupy them, are safe and....
CC&Rs: Is It Time For an Audit?
Your community’s CC&Rs, or Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions are important documents which specify the rights and responsibilities of both homeowners/tenants and the property or community management team. These documents are intended to create a set of rules which everyone must observe and be bound by, so as to make the neighborhood as a whole attractive and safe while enhancing property values. But did you know the phrasing of your CC&Rs may also have an impact on your community’s and individual homeowners’ insurance premiums and....
Active Loss Control
With Memorial Day behind us and the summer season in full swing, barbecues, fireworks and other summertime traditions are becoming the order of the day. With grills and fireworks comes additional risk to property and lives from fire and fire-related injuries and....
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