SEEing to Lead Podcast & YouTube Channel: Dr. Christopher Jones

Dr. Christopher Jones, a seasoned educator and Principal of Whitman-Hanson Regional High School, uses his passion for education to connect with a broader audience through his YouTube Channel and podcast, SEEing To Lead: Support. Engage.

During his latest episode, Silence the Inner Critic, he explored divergent thinking, an unstructured way of creating different responses to resolve a particular or abstract problem.
Divergent thinking refers to thought processes that take different paths. While some of these are unique, others are more traditional. Divergent thinking offers unique thought and problem-solving opportunities because some of the emerging ideas are novel. While originality and creative thought are not the same, originality is the aspect of creativity most often acknowledged.

Joining Dr. Jones was Sam Tarell, founder of Divergent U, a leadership academy in central Florida that offers a one-year alternative to college (gap year) program that allows students to discover their purpose and achieve their dream lifestyle by applying entrepreneurial principles.

Their conversations yield a few takeaways from lesson structure, question deviation, and better ways to enhance learning when leading workshops.

To learn more, visit SEEing to Lead Podcast.

Story written by Jennifer Hernández, BuzzAround Intern, Southern New Hampshire University.
Historical Tidbit: New Year's Eve
In 46 B.C. the emperor Julius Caesar introduced the Julian calendar, which closely resembles the more modern Gregorian calendar that most countries around the world use today. As part of his reform, Caesar instituted January 1 as the first day of the year to honor Janus, the Roman god of beginnings, whose two faces allowed him to look back into the past and forward into the future. Romans celebrated by offering sacrifices to Janus, exchanging gifts with one another, decorating their homes with laurel branches and attending parties.

New Year’s celebrations begin New Year’s Eve and continue into the early hours of January 1."In Spain and several other Spanish-speaking countries, people eat one grape for each clock chime-symbolizing their hopes for the months ahead. In many parts of the world, traditional New Year’s dishes feature legumes, which are thought to resemble coins and herald future financial success. Because pigs represent progress and prosperity in some cultures, pork appears on the New Year’s Eve table in Cuba, Austria, Hungary, Portugal and other countries. Ring-shaped cakes and pastries, a sign that the year has come full circle, round out the feast in the Netherlands, Mexico, Greece and elsewhere. In Sweden and Norway, meanwhile, rice pudding with an almond hidden inside is served on New Year’s Eve; it is said that whoever finds the nut can expect 12 months of good fortune. " (History.Com)

The dropping of a giant ball in New York City’s Times Square at the stroke of midnight has taken place almost every year since 1907. Over time, the ball itself has ballooned from a 700-pound iron-and-wood orb to a brightly patterned sphere 12 feet in diameter and weighing in at nearly 12,000 pounds. 

Photo Credit: Nt. Studio
Town Hall

Public Library
M-Th 9:30a-8p; Fri 9:30a- 4:30p;
Sat 9:30a-4 (during school year only)

Council on Aging

St. Vincent de Paul/Whitman Food Pantry
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Jen Giorgi
One hour of parent coaching with

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 Recently one of our Whitman neighbors lost their home and many of their belongings in a house fire. If you are in a position to be a blessing with any of the items below, it would be so greatly appreciated! 

The items can be dropped off between 8-10 am Monday-Friday at the Whitman Food Pantry.
44 Blake Street in Whitman.

 Please mark bags or boxes with "Gardner Family" and we will make sure the items are given to them as soon as their temporary trailer on their property has electricity.  Thank you so very much for your kindness and generosity!!
Kitchen – silverware, plates, glasses, coffee cups, pots and pans, coffee maker, toaster, cooking utensils, dish towels, pot holders, dish strainer, kitchen mat, colander,
Bathroom – rug, bath towels/hand towels/wash cloths, plunger, bowl brush, toothbrush holder, soap dispenser, shower curtain, bath mat
Bedroom – queen size bed – sheets/blanket/bedspread or comforter/pillows; 2 twin size beds – sheets/blankets/bedspreads or comforter/pillows/pillow cases
Living room – lamp/s
Men’s clothes – shirts/tops – 2X, bottoms – XL, pants 36-38, shoes 12-extra wide
Women’s clothes – sweatpants/reg pants – 3X, Shirts Sz 22-24, Shoes 9 wide
~ Questions? Please contact Tina Ouellette
1st Annual Funko Pop Winner

Whitman-Hanson High School student Eoin F won the Funko Pop design contest, creating a unique character from a scientist born on April 1, 1578. Students researched and designed a Funko Pop of Scientific Revolution thinker and voted on their favorite. Eoin's Funko is William Harvey, an English physician credited with recognizing the entire blood circulation in the human body.
To learn more about the students' designs, visit Miss LaMarca's Twitter.
Source & Photo Credit: Miss LaMarca's Twitter
Showcase is back!

After a long hiatus, the show will showcase local talents from diverse backgrounds. The program was first developed and produced by the late Steve Roy, the Executive Director of WHCA, and has evolved from showcasing musicians to highlighting painters, sculptures, and everything in between. 

For more information, visit the Whitman Hanson Community Access website
Showcase – Producers Email:
Photo & Source Credit: WHCA
Dr.Christopher Jones WH Principal
SEEing To Lead:
Support. Engage. Empower.

Whitman-Hanson Regional High School Principal Dr. Christopher Jones has been an educator in Massachusetts for 22 years, and within the last year, he added published author to his list of career accolades. 

SEEing To Lead: Support. Engage. Empower is about creating an authentic educational experience where learning, growth, leadership, and community take center stage—although challenging, are attainable tasks Dr. Jones assures are achievable through a model that supports, engages, and empowers individuals to become leaders. Further exploring his “just cause” of improving the educational experience for everyone involved by being purposeful, acting with integrity, and guiding character shows people they can be more than their situation. 

Dr. Jones is active on Twitter and weekly vlogs about continuous improvement and hosts his podcast, SEEing to Lead. For more information, visit the Team Jones website
Source Credit: Dr.Christopher Jones Biography 

Post written by Jennifer Hernández, BuzzAround Intern, Southern New Hampshire University.
New Show Alert! The Comforting Zone

A groundbreaking initiative called The Comfort Zone honors and promotes sensory-friendly events for individuals of all ages. In a future where the senses are welcomed rather than overstimulated, this new show takes viewers on an immersive journey that showcases the beauty and diversity of sensory experiences.

The show aims to establish a welcoming, safe environment where people with sensory sensitivity can flourish. Every episode has been carefully designed to examine a range of settings, pursuits, and inventions catered to diverse sensory requirements.

Besides spreading awareness, the show is a forum for exchanging helpful pointers, knowledgeable counsel, and creative approaches to making environments more welcoming. If you'd like to recommend a new episode, contact Amanda Robinson. 

Produced By: Amanda Robinson
Producer Email:
Photo & Source Credit: WHCA-TV
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Nessralla Farm

Now Sourcing Fresh Veggies For the Winter!
Trucking in yummy kitchen staples to add to our local farm goodies~ stop by!

Keeping warm with firewood?
Delivery is FREE within Halifax!

Nessralla Farm
416 Plymouth St. , Halifax, MA
(781) 293-6792

Additional Free COVID Tests Available!

The U.S. government is offering to send another round of four at-home virus tests ahead of the typical surge in cases during the winter holiday season.

Anyone who did not order a batch of four COVID-19 tests in September can secure up to eight of them this time here at Those who received four of them earlier this year can order another four. The U.S. Postal Service will deliver them for free.

Find more info at Free COVID Tests.
Whitman Conservation Commission
December 19, 2023
Video courtesy of WHCA9TV
Whitman Board of Selectmen
December 19, 2023
Video courtesy of WHCA9TV
Climate Can Do: Climate Resolutions 

The new year is a time for fresh starts and new goals. Head into 2024 with climate resolutions.  

Help your personal & our collective environment by disposing of unwanted items properly. To avoid sending to the landfill; schedule a home textile pickup with CMRK. This company collects clothing, shoes, and household items. For more information, visit

For still useable items: donate them to organizations or those in need. For example: 
  • My Brother’s Keeper: This organization accepts furniture donations and gives the items to underprivileged families. 
  • AMVETS: Schedule a pickup with AMVETS and help provide resources to veterans. 
  • Books: Donate to your local library 
  • Sports equipment: The Bench, located at 47 Broad St, Bridgewater, MA, is a sporting goods store that sells used sports equipment. also offers resources for disposal and donations that you can use. Here are some options to get you started: 
  • Beyond the Bin: This is a research tool that helps you find nearby drop off locations based on the type of material you’d like to recycle. This includes everything from electronics to clothing to toys! 
  • Cradles to Crayons: If you have goods suitable for children from ages newborn through 12, find a Cradles to Crayons drop-off location near you, and they will make care packages with the donations for local children in need. 

There are many ways to make a positive impact on both your community and the environment. Use these ideas to spark some of your own, and let’s make a resolution to bring sustainability into the new year!

This Climate Can-Do Article was written by Alexa Pennington, Southern New Hampshire University, BuzzAround Intern. BuzzAround focuses on actions we can do to live more sustainably. We can do it!
Duval's Pharmacy

We're Your Hometown Pharmacy ~ Here to Give You Personalized Customer Service!

Open: Mon-Fri: 8:30a - 6p | Sat: 9a - 3p
Sun: 9a - 1p

571 Washington St • 781-447-0606

Need a Change?
We're Hiring Van Drivers!
North River Collaborative
Split AM/PM and Afternoon Shifts
*Sign on Bonus
Starting Salary: Drivers: $20 plus benefits.
                Monitors: $15.85 plus benefits.

 Benefits: health, dental, vision, life insurance & MA State Retirement.
Paid sick/ personal time.
7D license Training Provided
Contact: Deb Thompson
781-878-6056, ext. 162
Whitman Council On Aging Senior Holiday Luncheon at the Whitman Town Hall
Festive Celebrations at Whitman Council On Aging Senior Holiday Luncheon

The Whitman Council On Aging Senior Holiday Luncheon, held at Whitman Town Hall on December 11th, was a joy-filled celebration organized by COA Director Mary Holland, Melissa Maroney, and their dedicated staff. The event proved to be a special community affair, uniting seniors, volunteers, and local officials for a memorable holiday experience.

Highlights included a visit from Santa Claus and the presence of State Representative Alyson Sullivan-Almeida. The COA team, led by Mary Holland, created a magical ambiance with Christmas music, raffle prizes, and quality jokes, adding an extra layer of joy to the event. Cowbells Cafe provided delicious food, emphasizing the unity within Whitman's local businesses and community organizations.

Volunteers from various town departments played a crucial role, contributing to the success of the luncheon. The Whitman Police Department extended warm holiday wishes as the day concluded, emphasizing the strong sense of community and camaraderie in Whitman. The Whitman Council On Aging Senior Holiday Luncheon left a lasting impression as a festive occasion celebrating both the holiday spirit and community unity.

Story by Kendall Fletcher, BuzzAround Intern, Southern New Hampshire University

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Historical Tidbit Question:
Why is pork a common feature on the New Year's Eve table in various countries?

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Starting Over
Now that we have a minute to breath...
it's a great time to weed out any old bad karma... habits or relationships, and this opens up space in your life for the new positive.

“Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” ~ Martin Luther King Jr.

“It’s never too late to become who you want to be. I hope you live a life that you’re proud of, and if you find that you’re not, I hope you have the strength to start over.” ~ F. Scott Fitzgerald

“You can learn new things at any time in your life if you’re willing to be a beginner. If you actually learn to like being a beginner, the whole world opens up to you.” ~ Barbara Shur
Start over.:grow, learn, evolve, progress & create! You are beautiful as you become a better you! Happy New Year! ~ Jacquie
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