An Unexpected Start to Summer
I like to think of myself as an optimistic person, although not a Pollyanna. When our oak tree was struck by lightning a few years ago and then recently deemed too dangerous to remain, my husband and I were stunned. We love that tree! What good could possibly emerge from this situation?

The first good news is that I was not struck or fatally injured by the lightning, nor have any of the huge branches fallen on our house. More good news? My husband and I get to plant a new tree ... Not that the removal of our beloved tree won't cost a bundle and the new tree isn't expensive.

Please cruise over to my blog to hear the rest of the story and enter to win this charming Amish-made purse from Lancaster County, plus one of my signed books. Good luck to all who enter. I appreciate each of you! PS: There are several ways to get extra entries!

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A Letter from Lancaster County

" I LOVE your books. Starting from Scratch was one of the best I've ever read.
- Lida C.


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