Recent installs:
Amazing millwork
Mark Richey Woodworking was pleased to be part of the remarkable Starbucks Reserve Roastery project in New York City. Among our efforts were the creation and installation 3,800 walnut veneer boxes of varying heights, many requiring integrated ventilation, lighting and sound equipment installed over 10,000 square feet of ceiling.

At right, exterior wood planking is being installed on high-end, waterfront condos.

See more great images of completed work on our website.
'Strong by Nature'
Mark and Teresa Richey, owners of Mark Richey Woodworking, were recently honored with a "Strong by Nature Award" from the Merrohawke Nature School. The award recognizes earth-minded community members.

Mark Richey Woodworking is among the nation's greenest manufacturers, utilizing renewable energies and burning waste materials.

 In the factory:
Cedar benches
Among the great projects recently in the factory are custom benches made of solid Alaskan yellow cedar. Reminiscent of a project done for a Massachusetts university, these benches were created for an Ohio campus.

Pictured at right are "ribs" that came together to make up the outdoor benches.
On the map:
Projects coast-to-coast
As we take a look at some of our more recent projects, it's easy to see where Mark Richey Woodworking architectural millwork and our WallGoldfinger Furniture division furniture is being specified.

We look forward to continuing to fill in the map with more great projects across the country, and beyond.
The Furniture Trust
Eco-Carpentry Challenge

Mark Richey Woodworking Shop Foreman Chris Plante (pictured left) was a judge at The Furniture Trust Eco-Carpentry Challenge in Boston recently. Technical high schools from around the state were challenged with taking used furniture and wood (some donated by Mark Richey Woodworking) and making these items into something functional that can be donated back to the community.

The Furniture Trust's goal is to increase awareness among youth and the community about the value of extending the useful life of otherwise unwanted products while saving the environment. And if you know anything about Mark Richey Woodworking, you know saving the environment is a concept this premier millwork company stands firmly behind.

Furniture Trust photo by Frank Monkiewicz | See more on Facebook
Speaking out:
Running a green business
Speaking of environmental outreach, President Mark Richey recently spoke at a green expo on running a net zero business.

Mark Richey Woodworking utilizes on site solar and wind renewable energies and burns manufacturing waste in biomass furnace to create heat.

Would your next project benefit from a net zero manufacturer?

Mark Richey Woodworking crafts and installs high-end architectural woodwork. Mark Richey's work enhances the experience of performing arts centers, museums, corporate headquarters, academic institutions and hospitality environments across the country. Employees are craftspeople with a passion for quality, reliability, tradition and innovation, and the factory masterfully blends high tech tooling with sustainable energy. Mark Richey Woodworking is also the maker of WallGoldfinger Furniture, including renowned Summit and Arbor reconfigurable tables and industry-leading custom corporate furnishings.

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