In 2023, Harlem Stage (HS) will celebrate four decades of pioneering commitment to artists of color ... artists engaged in the full performing arts spectrum -- music, poetry, dance, theater and film. Much more than a theater space, Harlem Stage awards commissions for new work, develops and mentors artists, and cultivates audiences who are transformed by new, cutting edge work.

We are now at an exciting moment in Harlem Stage's history. The creativity and imagination stimulated by its commissioning program, the energy and dynamism of its stage performances, and the engagement added by its community programming all contribute to this singularly creative institution's vitality. As HS enters the new century's second decade, the Board of Directors recently endorsed a new Strategic Plan. The Plan is designed to:

  • Strengthen the HS role as an artistic home for artists of color. 

  • Secure and reinforce its financial well-being.

  • Expand HS investments in creative programming while exploring digital technology and other avenues designed to produce earned income.