St John's Day Grant Awards
Feeding and Caring for the Hungry
June 2020
The Fund has awarded 446 grants to works of the Order of Malta
“In the midst of the challenges of the past months, these works are a genuine cause for celebration. They represent the impact and breadth of the
Order’s work, as our members, volunteers and staff serve the most vulnerable, whoever and wherever they are.”

Lieutenant ad interim and Grand Commander of the Order of Malta,
HE Fra’ Ruy Gonçalo do Valle Peixoto de Villas Boas
Pandemic Reveals Deprivation and Amplifies Need
The Romanian Relief Service distribute food to the housebound
Fighting for Survival
For more and more people, daily survival is a struggle. Reaching out to those in desperate need is at the heart of the Order of Malta’s mission, and this work is needed more than ever right now. Click here to lend your support and help us reach more forgotten people.
“During our food distributions, we meet more and more people living in terrible conditions. We are Maltesers: once we find them, we must help them.”

Ferenc Tischler, Secretary General, Romanian Relief Service of the Order of Malta
St John's Day Grant Awards
This St John’s Day, the Fund has awarded 37 grants to 23 entities of the Order of Malta operating in 31 countries. These works transform lives, meeting vital immediate needs as well as helping communities hold together and build prosperity.
Recent events have cast light on both the prevalence and the dangers of loneliness and isolation. As the following four grants demonstrate, so many Order works meet the most basic of needs, in an environment of love and community, providing vital mental support and boosting wellbeing.
Feeding Families in Haiti
Widespread food shortages are hitting Haiti’s most vulnerable communities hard.

With the Fund’s support, this year 660 families being helped by Malteser International Americas will get sustainable access to food through household gardens, allotments and livestock.
Sharing Soup in Russia
Many elderly people in Russia cannot afford food and essential medication.

The Order in St Petersburg serves daily hot meals to 250 vulnerable people with nowhere else to turn. They also distribute clothes, food and basic medication to those who are housebound.
Safe from the Streets in Brazil
With the Fund’s support, the Order’s kindergarten in Sao Paolo cares for 60 children like Ana, pictured above, from vulnerable backgrounds, with nutritious meals and learning activities in a warm, nurturing environment.

Watch how the kindergarten is caring for local families during the pandemic here.
A Warm Welcome in Lebanon
The Order’s day care centres at Kefraya and Roum are a lifeline for 1,100 isolated elderly people across 62 villages in Lebanon, providing free hot meals and medical care. They also run outreach services to combat isolation and organise recreational activities for visitors to enjoy together.

Meet Rizkhallah, Hdiyye and Chakiba here.
Faces of the Fund
HE Dr Juan Tomás O’Naghten y Chacón, President of the Cuban Association
"The elderly in Cuba desperately need food - but more than that, they need dignity."

The Fund is collaborating with the Cuban Association to grow their network, converting soup kitchens into day care centres offering holistic care to the elderly.

Click here to read our Faces of the Fund interview with HE Dr Juan Tomás O’Naghten y Chacón, President of the Cuban Association, and learn more about this flagship programme and the Fund’s field visit to Cuba in March of this year.
News from the Fund
Reports from the Frontline
" We must go forward, and keep our banner held high. We will surely come out of this stronger".

HE Dominique, Prince de La Rochefoucauld-Montbel, 
Grand Hospitaller of the Order of Malta
Hundreds of members of the Order from many countries have joined in the virtual conversation series presented by the Global Fund for Forgotten People.
'Reports from the Frontline' began in April as a way to explain and explore the robust response of many entities of the Order of Malta to COVID-19 by inviting Order leaders to share insight on the pandemic in their locations, the Order's response and their hopes for the future.

So far the conversation has been led by: the Grand Hospitaller; the Italian Relief Service; the President of Order of Malta Korea; and the President of Malteser Hilfsdienst.

Returning by popular demand, this series continued most recently when frontline representatives from Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine discussed the impact of the Order's extensive works in the Holy Land.
"What is clear is that the Order is a huge instrument of peace, of co-existence and of hope. The world desperately needs to change, and the only thing that can change it is love. We must believe that we have the capacity to change the world."

HE Marwan Sehnaoui,
President of the Lebanese Association
Hear from our previous speakers below:

Gerardo Solaro del Borgo, President of the Italian Relief Service
and Luca Rovati, Hospitaller of the Italian Association,
Board Member of the Italian Relief Service

HE Dominique, Prince de La Rochefoucauld-Montbel, Grand Hospitaller

Yongmaan “YM” Park, President of Order of Malta Korea

HE Count Georg von Khevenhüller Metsch, President of Malteser Hilfsdienst

HE Fayiz F Khouri, Ambassador of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan to,
inter alia, the Sovereign Order of Malta and the Republic of Italy
HE Lorenzo Borghese, Ambassador of the Order of Malta to Jordan
Luca Rovati, Advisor to the Order of Malta's Embassy to Jordan
HE Marwan Sehnaoui, President of the Lebanese Association
Oumayma Farah, Communications Delegate for the Lebanese Association,
Advisor to the Order's Communications Council
HE Michele Bowe, Representative of the Order of Malta to Palestine,
Board Member of the Global Fund for Forgotten People

We Need Your Help
Support the Fund
The Global Fund for Forgotten People exists to raise funds and awareness for Order of Malta works serving the most vulnerable. Now more than ever we need your help to make these programmes possible.

Together we can restore dignity and alleviate suffering for those suffering in silence around the world.
Spotlight On...
‘Soli’Malte’: Meeting Increased Need in France
“Zones of extreme poverty are being created. Today, we see many more people sifting through the rubbish to find something to eat.”
Jean Baptiste Favatier,
President of Order of Malta France

Order volunteers in France have seen a significant increase in deprivation on city streets. To help those thrown into poverty by the pandemic, Order of Malta France have launched ‘Soli’Malte’, a new work offering holistic support to those in need. Volunteers distribute meals, medical care, clothing and hygiene kits in fourteen towns across France, a game-changer for those whose livelihoods have been shattered.

Click here to learn more about this new work from the President of Order of Malta France.
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