March 28, 2024

Worship This Weekend

Good Friday, March 29,

6:00 PM in the Sanctuary

St. Peter’s Good Friday service will be led by St. Peter’s Chancel Choir with the presentation of

Tenebrae—A Service of Darkness by Hal. H. Hopson. This will be a service of meaning and reflection as we come face to face with the enormous sacrifice that was made on our behalf.

Easter Sunrise

Service 6:30 AM corner of PCH & Warner

Those who want to start their day early should come to St. Peter’s Sunrise Service on March 31 at 6:30 AM on the corner of PCH and Warner. Look for the St. Peter’s banner. Coffee will be served. Parking is available behind the Jack-in-the-Box Restaurant. 

Easter Morning 9:00 AM Service in the Sanctuary


The 9:00 AM Easter Service on March 31 will be filled with music, and there will be an Easter Message that will have you leaving with your heart filled with the Good News that Jesus is alive today for you and me.


Follow up the Sunrise Service or come early for the 9:00 AM service for a fantastic Crepe Breakfast that will be served before and after the 9:00 AM service.

Bring Flowers on Easter

An Easter tradition at St. Peter's is to adorn a cross on our front lawn with flowers from our congregation to celebrate our risen Lord.

You may drop off your flowers by the cross either before or after the 9:00 AM service.

The FLOWER BOUQUET this Sunday in the 9:00 AM service is given by Marlene Reed in memory of her parents Enoch and Marie Christosfersen.



Christ Is Alive!

In 1968, Easter Sunday fell 10 days after the assassination of The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King. Brian Wren, an English theologian, author, and prolific hymn writer, wanted a song that expressed the certain joy that Christ works daily in our lives. He notes:

I tried to express an Easter hope out of that terrible event, in words which could be more widely applied, and wrote ‘Christ Is Alive!’ because our available hymns spoke of Easter as a glorious event long ago, far away, and high above.

Stanzas 1, 2, and 5 of Christ is Alive!, which we’ll sing before Steve’s Easter message at 9:00 AM, each begins with the bold litany, “Christ is alive!” In v.1, we are called to take our singing and praise from the sanctuary to the world; in v.2, we declare that Christ’s saving and healing transcend space and time; and in the final verse, we sing of the new creation in which earth, sky, and ocean all participate in a joyful world of “justice, love and praise” (v.5).

[Freely adapted from Beverley A. Howard’s article in Baptist Global News]

Christ Is Alive!

Worship from Home

Our 9:00 AM Easter Service will begin broadcasting at 8:55 AM. Join us on our YouTube channel to view the service.

Prayers for Our People

Immediate Prayer Needs

Please remember these people in prayer this week: Randy Alltizer, Phyllis Arnold,

Randall Booker, James Cho, Bob Cogan, Sandy Emery, Helen Evans, Wendy Gingerich, Kathy Gurden, Bill Haislett, Sandy Hale, Ed Hayes, Betty Hickey, Jean Mangone,

Paul Mangone, Shirley Miller, Sharon Nelson, Marlene Nielson, Don Pageler, John and Carol Pardee, Pam Primich, Marlene Reed, Phil Ridout, Brenda Schisler, Vic Schisler, Julie Stewart, Maxine Verch, Rob Verch, Terry Weisman.

Do you need prayer?

The Prayer Team (Praying Hands) is available to pray with you on Wednesday mornings at 8:00 AM in Room B in the Worship Center. Contact Dixie Brain at to get more information. You can also call our Prayer Line at 714-846-6641, press #3, or ext. 228. Our Prayer Line is monitored daily, and Prayer Teams are also available on campus Sunday mornings after the service.

Join a Prayer Team

St. Peter’s is a praying church—founded on prayer. Our Prayer Ministry is growing, and we invite you to join us. In addition to the prayers of all small groups, Bible Studies, meetings, and gatherings, the following are teams who use their gift of prayer for specific requests:

  • Praying Hands meets Wednesday at 8:00 AM in Room B.
  • Our At-Home Prayer Team is reached with requests via E-Mail.
  • Sunday morning Prayer Partners are available for personal, confidential requests after each service.

Should you be led to use your gift of prayer with us, please contact the church office at 714-846-6641 or

Bible Studies

Mid-week Bible Study


9:30-11:00 AM

Room C/D

For more information


Saturday Morning Women’s Bible Study 9:00-11:00 AM in Room C/D

For more information


Coming Up

Crafter's Night

Thursday, April 4

7:00 PM in Room A

Join us for crafts and social time. Bring your crafts to work on and enjoy the company of other crafters.


Crafter's Night is held on the first Thursday of each month

at 7:00 PM in Room A.

Church Work Day

Saturday, April 6

Put on your work clothes and gardening gloves, and come to the church campus on Saturday, April 6, at 9:00 AM. Meet in the Boathouse for your painting, gardening, or minor repairs assignment. If you have weeding tools, bring them along. Rumor has it that there will be donuts. This is a great way to care for our church campus.

Men's Group

Saturday, April 13

8:00 - 10:00 AM Boathouse

Led by Pastor Steve, this Men's Group is founded on the principles of camaraderie, spiritual exploration, shared experiences, and a healthy dose of humor. This group provides a space for men to gather, share their lives, delve into theological discussions, and engage in activities that foster personal growth and connection. All men are welcome!

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