July 4, 2024

Worship at St. Peter's

This Communion Sunday, July 7, Pastor Steve will begin a new sermon series, Unfurl Yourself, by bringing the message Time to Go! from Acts 13:1-12.

Also, this Sunday, we have the privilege of having the Haq Family lead us in worship through music.

St. Peter's wants to ensure you get the most out of in-house worship. If you are having difficulties hearing the message, sound-amplifying devices are available at the back of the Sanctuary. Ask an usher to assist you.

Dan Dawes gives the FLOWERS this Sunday in celebration of Helen Dawes' birthday.


Speak, O Lord

Keith Getty and Stuart Townend wrote Speak, O Lord” to encourage us to ask God to speak to us through words heard and spoken during the service. Getty said that he envisioned the hymn as a “prayer of illumination” similar to ancient liturgies. Townend wanted the song to stir believers to heed the word just spoken when departing from worship.


The fact is that every time the church is gathered, the Bible is opened, and the Word is preached, God is speaking to His people. His goal is to reveal His will to us so that we may live for His glory. “Speak, O Lord,” is a prayer for those who earnestly desire to be hearers and doers of the Word and who seek to be transformed through the power of Christ to live for His glory.

(adapted from comments by James Cheesman Music)

Speak, O Lord

Bonus Song

This Sunday, our closing song will be The Only Name (Yours Will Be). Listen and enjoy.

The Only Name (Yours Will Be)

Worship from Home

Our 9:00 AM Service will begin broadcasting at 8:55 AM. This is Communion Sunday. Have your bread and cup ready to participate. Join us on our YouTube channel to view the service.

Five Songs for Summer

On June 23rd, Pastor Steve launched Five Songs for Summer. These key songs embody the values we strive for. These songs will be sung throughout the summer in our worship service. Below are links to a pamphlet containing the lyrics of these songs, which will help you reflect on their meaning. Additionally, there's a Spotify playlist featuring these five songs for easy listening.

Prayers for Our People

Immediate Prayer Needs

Please remember these people in prayer this week: Randy Alltizer, Phyllis Arnold, Randall Booker, James Cho, Bob Cogan, Sandy Emery, Helen Evans, Kathy Gurden, Bill Haislett, Sandy Hale, Ed Hayes, Betty Hickey, Janelle Killingsworth, Marilyn Klein, Paul Mangone, Don Pageler, John and Carol Pardee, Pam Primich, Marlene Reed, Phil Ridout, Brenda Schisler, Vic Schisler, Ray Smith, Therese Terrill, Maxine Verch, Rob Verch, Terry Weisman, Christina Yates, Pastor Steve Wright.

Do you need prayer?

The Prayer Team (Praying Hands) is available to pray with you on Wednesday mornings at 8:00 AM in Room B in the Worship Center. Contact Dixie Brain at dixiebrain@gmail.com to get more information. Call our Prayer Line at 714-846-6641, press #3, or ext. 228. Our Prayer Line is monitored daily, and Prayer Teams are also available on campus Sunday mornings after the service.

Join a Prayer Team

St. Peter’s is a praying church—founded on prayer. Our Prayer Ministry is growing, and we invite you to join us. In addition to the prayers of all small groups, Bible Studies, meetings, and gatherings, the following are teams who use their gift of prayer for specific requests:

  • Praying Hands meets Wednesday at 8:00 AM in Room B.
  • Our At-Home Prayer Team is reached with requests via E-Mail.
  • Sunday morning Prayer Partners are available for personal, confidential requests after each service.

Should you be led to use your gift of prayer with us, please contact the church office at 714-846-6641 or info@stpetershb.org.

Memorial Service

There will be a memorial service at St. Peter's for Ellie Mathews on Saturday, July 13, 2024, at 11:00 AM in the Sanctuary.

This Sunday

Let's Do Lunch

Going for the GOLD!

Thursday, July 11

Come and join us for another “Let’s Do Lunch” get-together on Thursday, July 11, at 12 noon on the church patio. This will be a special event highlighting the Summer Olympics in Paris, France, being held from July 26 through August 11.


The menu will feature quiche, vegetable salad, macaroons, and ice cream. 


Mark your calendar and plan to attend for a few hours of fellowship and good food. Attendees are encouraged to wear Olympic clothing—shirts, hats, pins, etc. SEE YOU THERE!


Sign up this Sunday on the patio. Yes, it is FREE! 


The July/August edition of The UPPER ROOM will be available this Sunday at the back of the Sanctuary.

Weekly Bible Studies

Mid-week Bible Study


9:30-11:00 AM

Room C/D

Exodus - Learning to Trust God

Trust God. Sounds simple, right? Yet, you know it is often very, very difficult to trust God with the things that matter most to you--money, career, marriage, health. As we study the book of Exodus, we'll see that Israel faced similar struggles to trust God completely. In this story of hardship and hope, we'll discover along with Israel that God--and God alone--is worthy of our trust.

Bring your favorite Bible as we read and discuss the Israelites’ journey out of Egypt, prompted by discussion questions from the Life Guide series.

For more information

e-mail info@stpetershb.org.

Saturday Morning Women’s Bible Study 9:00-10:30 AM

Room C/D

Life Lessons from

James, by Max Lucado

Do your Monday actions reflect your Sunday worship? How about your claims to faith? Is your life full of noticeable changes and actions?

James, the half-brother of Jesus, wasn't impressed with talk. He knew that a life of faith was all about actions that revealed a difference in a person's life. For him, it was not that works save the Christian but that they mark the Christian. In his letter, he boldly deals with practical issues of faith not bound by culture or place. He shows the importance of living a genuine life of faith. His message is bare-knuckled as he encourages, challenges, and confronts, offering practical words and admonitions to live out our faith.

For more information

e-mail info@stpetershb.org

Coming Up

Men's Group

Saturday, July 13

8:30 - 10:00 AM Boathouse

Led by Pastor Steve, this Men's Group is founded on the principles of camaraderie, spiritual exploration, shared experiences, and a healthy dose of humor. This group provides a space for men to gather, share their lives, delve into theological discussions, and engage in activities that foster personal growth and connection. All men are welcome!

Thank You!

Dear Friends,

Thank you so very much for the generous gifts, kind words, and beautiful cards on my last Sunday as Choir Director. That wonderful send-off was more than I could have ever imagined!

I have been blessed for over 30 years to be a part of the St. Peter’s staff, and I have appreciated the gift of your love and support over those many years. May God continue to bless you and everyone at St. Peter’s with His grace and love. 



Shower of Blessings

Last Sunday, St. Peter's celebrated with Griselda and Christopher Fitch as they anticipate the arrival of their first child. Congratulations to Griselda and Christopher and thank you for allowing us to be a small part of this joyous occasion.

You Need to Know

Church Office Closed

The church office will be closed on Thursday, July 4, in observance of the Independence Day holiday. The office will re-open on Friday, July 5, at 9:00 AM.

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