St. Paul’s Epistle


May 2022, VOLUME 46



The season of Easter began on April 17th but extends to Pentecost on June 5th. All of May is included in our celebration of the resurrection of our Lord and the transformation of the apostles from followers to leaders. In the book of the Acts of the Apostles we will read from this month, Saul becomes Paul after encountering the risen Christ on this way to Damascus, Peter raises Dorcas (a woman devoted to good works and charity) from the dead, Peter defends his association with the Gentiles and proclaims that God offers salvation to her as well, Paul takes his message of salvation to the Gentiles in Macedonia, and Paul and Silas are arrested, beaten and imprisoned after Paul, in the name of Jesus Christ, frees a slave from the spirit that possesses her. Easter is about much more than the resurrection; it is about Jesus transforming our lives. He opens our eyes to possibilities that our limited understanding of God’s creation has not considered possible. With Christ’s help we see the needs of others and offer our help. 

In the case of Paul and Silas, they were beaten and imprisoned, but continued to praise God. When an earthquake offered them freedom by opening the doors to the jail, they stayed put until the jailer invited them to his home. Before they left him, he and his household were baptized into the Christian faith. Following the resurrected Christ is not easy, it is not without pain and suffering - yet we find our strength in the new life that Jesus offers. In him, we can find peace in the midst of all the struggles and challenges of this life. And in doing so we can offer hope to others.  


God’s Blessings,



Pictures of the church's children and grandchildren were requested per the secretary and were compiled for the printed version of our newsletter. Please use the link below to watch a short video of the photos for your enjoyment


Easter and Palm Sunday Photos




St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Batesville, Arkansas – Construction of First Building, 1873 from Worthy of Much Praise by Nancy Moore Britton and Dora Le Baker Ferguson

(Editor’s Note – We are working hard to maintain and refurbish our present building. I thought it was appropriate to look at the construction of the original building.)

The first building for St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Batesville, Arkansas was a graceful wooden structure designed along Gothic lines, complete with buttresses, a bell tower and tiny turrets reaching toward heaven. All of this in diminutive proportions gave early St. Paul’s an air of quaint charm and churchliness. Its many tall stained glass windows were given by early parish families as memorials. The beautiful chancel window, which portrays St. Paul, was presented by the vestry and parishioners in memory of the first rector, Charles Harmony Albert. (More on this in next month’s Epistle.) The altar in the first church was of wood, but it and the pulpit and pews were handsomely carved and beautifully proportioned. The church was consecrated on May 20, 1873, by Rev. Henry N. Pierce, Bishop of Arkansas.

At first, according to notes in the Ferguson papers, the exterior of the sanctuary was painted a solid lead gray. Around 1900, when the first rectory was completed on the lot behind the church, both structures were painted a buff color with dark brown trim.

Two specific contributions to the beauty of the church were noted in the Batesville Republican in 1873. On June 18 it was announced that Robert P. Weaver, a son of Abram and Mary Weaver, had presented St. Paul’s with “a most magnificent six-globe chandelier.” And, in the same newspaper on October 8, was printed the following:

A Beautiful Memorial

Last week a new memorial window, in memory of Mrs. Mary Willis Weaver, was placed in St. Paul’s Church, of this city. The window was purchased by Mrs. I. N. Reed (Emily Weaver) and the Weaver brothers. We have never before seen a window of its size that surpassed or equaled it as regards beauty and significance. The main figure representing Hope, is very fine indeed, while the Cross to which she clings is the most perfect representation of wood we have ever seen. In fact the figures, drapery coloring, etc. throughout are so fine as to almost defy criticism. The window is a touching and affectionate memorial to departed worth. (Editor’s Note – Emily Weaver was the Batesville young woman who was arrested in St. Louis during the Civil War and accused of being a spy!)

The window, given by the children of Mary Burton Weaver in honor of their mother, has disappeared. It is probably the one that Dora Le Ferguson recalls from her childhood, stored in her grandfather’s barn on Water Street. Why it was not moved into the new sanctuary in 1917 is a mystery, unless it was broken or damaged in some way.


Youth Sunday & Potluck

On Sunday, May 15th, we will celebrate the end of the academic year with Youth Sunday. Our youth will help lead our 10:30 service that Sunday and we will follow it with a Potluck. Make sure to mark this on your calendar and watch out for more information!

Men’s Group Renamed

St. Paul’s men’s club voted to adopt the name St. Paul’s Churchman’s Club at their meeting April 19th. The change was suggested by Nelson Barnett who recalled that the men’s group had been called by that name in years past. The motion was set to a vote which passed.

In other business the group heard from Mrs. Laura Howard describing a program set up to help financially challenged parents and students of the Batesville School District with specific needs. The men’s group voted to donate $1000 to support that project. (see footnote)

The Churchman’s Group is asking for a donation of a new or used refrigerator which can be used to store leftover drinks from the fundraisers. Please contact Scott McSpadden.

The next meeting will be May 17th at the home of Bill Olson.

(Footnote: The following is a press release from the organization to receive the $1000 donation.)

Batesville School District is a Community Schools Model district. Community Schools operate under four pillars: Integrated Student Supports, Expand and Enrich Learning Opportunities, Family & Community Engagement and Collaborative Leadership. These efforts are coordinated by Laura Howard, BSD Community School Coordinator and campus site coordinators. Thank you to the St. Paul’s Men’s Group for their generous $1000 donation to allow Batesville School District to purchase diapers to support our Parents as Teachers Home Visiting Program. This program provides support to children ages before birth through age 4 and their families.

From The Episcopal Church Women (ECW) Summer Quest Women’s Camp Newsletter

Today we received news that Grace Lodge is available! Summer Quest, Women’s Institute, Women's Camp, whatever you call it, we’re back at Camp Mitchell! June 3-5, 2022. Life Lessons from Kate Bowler led by The Very Rev. Amy Dafler Meaux, The Rev. Elizabeth Henry-McKeever & The Rev. Hannah Hooker. Click the link to register online: Camp Mitchell (

Episcopal Church Women, St. Paul’s

The May meeting of ECW will be at 6:00, May 10th in the home of Sarah Drake, 910 College St. It is to be a Salad Potluck and promises to be a fun occasion. Members and their guests are warmly invited.


It’s graduation month again and we like to acknowledge members of our church family upon reaching this milestone. Please send your information to for inclusion on the next Epistle.

2022 Flower Chart: The flower chart is full through April but we need flowers for May 8, 15, 22; June 5 and 26; July 10, 17, 24 and 31. August 7, 14, 21 and 28; September 4, 25, October 2, 23; November 6, 20, and December 11. Please contact Jo Cargill-Krug at 613-6981 or to reserve a date.

Note: Flowers don’t necessarily have to be ordered from a florist but supplied by the donor. After the 10:30 service the flowers are yours to take home or give to someone. The green vase liners can be taken out but, if possible, returned to the sacristy for reuse.


Above listed are dates for the Camp Mitchell Summer Schedule. For more information please click the following link: Camp Mitchell


The Batesville High School Charter Quiz Bowl Program recently competed in the Quiz Bowl State finals held at the AETN studios in Conway Arkansas. Quiz Bowl is an activity first founded by Bill Clinton, as he started the Arkansas Governer's Quiz Bowl Association, who holds all the Quiz Bowl Tournaments. The members of the Batesville Team include, Charles Stinnett, Dylan Story, Ty Bishop, Christopher Richardson, Alexander Tenace, and Noah Chaffin. The Batesville High School Team overcame many adversities, but throughout all believed in themselves, and worked hard, taking time after school to practice and learn questions, and improving every match. During the practices, the team divided up all the certain categories of questions that could be asked among themselves, that way they would not tread on each other's knowledge, and could answer as many questions as possible. The Team took 2nd at the regional competition, actually losing to Valley View, before moving on to the state competition, where they became finalists. Their coach said he was glad and grateful to have made it that far, as they all worked very hard. The team went on to play in the Quiz Bowl State Final against Valley View, winning by a score of 290 to 215. Alexander Tenace and Ty Bishop both made the all-tournament team, which requires an average of answering 5 questions per game. The most important thing the team takes with them, is saying that they believed that they were going to win throughout the whole process, and really were not that nervous, because they worked hard to secure their victory. Their coach, Bryce Grant, was on the last team that made the state finals back in 2007. The match can be watched using this link, YouTube Video.

Last but not least, thank you to Mr. Gene Crawford for recognition during the announcements the next day at church. 


Happy Mother_s Day to all of our mothers in our congregation_.png





May 1

Cameron Gillespie

Kay Forrest

May 8

Mike Schmidt

Roger Christiansen

May 15

Dave Allen

Brenda Bittle

May 22

Ardis Gillespie

Gary Perkey

May 29

Cameron Gillespie 

Paul Hance




May 1

Gary Perkey & Tim Dunlap

Jon Healey

May 8

Mike & Rhonda Mundy

Steve Massey

May 15

Pam Baxter & Paul Hance

David Taverner

May 22

Brenda & Nikki Bittle


May 29

Fred Krug & Fuller Bumpers

Steve Massey

Altar Guild: Beverly Grigsby & Jo Cargill-Krug


 4th: Team Mundy/Bittle

11th: Team Strawberry Mennonites

18th: Team Dore

25th: Team Wray


Birthdays: Cindy Perkey (5/4), Steven Stalker (5/14), Jim Reynolds (5/15), Deann Coleman (5/16), Mike Smith (5/16), Logan Warden (5/16), Casey Castleberry (5/19), Roger Christiansen (5/20), Jessica Goodwin (5/22), Virginia Wray (5/22), David Carpenter (5/22), Chloe Davidson (5/22), Elizabeth Bumpers (5/23), Edmund Hetrick (5/29), Kay Forrest (5/29), & Susie Farris (5/31).

Anniversaries: Jim & Karen Reynolds (5/10), Kristian & Richard Ameigh (5/12), Chris & Suzanne Magouyrk (5/18), Clint Callahan & David Carpenter (5/27), and Russell & Laura Stinson (5/28).

If you have a birthday or anniversary you would like added to our list, please contact the office at


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