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Start the New Year in Service!

What is Read2Succeed?

Orange County Public Schools' Read2Succeed program engages volunteers who provide tutoring and mentoring to first- and second-grade students who are developing early literacy skills.

Additional info: Trained volunteers meet with students once or twice a week on school campus during school hours. In addition to assisting with reading skills, students form a positive attitude toward reading and build self-confidence.

We are asking for at least a six month commitment from volunteers in this program. Providing a sense of continuity with adult relationships is an important part of the program.

To volunteer, please click the button below and follow the directions to register as an ADDitions Volunteer at Lake Silver Elementary. Please feel free to contact Mike in the office with any questions!

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Those who have commended themselves to our prayers

Chris, Cynthia, Jeffery, Kaley, Karen H., Kenny B., Lola, Mary C., Maverick


Long-Term Prayer List

Angie, Bill C, Brittney R, Caryl, Chazz C., David B., Erika, Emma, George, Gylla, Henry R, Jan, Jason, Jeanine, Kathy G., Kristina, Kyle, Leslie F., Linda, Lydia, Mac, Marion S., Martell, Martin, Oliver, Pam B., Paris, Paul, Rachael W., Randy G., Randy Jr., Robert, Sarah, Sony, Steve, Steven F., Tramell, Tim, Tracy


Those serving in the armed forces and in harm’s way

Aaron D., Bradley H., Chad S., Jonah H., Will M., Kenneth K., Ben V, Nick R., Carolyn H.


February Birthdays:

1: Sally Lee, Rex McPherson, II, Kelly White 3: Victor Farina, Molly Meyer, Nicole Smith-Farina 4: Nick Bjoring, Sara Kate Provencher, Chris Steinhaus 6: Eleanor McHugh, Kayla Mitchell, Alyssa Yates 8: Kristie Loughran, Jasper Woodsby 9: Kalee Eichelberger 10: Rick Arkins 11: Ashley Bedell, Lucy Gosselin, Bobbie Lang 12: Lilia Garrett 13: Dawn Farina, Shirley Harter, Kathy Shearer, Todd Stieger, Sr. 14: Sophia Elozeir, Sloane Hester, Craig Maughan 15: Nikolaos Christou, Cole Cornett 16: Marion Arnheim, Greg Favazza, Elliot Rapp 18: Mallory Cook, Mary Lu Nelson 19: Nancy Chapman, Jason Farina 20: Lori Demro, Nick Walker 21: Tiffany Hall 22: Andrew McPherson, Michael Mosher, Dan Tracy 23: Maddie Borrelli, Lauren Colley, Vantrease Harris-Blair, Wayne Mosher, Roston Shuman 24: Charlotte Adams, Will Daniel, IV, Kelly Gillen 25: Katie Jennings 26: Stephanie Cox 27: Arel Bosko, Zeff Jennings, Henry Loff, Mac McFadden, Jr., Fletcher Priep, Christine Smith 28: Christopher Priep, Carol Steinfurth 29: Marcia Cruse

February Anniversaries:

1: John & Polly Roper 2: Scott & Erin Stearns 8: Parker & Brittany Cook 14: Ian and Mickel Griffin  18: Stephen & Brooke Hackler 26: Ted & Sara Seater


To place someone on the prayer list, please contact the

Administrative Team at


O God, our times are in your hand: Look with favor, we pray, on your servant(s) N. as they begin(s) another year. Grant that they may grow in wisdom and grace, and strengthen their trust in your goodness all the days of their life (lives), through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.



O God, we ask that you pour your grace and mercies on this (these) couple/s. Guide them with your wisdom, protect them with your love, fill their home with your presence, and may they grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ all the days of their life. Amen.



The Rev. Rick Luoni, Rector

The Rev. Greg Favazza, Assisting Priest

Andrew J. Walker, Director of Music

Ella Eagen, Assistant Director of Music

Mike Robertson, Director of Outreach

Tiffany Stieger, Director of Children’s Ministry

Melanie Olivier, Director of Preschool

Mark T. Cole, Director of Youth Ministries



Senior Warden - Parks Bennett

Junior Warden - Rick Gierok

Vestry Member - Julie Motzel

Vestry Member - Louis Gafford

Vestry Member - Freddie Clayton

Vestry Member - Christian Leger

Vestry Member - Greg Pope

Vestry Member - Eric James

Vestry Member - Jordan Cook Evans

Vestry Member - Courtney Hazouri

Vestry Member - Brian Rush

Vestry Member - Danielle Belen

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