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Those who have commended themselves to our prayers

Anaya, Andrew, Anthony, Beth, Carol, Danyell, Dennis, Dina, The Draines Family, Dwayne, Erick, Gary B., Jean, Joan M., Lucretia, Marian, Marlene, Michael, Michelle, Sonia, Susie, Tashaun, Tramell Jr., Will


Long-Term Prayer List

Alexa C., Andrew, Angie, Bill C, Brittney R, Cannon, Caryl, Chazz C., David B., Elijah, Erika, Emma, Gary B., Graham, Gylla, Henry R, Jason, Jeanine, Justin, Kathy G., Kristel, Kristina, Kyle, Linda, Macauly D., Marion S., Martell, Martin, Oliver, Pam B., Paris, Paul, Rachael W., Randy G., Randy Jr., Robert, Ryan, Sarah, Sony, Steve, Susie D., Tramell, Tim, Tracy, William


Those serving in the armed forces and in harm’s way

Aaron D., Bradley H., Chad S., Jonah H., Will M., Kenneth K., Ben V, Nick R., Carolyn H.


June Birthdays:

1: Benny Favazza, Ella Willerer 3: Sebastian Bennett, Renee Blanton 4: Dick Basden, Charles Egerton, Bob Gosselin 5: Tori Farina 6: Willa Kramer, Jody Maughan 7: Graham Pittenger, Scott Shearer, Jr. 9: Kendall Stearns 10 Nolan Renfroe 11: Maisie Bennett, Davis Pittenger 13: Trippe Cheek, III, Lucy Crannick 14: David Corso, Lillian Smith 16: Clifford Barnhart, Jessica Smith 

17: Jack Demetree, II, Pat Sprague 18: Mark Cole, Evelyn Thur 19: Rick Gierok, Jim Provencher  20: Alex Favazza, Trey McPherson, III, Jean Mosher, Kenneth Walker 21: Lawrence Motzel, Jr., Beth Wollam 23: Lily Corso, Alex Gillen 

24: Matt Hackler, Ellie Riggs, Todd Riggs, Palmer Yergey, Joan Zink 25: Michelle Conklin, John Houston, Peter Jaberg, Tom Jones, Linda Wendell  26: Abby Hatcher, Kenneth James 27: Parker Cook, Mark DiDea, John Motzel, William Motzel, Tiffany Stieger 28: Caroline Kennedy, Dori Madison 29: David Beatty, Catherine Gay, Henry Gay 30: LeighAnn Blackmore, Darvin Boothe

June Anniversaries:

1: Steven & Stephanie Cox 2: Thomas & Tina Harbert 7: Richard & Lavelle Basden, 7: Warren & Mariah Morris 9: James & Penelope Galbraith 11: George & Happy Gafford 11: Charles & Roberta Lang 13: John & Elaine Wheaton 14: Fred & Tara Clayton 15: Charles & Karen Egerton 16: Rex & Jan McPherson

17: Thomas & Lionel Smith-McGehee 18: John & Mary Webb 19: Matthew & Jeanne Hackler 21: Michael & Sara Robertson 21: Walter & Emilie Vick

22: Benny & Linda Woodlief 23: Guy & Nancy Chapman 23: Brian & Terrie Laufer 27: Robert & Lisa Lacey 29: Collin & Amelia McLeod



To place someone on the prayer list, please contact the Administrative Team at


O God, our times are in your hand: Look with favor, we pray, on your servant(s) N. as they begin(s) another year. Grant that they may grow in wisdom and grace, and strengthen their trust in your goodness all the days of their life (lives), through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.



O God, we ask that you pour your grace and mercies on this (these) couple/s. Guide them with your wisdom, protect them with your love, fill their home with your presence, and may they grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ all the days of their life. Amen.



The Rev. Rick Luoni, Rector

The Rev. Greg Favazza, Assisting Priest

Andrew J. Walker, Director of Music

Ella Eagen, Assistant Director of Music

Mike Robertson, Director of Outreach

Tiffany Stieger, Director of Children’s Ministry

Melanie Olivier, Director of Preschool

Mark T. Cole, Director of Youth Ministries



Senior Warden - Parks Bennett

Junior Warden - Rick Gierok

Vestry Member - Julie Motzel

Vestry Member - Louis Gafford

Vestry Member - Freddie Clayton

Vestry Member - Christian Leger

Vestry Member - Greg Pope

Vestry Member - Eric James

Vestry Member - Jordan Cook Evans

Vestry Member - Courtney Hazouri

Vestry Member - Brian Rush

Vestry Member - Danielle Belen

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