St. Johns Golf Club

April-May 2024 Newsletter

We welcome the change of seasons here in North Florida! Our one to two weeks of winter has rolled into spring and we hope the 90s stay away as long as possible. I think we can all agree that even the summer heat beats shoveling snow! 


We have used the Syncwise GPS system with the Yamaha golf cars for a year and continue to tweak the system. Syncwise GPS allows us to monitor play more easily, track playing times, and address slower-moving groups. Yamaha was late to the GPS game, so there are features in development such as messaging before entering a restricted area. We understand this feature is coming soon and will be a welcome tool. In the meantime, here a few clues on navigating with the GPS:

  • Par 3s are cart path only.
  • Black stakes located next to cart paths as you near putting greens signify where the restricted areas begin.
  • Homeowners’ properties and roads, other than crossings, are restricted areas.
  • Upon entering these areas, the only way to exit is in reverse. If you exit too many times or remain in the restricted area too long, the cart must be reset.
  • Reset the cart by lifting the seat, find the switch on the passenger side and flip to “tow”, push back 5’- 8’ (you may hear a click), flip switch back to “drive”, then continue backing out of restricted area.

Maintenance Update

Now that spring temperatures are rising, we are working to improve course conditions. Anthony’s crew has started to remove plugs from our nursery green to fix weak areas on the putting greens. Once the removal process is complete, they will top dress these areas to promote growth and leveling. Anthony has already slit the fairways to help the turf spread and fill in weak areas.

  • Our first aerification will be in June. We will aerate putting greens, fairways, and rough on June 10th and 11th. The driving range will be done on the 12th and tees will be done on the June 13th and 14th.
  • We will aerify a second time in August with putting greens, fairways, and rough on the 14th and 15th. The driving range will be done on the 13th and tees will be done on the 12th
  • Driving range maintenance is scheduled every Wednesday morning. The range usually re-opens from 10:00 a.m.  to 11:00 a.m. We also close the range for a clean pick on Tuesdays at 4:30 p.m. (3:30 p.m. during winter). We completed a deep verticut last week on the tee top and are seeing great results in smoothing out the tee and speeding up recovery. We hope to be off the mats or reducing days we use them soon. The mats have made a difference in keeping good turf on the tee. 


LateRisers was formally notified of the non-renewal of their lease via a letter delivered on April 1. Accordingly, their tenancy contract will conclude on Monday, May 27 (Memorial Day). A request for proposal (RFP for a vendor) will be forthcoming. Individuals seeking further details on this opportunity are encouraged to contact Mark Rinberger via email at


While the restaurant is temporarily closed, we will be attending to various maintenance concerns, including issues with the range hood, grease trap, and sound baffles. Once we have established a timeline for these endeavors, we will communicate it publicly. During this period, a beverage vending machine will be available in the breezeway, and snacks will be stocked in the pro shop. As temperatures rise, we encourage everyone to stay hydrated and make necessary arrangements for refreshment.

General Information

Information about the course can be found on the scorecard by scanning the QR code on the back. The QR code directs you to our website’s Facility tab, then Course tab.

Information found on this page includes:

  • Course Map (downloadable PDF)
  • Rules of Play
  • Local Rules
  • General Information
  • Safety
  • Slope and Course Rating (downloadable PDF)
  • Scorecard 

Instructional Video - Bunker Play!

Upcoming Events

  • North Florida PGA Future Cup (Monday May 20th) - this annual event pits area PGA Head Professionals/Directors of Golf/General Managers against area Assistant Professionals. This 24- player, 36-hole event is day of fellowship and mentorship sponsored by the Karl Estes Foundation. The Assistants currently hold the Future Cup. 
  • Drive Chip & Putt Qualifier July 1st (volunteers needed - email
  • Lily Wachter of St. Augustine was the Girls 10-11 Champion in the DCP at Augusta National. Lily attends Timberlin Creek Elementary School and plays out of South Hampton Golf Club.
  • Junior League Regional Qualifier July 25th (volunteers needed - email

Summer Safety

Summer is almost here, and it’s a good time to review golf course safety:

  • Lightning – summer pop-up storms are dangerous. We have the THOR Guard system, which sends signals via an audible alarm and strobe at the siren site. Please take these warnings seriously.
  • 1 long blast to suspend play
  • 3 short blast to resume play
  • ·Beware of the wildlife – we share the course with many animals. Please respect the animal’s immediate area and do not approach.
  • Protect your health in the summer sun and heat by following these guidelines:
  • Limit alcohol the day before and day of play
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Get adequate rest
  • Arrive early and continue to drink water
  • Apply sunscreen, wear light clothing, protective headwear, and sunglasses
  • Don’t be a hero, if you feel bad discontinue play and seek shelter

We hope you have found this newsletter informative and we look forward to seeing you on the course soon!

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