St. Joe Workshop Was A Resounding Success!
We Were Ecstatic & So Were They!

We had just finished our complete rewrite and videoing of "Advanced Training Autopilot Mach 3" revision 7. So, this was the first use of the new Revision 7 in a workshop environment.

This revision was significantly different from prior ones from an instructor's point-of-view. The amount of time spent on edge-to-edge went from two chapters to five. This was because we had been finding that a lot of longarmers came to the workshop with little automated edge-to-edge [E2E] quilting experience and were expecting to gain a better knowledge to run their E2E business, plus learn custom quilting which they would use on their own, and others, quilts

The E2E was just a small part of the improvement. We took advantage of the improvements over the years to greatly enhance the five custom quilting sections, three through seven.

With all of these changes I was concerned that we would have trouble getting the information presented in the two-day time-frame, with the participants running the Mach 3, hands-on. That turned out to not be a problem as we finished some two hours early on Saturday. Not only did we finish early but we received top scores on all of the participants' evaluations.

Some Comments

With this in mind, I am going to share the added comments they made on their evaluations with you:

Deb B. - "I really learned about the program. I will be purchasing a machine soon."

Jill P. - "Meeting Rick & Ruth and hearing all the knowledge [was the best part of the class]."

Samantha D. - "The class was super helpful to me. Full of useful information. I was nervous about attending, and overwhelmed, but Rick & Ruth were very encouraging and answered all questions. Ruth's patience is outstanding!!"

Carolyn E. - "All the information [was what I liked most about the class]."

Cynthia H. - "Explanations were easy to understand. Loved it all."

Jennifer T. - "Class was well done. Presenters know information! Very patient."

Future Workshop/Seminars

Workshop/Seminars are hosted throughout the year. Accomplish Quilting offers free Workshop/Seminars three times a year. The next two will be June 1 & 2, 2023 in their Indianapolis store [Call for registration: 317.478.1422], and September 15 &16, 2023 in their St. Joseph, MI store [Call for registration: 269.556.2552]. A day and a half will be devoted to the "Advanced Training Autopilot Mach 3', and a half day will be dedicated to "Be Creative With Your Mach 3".

Workshop/Seminars at Forever In Stitches are offered as needed, according to your schedule and needs. You can contact us at 219.255.8085.

Please Note:

  • You must be registered to attend.
  • You must bring your workbooks to the workshop: "Advanced Training AutoPilot Mach 3," and "Be Creative With Your Mach 3".

What They Learned

The Projects covered in the "Advanced Training..." started with a basic E2E and built on that to a total of 5 E2Es. This allowed the presentation of the different manners of relating the physical quilt to the computer. Additionally, the many different requests or needs to vary the approach to E2Es were covered.

This continued through custom automated quilting. Covered were all of the Functions of the Mach 3. It included a few examples of everyone's favorite: Masking.

Quilting issues were also covered. We began with ways to custom quilt flying geese. We ended with quilting border-corners. This included a discussion on rotating the quilt to do the side borders and quilting the borders as you advance.

We then wrapped up with issues covered in "Be Creative...." These exercises covered issues that range from modifying designs that don't quite fit the quilt, through making your sashing, blocks and overall quilt designs from pieces of patterns that you have or have purchased, and ending with designing your own designs.

All of these items are done on the industry's most powerful quilting system: the Innova's Autopilot Mach 3.

Questions? We Have Answers!

If you have any questions regarding our industry leading workbooks and reference materials, or the classes, please contact Rick at 567.208.3572.

If you have purchased the materials and/or attended the sessions, don't forget that you have six - fifteen minute telephone and on-line support sessions. Please note that to take advantage of the on-line support, you must have internet access to your Mach 3.

Don't Have Version 7?

Thank You

Al Fin

I trust that this was of assistance or interest. If you have any questions that need to be answered, on this or other longarming or quilting topics, then please write to me at or call 219.255.8085.

Thank you for your time and interest.
May The Lord Richly Bless You!
Rick & Ruth Grihalva
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