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Friday - June 28, 2024

Thanks to everyone who made our participation in the Dexter Bicentennial a great success!

Priest Search Process

Our Small Group Sessions are a vital part of determining our next Priest. Your participation is an extremely important part of this decision. A link with a short (five questions) questionnaire can be found HERE and needs your thoughtful consideration as we develop the profile of what we want in our next Priest. The Group Sessions will take place after Sunday Services on:

• July 14

• July 21

These sessions are no more than 60 minutes in length. Please contact Michael Champ at (804) 347-7185 to schedule your session date OR sign up HERE. For those that join via Zoom, and for those who can’t attend any of the above dates, please contact Michael so we may schedule a Group Zoom meeting.

It is VERY important that EVERYONE participate. 

Thank you, The Search Committee

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Please enjoy these informational materials about the history of St. James', prepared by our members!


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Monthly Socials

Women's Lunches are on the third Thursday of each month and Men's Lunches are on the fourth Friday!

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Opportunities for Bible Study

The Book of Tobit (in the Apocrypha) will continue on Wednesdays at 11:00 am in the church library. Only 14 chapters long it offers information about the Jewish people in the times they had been driven east from their own lands into Media. It is the narration of the life and trials of Tobit, a Jew of great righteousness with many struggles. Come read and talk with us and we will give you a cookie. You may borrow a Bible with the Apocrypha if you don't have one. Contact Kathie,, with questions. 

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The next ONENESS: A PRAYER FOR PEACE is at 4:30 pm on Saturday, June 29, repeating the last Saturday of each month. Attendance went up:, 8 at the April meeting and 13 at the second one. There were some requests and enthusiasm for year round sessions. Make a note to give it a try if you haven't already. The world needs it.

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Summer Lunches @

The Church at Crossroads

We have our volunteers ready and planning nutritious meals for our dates in Detroit. If you have the spirit to help but not the stamina to be on your feet for 5 hours we are looking for some monetary donations to help defray the cost of the food we prepare. We are also providing projects for the children and their parents as part of the Community Building portion of the afternoon, you could earmark a donation to help with these. 

Enjoy these photos from this week's lunch!

Thanks to our volunteers!

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Photo Directory

We would like to put together a photo directory for St. James'.  

Please forward photos (formal or informal) to the office at  

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Parish Contacts

While we work on recruiting an interim rector, if you have any needs, questions, or concerns, please contact:

Pastoral Emergency: Jackie Shock or Julie Lowery

Worship: Wendy Arntson

Finances: Lynne Slager

Reimbursement Requests: Janet Cook

Building & Grounds: Len Arntson

Flowers: Robin Meloche

Music: Gwangwon Park

Christian Formation: Kathie Sandmaier

Outreach: Jackie Shock

Fellowship and Pastoral Care: Wendy Arntson

Administrative Requests/Questions: Franklin Lowe

All other questions: Jackie or Julie

Prayers are needed for:

  • For peace in the world, especially the Middle East, Ukraine, Latin America, and Africa.
  • In the Diocesan cycle of prayer, Christ Church, Detroit.
  • In the Anglican cycle of prayer, Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui
  • Callie Swan
  • Chris, Corinne, and Callie Drake
  • Connor Gates (Louise French’s cousin)
  • David Driscoll
  • Deb Wilson
  • Debbie Stoll
  • Duane Nagel and family
  • Duncan Family
  • Elizabeth (Deb's cousin)
  • Elizabeth Kryder-Reid (Louise French's cousin)
  • Ellen
  • Franklin Lowe
  • Gia Kullgren (Alice Van Wambeke’s daughter)
  • Jenny Calder
  • Jenny Decker and family (Julia Shea’s granddaughter)
  • Joel and family (Margaret Breeden’s nephew)
  • Linda C.
  • Pam and family (Janet Cook’s cousin)
  • Priscilla (Julie Lowery’s sister)
  • Ramona (Deb’s friend)
  • Rhea Rosenbusch
  • Roger Parker
  • The Chumney family
  • The Perkins family
  • The Soffredine family
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