Novena to Saint Francis

Seventh Prayer - Those Who Suffer

“We praise you, Lord, for those who pardon for love of you,

who bear sickness and trial.” (St Francis of Assisi)


“I speak for my brothers and sisters who are threatened, assassinated,

who do not hold the rights to their land...

How long must we wait for a reply?” (Rosildo da Silva, Jaminawa Arará people, Brazil)


Creator God, open our hearts

to the sufferings of the landless poor

who endure violence and threat.

Forgive us for the sin of indifference.


St Francis,

you were jailed and beaten,

brother to the outcast.

May your compassion be our guide.


 St Francis, pray for us.

The video and reflection were produced by the Catholic Agency for Overseas Development.

Your Associate Relationship Team,

Rosaura, Catherine and Sister Therese / /