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A Parish With A Heart For The Poor in Haiti

Gerry Delaquis, our Country Coordinator for Haiti, often asks people to have a heart for his native country.

St. Ann’s Parish in Prairie Village, Kansas, has answered that request. This past Fall they donated $5,000 to Water With Blessings – enough to underwrite the equipping and training of nearly 70 new Water Women.
“About seven years ago, a couple from our parish visited Haiti,” said Marty Thoennes, Chair of St. Ann’s Pastoral Council. “They came back, reported what they saw, and wondered if St. Ann’s could help. We had the resources available to us – our parishioners are wonderful. So we began searching for ways to help.”

The parish is so committed that they place a green envelope specifically for Haiti in the monthly packet that goes out to all the parishioners. After working with two other groups to help an orphanage, a farm village, a convent, and the construction of homes, they found out about Water With Blessings.
Today, December 12, is the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, a source of hope in the midst of terrible challenges to God's children in Haiti.
“The parents of one of our staff members had a connection to Water With Blessings, and the rest is history,” Marty said. “Sr. Larraine responded so positively. She spent 45 minutes with us on a Zoom call. It was enlightening to us. There’s a connection not just with giving money, but with the ladies who supply water to the people around them.

“We love the personal: seeing the picture of the lady, her home. When we go to the Water With Blessings website, we can see where each woman is.”

The connection is so strong that a different Water Woman is prayed for each day during morning Mass at St. Ann’s.
Michaela Comstock, Development and Communications Coordinator at St. Ann’s, was struck by the effectiveness of Water With Blessings.

“To get the filters in the hands of the Water Women and empower them to help their own communities is wonderful,” she said. “They’re able to make every donation count, helping build stronger and healthier communities.

“Our Pastoral Council was impressed by the fact that clean water can make such a big impact on people’s lives – it can put children on a path to greatness.”

Marty Thoennes agrees, and that in a land of terrible challenges, the children are the source of hope.

“It’s wonderful that Water With Blessings is providing clean water to children who can be the leaders, who can change things one day,” he said.
Giving During this Holiday Season of Caring and Sharing
The month of December offers us a joyous time of year to celebrate the spirit of Christmas and togetherness with family and friends. According to a recent survey, nearly 6 of 10 Americans (59%) expressed a preference for a charitable donation made on their behalf in 2021 rather than receive a material gift this Christmas. If you are looking for a charitable gift that will keep on giving beyond the holiday season, please consider a donation to Water With Blessings to honor your special family member or friend. Please share our unique mission of improving children’s health with clean water so that we can distribute more filters in the Navajo Nation and in countries around the world!
In addition, 1,500 American adults were asked about their December giving preferences. The final tally found that 64% of respondents participate in year-end charitable activities, including
----giving money (53%);
----donating goods (46%) to charities;
----donating cash or goods directly to families in need (27%);
----performing random acts of kindness (25%);
----volunteering (20%)
When you look beyond these compelling statistics, we know intuitively--and research confirms it--that it feels good to give to others and giving helps us feel connected, especially during the challenges of a global pandemic and the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. When you look at the beautiful faces of our Water Women and their children featured in our e-news, you can see the looks of relief on their faces when they realize that they will be able to access clean water on a daily basis following filter training and household placement that also benefits 3 neighboring families. Thanks to you for your donations, advocacy and volunteering on behalf of Water With Blessings: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
This year, we have begun expanding our giving opportunities so that more Water Women can use filters and participate in training with more diverse types of gifts to include
--Shares of stock and securities
--Charitable distributions from IRA accounts
--Bequests, wills and estate planning
--Cash/checks/online credit card gifts
--Matching gifts from your employer
Your personal philanthropy has a big impact—thank you for considering Water With Blessings for your charitable giving..
Looking for a last-minute gift?

If you still can’t find that perfect gift, you can always honor someone with a donation of $75 to support a Water Woman. Your support provides clean water for her family as well as three neighboring families whom she commits to help by filtering their water. However you choose to support Water With Blessings your donations will have far-reaching impacts that will last for many, many Christmases to come.
Capping Off the Capital Campaign and Owning our HQ Outright
Thanks to generous donations from supporters of our first-ever capital campaign, the Water With Blessings board of directors and staff are excited to announce that the mortgage for our global headquarters in J-town will officially be paid off on
Tuesday, December 21, at 10:00 AM at 1902 Campus Place, Suite 11
You can join us in person with representatives from Independence Bank for a brief ceremony as we celebrate ownership of our business condo. Enjoy coffee or hot chocolate with us on this special day as we honor our first year with the benefits of expanded work areas and warehouse space. We are grateful that you helped make this new WWB Headquarters a reality. During the past 12 months, we have been able to work more efficiently to send more filters and train more Water Women to make clean water flow for God’s Thirsty Children. Thank you! Please e-mail or call 502-749-5492 to RSVP for this event.
There Is Still Time To Bid

The Cradles of Christ Christmas Auction ends today at 4pm, so this is your last chance to find that unique Christmas gift for the person who has everything.

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Come By Friday Morning To Pick Up Your
CinnaBourbon Hugs

You can pick them up every Friday morning at the Water With Blessings office (1902 Campus Place, Suite 11). A portion of the proceeds helps fund Water Women around the world.

Made with real butter, aged bourbon, delicious cinnamon (and a few secret ingredients), these rolls will become a favorite in your home or office.

Please make sure to place your order before noon on Thursday.

Click on the button nearby to take home your favorite flavor: original, pecan, or bacon.

A delicious, sweet way to support Water With Blessings!
We believe every child should be drinking clean water. Are you with us?
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