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TICO is Ontario's travel regulator. We oversee travel agencies, booking websites and tour operators in Ontario. We inform consumers about the consumer protection available when booking travel.

CTV News: Why it's important to verify that you are booking with a registered travel agency or website

CTV's Pat Foran shares a cautionary tale about a family who thought they were getting a travel deal purchasing from a "ticket broker." 


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What happens when a travel company goes out of business?

In Ontario, there is a Travel Industry Compensation Fund, which exists to help consumers who are impacted by the failure of an Ontario travel agency or website, Ontario tour operator or any airline or cruise line.

Here's what you need to know.

Video: TICO in 30 seconds

Ontario sisters, and travel enthusiasts, Sarah and Christine MacLean (@wellnesstravelled), explain the benefits of booking with a TICO registered travel agency or website.

Check out the 30-second video here.

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