2021 1st Quarter News
2020 Statistics
Men Employed - 312
Taxes Paid - $195,025.13
Child Support Paid - $55,967.86

Men Housed - 73
Men Employed - 61
Graduates for the Quarter - 19
Baptisms for the Quarter - 9
Greetings, from Safe Harbor of Erin.

Here at the Erin facility we continue to focus on the betterment of our program operations with emphasis on client care such as: working with our intensive outpatient care program (IOP). This quarter we have instituted a second day time IOP session. Now we are providing an evening and day time IOP session for all of our clients in recovery. I would like to introduce Mr. John Ludwig as our IOP Coordinator and counselor, and Mr. Steven Johnson and Mrs. Tatjana Gaston as our additional IOP counselors. The efforts of our IOP staff has greatly increased the level of care for the clients at Safe Harbor of Erin.

This past quarter we have also put emphasis on the quality of our curriculum and class material. I am thankful for a staff of team members, who have worked on better class presentation material. Their efforts has helped our clients increase their learning and understanding of addiction and recovery. We continue to be innovative in making sure our clients experience the dynamics of change. 

During this quarter Safe Harbor of Erin's admissions coordinator, Ms. Anna Jones, is transitioning to a new career opportunity. During Ms. Jones' tenure with Safe Harbor of Erin, she has brought our safe harbor Erin's Admissions to a level of excellence which is required at all Safe Harbors. We are thankful for her steadfast professionalism, and instrumental care that she has given to our records control, coordination with outside agencies and maintaining our client population reporting requirements. Because of her efforts our communication with our partnering recovery communities has been outstanding. We wish and pray for her continued success as she embarks upon her next mission. Thank you Ms. Anna Jones.

Also, we take this opportunity to welcome Ms. Marie Barlow as our new Admissions Coordinator. She brings with her the experience, passion and drive to continue the excellence within our Admissions Department. Ms. Barlow will be a great addition to our team here at Safe Harbor of Erin.

Finally, we are ever so thankful and appreciative of the partnering recovery agencies that support us in our efforts to provide a safe and quality environment for all our clients. In addition thank you to the Erin community, supporting business, and churches that continue to support us in our efforts. To what you all do contributes to the success of all we do. Thank you.
Safe Harbor of Tipton County is set to open June 1, 2021. Our new facility is located on a 20 acre campus, which was built in 1905 as Dunlap Orphanage. One of the founders of the orphanage said that they wanted to build a place to see little hands discover what God has for them. We are proud to continue that vision as an orphanage, the only difference is the hands are bigger!

We will be able to house 74 men in our Safe Harbor of Tipton County Program and 16 women in our Fresh Start Program at the new property in Brighton, TN. This campus will also house our Administrative Offices. We are so excited to be able to expand to this beautiful location and continue the work of Safe Harbor that was started over 25 years ago.

​We want to continue to shine the Light of Jesus into the darkness of this world to see these now bigger hands discover the freedom and life God has for them! God’s ways are higher than our ways; His thoughts are higher than our thoughts. It’s overwhelming to think back to every step He ordered for this moment. We give Him glory, Amen!
We would like to thank Compassion Church Waverly, TN. for the blessed evening our guys loved it.
Easter Dinner!
Service with The Garden Church
Congratulations to our graduates - Derrick Harris, Woodrow Walters, & Phillip Johnson
Happy March Birthday to Anthony Holt, Trevonta Thompson, Patrick Johnson, Russell Gamble, Christopher Neubauer, Kez Graff, Christopher Shannon, Bobbie Boddie, William Ramey, & William Farthing!
Our Reliable of the Month is Kenneth White
Client of the Month is Jeremy Vetzel! Congrats!
Client Volunteer of the Month is Sean Brassfield. Congrats
Thank You Pastor Terry Kirby for coming and giving a word on Isaiah 43:18 - Do not call to mind the former things, pay no attention to the things of old.
Thanks to Bible Baptist Church of Erin for feeding our guys well and giving them a word they won't forget!
A new season with the Garden Church. Trevor Scott gave an outstanding testimony to the guys.
Doing a little Spring Cleaning in Erin on a gorgeous day
Some of our guys at the Garden Church
There’s no 2nd chance for a 1st impression! POWERFUL orientation this morning at Safe Harbor of Erin. This is when we set the pace for the next 6 months of these men’s life.
Great worship along with an anointed word by Pastor Brock
Did some community service & shoveled out Who Dat Processing in Tennessee Ridge
Mario Cart competition and pizza on a cold snowy night
Clients had a snow day at Safe Harbor Erin
Had a good Word and wonderful baptisms
Had a good night of worship with Bro Stephen Cathey and Bro Bryan and sister Pam Bumpus!
Super Bowl Party 2021 in Erin
Thank You Mr. Vetzel and Mr. Whitworth for helping build the new I.O.P office In Erin
Pastor Kenney breaking down how to make a bed at Safe Harbor.
Celebrate Recovery class
Worship and baptisms
Thank you to our Regional Director, Jonathan Newcomb, for getting our new equipment set up in Erin! The guys are enjoying it
On New Years we prayed this thing out, thanking God for the hedge around our ministry in 2020 and the blessings and continued grace of the Father for 2021!
Cedric Henderson came to us seeking recovery from himself and alcohol. Cedric responded in a very positive manner and attitude towards the program requirements. Cedric stayed focused on why he came to Safe Harbor Erin and participated in the program with a great attitude and work ethic. Because of his self motivation and attitude towards what was required, he excelled in all areas of the program.

Mr. Cedric graduated our program in November 2020 and stayed on as staff kitchen manager. He has brought up the population morale through his dedicated efforts to prepare quality meals. Today, Mr. Cedric maintains our kitchen operations at a level of excellence that expresses itself in every meal served. We are blessed to have him in our facility. 
Congratulations to our Graduates - Daniel Turner, Edward Brady, & Deon Ellison!
Happy February Birthday to Keiontrez Troup!
Congratulations to our Client of the Month, Stephen Carlton
Congratulations to our Reliable of the Month - Edward Brady
TENNSCO currently employs 18 of our clients, helping our men achieve their financial goals. This employer on a consistent basis assists our clients towards obtaining full time employment. Their efforts contribute to the over all morale of our clients within the Safe Harbor population, in addition to the positive impact on the families related to our clients.

(From their website): For more than 50 years, Tennsco has worked tirelessly to polish our reputation as an industry leader in storage and filing solutions. As a family-owned business, we have a special heritage and take great pride in manufacturing reliable, durable products at our eight manufacturing facilities in Dickson, TN spanning 1.6 million square feet.
"My name is Thomas Glen Partin and before I got to Safe Harbor I was lost in my addiction. I was getting arrested and running the streets. Moving from house to house and living to just get my next high and not caring who I hurt in the process. Every day was the same thing and I knew I needed help and really at the end wanted help. I was arrested two days in a row and my mother got in touch with a man by the name of Allen Burnett (life liner). He came to my jail and asked if I wanted help and I surely said yes sir. This is when he said I have a bed for you at Safe Harbor in Erin, TN. When I got to Safe Harbor the staff was very kind and didn't judge me, but prayed with me. I started classes and this got my mind looking in the right direction and within a week I received a job I like and began saving money and today I am ready to graduate and my life looks nothing like it did. I have a good chance of beating the charges held against me and I am reaping and sowing good fruit here at Safe Harbor because it is good soil."
Congrats to our graduates - Melvin Dodson, Teddy Hatley, Alan Smith, Aubrey Schutt, Daniel Butler, Adrian Hanson, Vincent Bailey, George Wood, & David Jacobs!
Happy January Birthday to Steven Donegan, Michael Rhodes, Brian Biggs, Michael Cooper, Marlon Harlan, Kameron Dewdney, Kevin Moss, Thomas Johnson, & Fletcher Bolling!
Congratulations to our Client of the Month - David Jacobs
Dorm of the Month is Dorm 11. Great job guys
Reliable of the Month is Jeremy Farthing. Congrats!
Our 2021 Battle in the Saddle Champion is Katie Jo Keller & Ima Fiddleplayer Too of Mulberry, AR.

We had a total of 1900 entries over the weekend. 1,101 runs in the Open, 139 runs in the Young Guns, 31 KK Run for Vegas Qualifiers, and 61 in the poles. Our total payout for 2021 was $83,730.50!

Thank you to everyone who made this show possible - our sponsors, our staff, our vendors, contestants and your families.

Thank you to the Agricenter Showplace Arena, Manager Jamie White, & his staff for keeping the facility top notch for all of us to enjoy.

Thank you to all of our sponsors for supporting our event:
D&S Builders
The Lodge at Five Oaks
Clegherns Piggly Wiggly of Erin
Netgain Mobile Diagnostics
Jim & Sue Oaks
Carter Funding Corporation
IGA - Insurance Group of America
Jackson Tire & Alignment
Dr. Ford
Deborah Lane - Iberia Mortgage Loan Officer
Tractor Supply

Thank you to First Choice Farm & Lawn for use of the Kubota tractors and Randy Prince for the use of The Drag Queen Arena Drags. We have some of the best tractor drivers in the business. Thank you Travis Childress, JJ Bryant, Rodney Ervin, & Maddox Pinner for keeping the ground so consistent all weekend.

Thank you to Josh & Cassie Morton for bringing the Poles and for helping to get everything set up.

Thank you to those who carried flags opening up each day, and thank you to Sharlee Shumpert for singing our National Anthem.

Thank you to our vendors for giving us all somewhere to spend our money on your great products and services! Thank you JHA Saddle & Tack for donating a 5 Star Pad for the Raffle Giveaway!

Thank you TN Equine Hospital of Eads for being our on-site vet for the weekend.
Thank you to Brent Puhl with Puhl's Photography for the long hours behind the camera, and for providing us with a live webcast for those who can't be there to watch!

As we all know it takes everyone to have an event like this. There are so many thank you's to give out. We will have everything figured soon to see what 2021's show raised for Safe Harbor. You will never know the impact you are having while you are just enjoying what you do with your friends, your families, and your horses! You are investing in so many lives, most you will never even see or know. From all of us at Safe Harbor & Battle in the Saddle THANK YOU and we will see you next year.

Mark the dates in your calendar - Jan 14 - 16, 2022 at the Agricenter Showplace Arena in Cordova, TN!