Schooner American Eagle
Early Spring 2022
photo courtesy of Duan Hoffman
Photo courtesy of Fred LeBlanc
Offcuts & Tailings... Spring!
An all new ash shell for the mainsheet upper! After 8 coats of varnish it's certainly nice and shiny
The Nav. box is getting some attention too! All the varnish has been stripped off and the seams have been re-gooped with White Boat-Life now on to more varnish!
Do you see the theme of varnish yet?!
I do not call myself a painter or a varnisher by any stretch of the imagination but sometimes I surprise myself with a rare bought of triumph
We'll be starting on the Schooner in earnest this coming week and have a date on the railway later this month to get her all scrubbed, sanded, puttied, primed and painted ready for her 82nd season!
And Now For Something Completely Different
Photo Courtesy of Bob Trapani Jr.
Remember summer? Well we'll be there soon, Outward Bound and off to somewhere! Where? Who knows! There are hundreds of options and not a bad one in sight.
Photo Courtesy of: John D. Bonds
There is nothing quite like early morning aboard, the clinking and chopping as the galley prepares for the coming day with the smoke curling quietly out of the stove's stack. The deck crew will be up soon to wash the deck down scrubbed and unfurl the sails to get our floating home ready to head to our next destination.
What's for breakfast? Well it depends on the day! Our menu varies each trip to utilize the amazing local produce and products each unique part of our season has to offer. Fresh bread, chowders and stews to roasts and incredible deserts are staples, and we would never forget the lobster!
Crew's News
We'll be seeing Mr. Mate the Asher back again this season! He has spent the winter on the Harvey Gamage and is making his way back northwards up the coast as we speak, safe travels!
Photo Courtesy of: Kerry Pohlmeyer
Our incredible Chef extraordinaire Mathew will be back again this season, continuing to keep us all astounded with all of the galley's creations
A beautiful clear day heading up the bay, June can't come soon enough!
we have yet to run out of mainsheet...
The phone keeps jingling and as always Shary and now I are happy to answer any questions that may arise, either by phone, email or online!
We cannot wait to see you all so soon,