February 2018
Built on Integrity! Growing Through Service and Reliability!
Upcoming Events
February 19th - President's Day

March 1st- CEI 2018 Kick-Off Meeting
  • CEI Service department will be out of the office. Please contact them directly via:
  • Sheri Fairchild- 810-522-0562
  • Dave Rosiek- 810-588-8027
  • Derek Rosiek- 810-499-8132

March 2nd- Call for Spring Inspections
Service Spotlight
Spring Inspections
As Spring approaches it is important to schedule your Spring inspection as soon as possible.

This allows you to:
  • be informed of the condition of your roof
  • eliminate surprising costs
  • develop a plan of action. 

Getting one of our Veteran Service Techs to come look at your roof makes sense. Our Roof Service Techs have installed every type of roof system, and know where and what to look for. 

To set up a FREE Rooftop Assessment, contact Services Manager-
David Rosiek
517-548-0039 ext. 142

CEI 2017: A Year in Review
January is a time of reflection for all. Here at CEI, we took that time to reflect on how 2017 went and what is to come in 2018.

Now that February has arrived we have developed our thoughts and put them into a video for our customers. The past year was hard and did not start out strong, everyone at CEI pulled through and closed out the year reaching all of their goals.
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