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By Nancy Jones
February 2019
The Average Age Group Triathlete should wear a cape.
The orchestration of training, career-ing, parenting, socializing, and any other demand from adult-ing is a skillset reserved exclusively for superheroes.
And yet....our unique breed so RARELY gives ourselves credit for the big picture ability to do it ALL! Matter of fact, we are engineered to not only NOT give ourselves credit for a job well done, but to NOT be satisfied in general concerning our work.

Particularly our workouts and races. The two very things that contrarily ought to be celebrated like crazy.
Our training, for instance- Ever look back over the work/workout week and say to yourself, 'Wow. It's a miracle I was even able to make that happen in my schedule'. We set up our lives to allow the training and prioritized our health/fitness over a static existence. We somehow maintained the 'life intervals' of work, kid's homework, meetings, random unplanned events, and all other important daily facets and made it look easy. The triathlete's dance is complicated and amazing to witness in full operation. We are amazing. Even when the times aren't met or miles fall short. We are amazing.

Then how about our races? 5K to Ironman, all are equal. Why don't we celebrate our results, ideal or less than....MORE?!. We made it to the venue. We made it through each leg of the race that shot more variables our way to provoke failure than most any other kind of race. And we finished! Or we didn't! And we learned a TON.

So let's all re-evaluate the views of ourselves this month. Give a lil' pat on your own back. Check out the 'Prez Corner...' for more lens changes concerning failure and success. Enjoy our sponsors, members, and coaches info. Enjoy triathlon and your incredible daily feats!
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Our first club race is Sunday March 24th.
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Need a lil' prep in the form of a TRAINING DAY? There will be a Club race preview ride at Lake Mead Saturday March 9th.

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Member Highlights !

Our members are the veritable fuel of the multisport machine making up our successful club. We need to regularly recognize them/YOU in order to keep this local herd running so powerfully! Thank you for all that you do and all you embody. Check out some of the featured members here- MEMBER HIGHLIGHTS
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Prez Corner...

Thoughtful notes from a fearless LVTC leader.

What are your goals for 2019?
What is your definition of failure?
How do you identify with the subjective meaning of failure or success?

I was recently asked an interesting question: What is easier to deal with – success or failure?

We are always striving for success – and many of us set goals to achieve. When we achieve those goals,
that would seem to be a worthy accomplishment. But … how many of us explain away or minimize what we’ve achieved when we reach a goal? “Well, I made my swim time goal but I could have gone a minute faster if I sighted better.” “I made the podium, but I missed out on 1st place because my transition was long.”

It is often hard for us to celebrate our successes as we often ‘move the goal posts’ to new goals. That’s
great … always good to try to improve. But, it is important to celebrate when we reach the goals we set.

Failure – we’re always trying to avoid this, right? Failure is painful. But, many times, we can use them. We can use 'failures' to re-evaluate goals, adjust training, adjust race strategy, etc. We can learn a lot when we don’t achieve a goal! We can become better triathletes when we take the time to learn from mistakes. We can ultimately be able to turn things around and achieve our goal (or a new goal) when we declare/note the mistakes as tools for future success.

So … which is easier? Dealing with success or failure? If we can take the time to celebrate successes and learn from failures, both can make us better triathletes.

Set your goals high. Enjoy the success when you achieve your goals! Learn from the times that you
tried but did not 'achieve'. And KNOW that this alone is incredible progress by ANY standard!
Coaching Corner!

Need some insight on training from a professional? Interested in learning about the coaches from all over the multisport spectrum right here in our valley? Check out our LVTC featured coaches at
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