LVTC Happenings!
A monthly report of events and resources for our passionate, growing local multisport community.
Thank you Tri Club Members for the successful Kick Off Dinner on February 1st, 2020. It was great to see so many new and returning faces at our event.

Congratulations to the race series points winners and our Glasser- Ginger award recipient Tony Taylor.

We have updated the Race Series page to reflect 2019 winners as well, as created our Glasser-Ginger award page under the Club Life menu option.

We have some events coming up in March such as the Strava Time Trial and Registration opening on March 15th for the first of our 2020 race series.

Happy Training!
Socials/Training Events/Education

March 1st - Strava Group Time Trial
You can ride the course any time starting 12:01 am on March 1st, and this time must finish by 1:59pm. The course is going to be the same as the the first Unofficial LVTC Time Trial New Years Day.
  1. Be safe out there, there are no lights or stop signs on the route but please be cautious when riding. Also note there is one cattle guard that you must go over at about a mile to go.
  2. No Drafting, we will be using the "honor system" as this race is for fun.
  3. You may do a "flying start" which means you do not have to stop at the start of the segment.
  4. Have a very good look at the segment linked below so you know the exact start and finish points
  5. In order for you ride to be counted you must upload it to Strava by Midnight on March. 1st
We will meet at John Cutter Tavern
11770 W. Charleston Blvd (Desert Foothills and Charleston) after the ride from 10:00-1:00. We will have several club Board Members and Ambassadors at the event to talk triathlon with anyone that wants to hang out.
Once again you must join the LVTC Strava group to get a time. We will post the results on FB the next day. Please let me know if you have any further questions.
Link to Club Strava Group

Race Series:

Race #1: April 19th, 2020 Sprint Triathlon, Aquabike, Duathlon, Relay, Youth Tri
Registration Opens March 15th, 2020

Race #2: June 6, 2020 Sprint Triathlon, Aquabike, Duathlon, Relay, Youth Tri
Registration opens May 6, 2020

Race #3: July 11th, 2020 Aquabike, Youth Aquabike
Registration opens June 11, 2020

September 13, 2020 Triathlon, Aquabike, Duathlon, Relay, Youth Tri
Registration opens August 13, 2020
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Prez Corner:

Thoughtful notes from a fearless LVTC leader.

That’s the Vegas Way!

If you see two athletes sprinting for the finish … shout out: “That’s the Vegas Way!” If you see an athlete gutting out a race just to finish … give a “That’s the Vegas Way!” If you see someone complete their first triathlon … show them encouragement and yell out: “That’s the Vegas Way!” This is our club-shout-out … an easy way to encourage each other during a race!

Even more so, you can shout out “That’s the Vegas Way!” anytime you see someone demonstrating /supporting values that we find important as a club because this shout-out is bigger than just recognizing athletic achievements. You can give a “That’s the Vegas Way!” when you see someone stop to help a biker change a flat … or to pick up trash at Boulder Beach … or to someone who is welcoming others into the club.

“That’s the Vegas Way!” is a way to let others know that we see what they are doing and we place a high value on that.

We are very fortunate to have a fantastic endurance community here in the Greater Las Vegas Valley who support and encourage each other and welcome visitors to our area. I see people connecting from all over the valley for training swims/bikes/runs, carpooling to races, loaning gear out to visitors, and just casually getting together with each other. In addition, our club is strengthened by a diverse athletic ability – we have athletes who are just starting to explore triathlon, athletes who enjoy completing triathlons (or other multi-sport events), to athletes who are regionally/nationally/internationally competitive. Wow!

But sometimes, it’s easy to let those good things that members do go unrecognized … it’s easy to overlook saying ‘thank you’. And no good deed is too small to give a shout-out to! The more we draw attention to the good things that people are doing, the stronger we build our foundation as a club.
I often get asked “How can I help out?” Of course, we are a volunteer based club and more hands are always great! But, participating in our events, our training sessions, our socials … participation is the key.

And … giving out a “That’s the Vegas Way!” is a great way to support the club.

~John Mercer
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