Ohio National Road Association



President - Jim Young-Licking County

Vice President/Treasurer -Cathryn Stanley-Belmont County

Secretary - Miranda Fisher - Ohio History Connection 

Immediate Past President -Dixie Lacy-Guernsey County


John S. Marshall-Belmont County

Wes Baker -Clark County 

Matthew Schley -Guernsey County

Michael Peppe-Franklin County

Sondra Gartner-Licking County

Kyle Massey-Madison County 

Sarah Frankhouser -Montgomery County 

Elizabeth Reeb - Muskingum County

Mary Ellen Weingartner -Muskingum County 


Miranda Fisher 

Jon W. Marshall 

Jackee Pugh 

Kristina Estle


Thomas Barrett-ODOT Historic Bridge Program Manager

Glenn Harper 

Frank Quinn-Heritage Ohio 

Thea Ewing- HNTB Project Director


Doug Smith 


Cyndie Gerken 

Did you know?

On this day in 1806, Congress authorized the National Road, also known as the Cumberland Pike or the Cumberland Road. The legislation, signed into law by President Thomas Jefferson, called for building a wooden planked highway to connect the Atlantic shore with the Ohio River. Jefferson believed that a trans-Appalachian road was a necessary step to unify the young country.

New ONRA Website Launched

The Ohio National Road Association has a new website! The address is still the same, wwww.ohionationalroad.org, but the new and updated site features information about each of the 10 counties on the road. On the site, you can watch videos, learn about the history of the road, read our newsletters, and flip through a digital version of A Traveler's Guide to The Historic National Road in Ohio. You can also become an ONRA member!

Next ONRA Board Meeting May 28

The Ohio National Road Association's next board meeting is Tuesday, May 28 at 10 p.m. at the Columbus Historical Society's Harrison House, 570 W. Broad St., Columbus, OH 4322.

Front row (l-r): Jeff Alland, Sarah Frankhouser, Cathryn Stanley, and Dixie Lacy. Back row: Tom Berrett, Miranda Fisher, Wes Baker, Jim Young, Mike Peppe, John S. Marshall, Jon Marshall, and Elizabeth Reeb.

Annual Meeting Held

ONRA held its 2023 Annual Meeting on November 14th at the historic Red Brick Tavern on the historic National Road (1700 Cumberland St.) in Lafayette (Madison County). The meeting was hosted by ONRA Board member Kyle Massey who owns the Tavern with his brother Travis. Everyone enjoyed the Massey's fine food and hospitality. Board members who hadn't been there since they purchased and re-opened the restaurant were impressed by all of the refurbishing and remodeling the brothers had done and were pleased to know the charm and atmosphere of the old tavern had been preserved.

Angelina Stone receives Milestone Historic Preservation Award

Ohio National Road Association Belmont County Representative John S. Marshal, Mark White of Angelina Stone & Marble, and ONRA member Jeff Aland. ONRA recently presented the prestigious Milestone Historic Preservation Award to Angelina Stone & Marble of Bridgeport for their work restoring the Eagles Nest Monument in Licking County.

The Ohio National Road Association recently presented the prestigious Milestone Historic Preservation Award to Mark White of Angelina Stone & Marble of Bridgeport for their work restoring a unique feature on the National Road in Licking County.

ONRA members John S Marshall and Jeff Aland presented the award to White, the project engineer for Angelina’s restoration of the Eagles Nest Monument in Licking County. The plaque, sponsored by ONRA Board Member Mike Peppe, reads: “For professional and exceptional workmanship in restoring the one-of-a-kind Eagles Nest Monument to its original glory on the Historic National Road.”

Known as Eagles Nest, the large granite rock commemorates the experimental paving of a 29-mile section of the National Road from Zanesville to Hebron between 1914 and 1916. Arch W. Smith, of the Ohio State Highway Department called the newly paved highway “the model concrete road of the world.” Chiseled in the granite rock are renderings of a Conestoga wagon, an early automobile, and the distances to Columbus (32 miles) and Cumberland, Maryland (220 miles).

The Ohio National Road Association’s award program recognizes individuals and organizations doing their part to help preserve, promote, and enhance the Historic National Road in Ohio. A Milestone Leadership Award and a Milestone Preservation Award acknowledge the service of individuals and organizations throughout Ohio.

Glimpse The Eclipse on the National Road

A total solar eclipse, a rare and exciting celestial event, is happening on April 8th, and portions of the Ohio National Road will be in the path of partial and full totality.

A solar eclipse occurs when the paths of the Earth, sun, and moon align, creating darkness as the moon blocks the sun for a short period.

Licking, Franklin, and Madison counties will have partial totality, and Clark, Miami, Montgomery, and Preble will have full totality. Click the links above for eclipse events in each county. You won't want to miss it. Your next chance to see the total solar eclipse in Ohio isn’t until 2099!

Updates From The Road

Belmont County

John S. Marshall receives 2023 Mattox Award

ONRA Belmont County Representative John S. Marshall received the 2023 Mattox Award from the Belmont County Tourism Council at its annual Christmas party on December 11. Also present were the late John Mattox's children, John Jr. and Suzanne Evans.

In 2019, the Belmont County Tourism Council implemented the Mattox Award, named in honor of the late John S. Mattox, curator and co-founder of the Underground Railroad Museum. He was one of the Ohio Valley’s most renowned historians, a community leader and advocate. Dr. Mattox’s legacy and impact will forever be felt in Belmont County.


The Mattox Award is given annually to the Belmont County “Tourism Champion of the Year.” The award is designed to honor an individual or organization who has made significant and long-term contributions to the economic health of Belmont County through their involvement in the field of tourism.

John is a leader in our community and has been integral in preserving the Historic National Road. He is a board member of the Ohio National Road Association and has represented Belmont County in preserving and promoting it for almost a decade.


John’s interest began when his father created a slideshow about his travels along the National Road. John attended an interpretive sign dedication for the Calvary Presbyterian Church in St. Clairsville, and his interest in the road was noticed. He was asked to join the Ohio National Road Association by the late Dr. John Mattox.


John’s dedication embodies the mission to preserve, promote, and enhance the Historic National Road in Ohio for present and future generations. He has led efforts with Bridgeport Schools to bring middle school students on field trips to the Blaine Hill S Bridge for the past two years and educate them on a piece of history right in their backyard. He volunteered his time this past spring at the Belmont County Heritage Museum, giving tours to Barnesville elementary students. Both are a testament to his dedication and ability to make the past relevant and exciting, ensuring that knowledge is passed on to the next generation.


Read full article here

Guernsey County

Portion of National Road left exposed

Guernsey County Commissioners left a portion of the brick National Road exposed at Fairdale when the road was repaved last year. Pictured are two of the Commissioners, Dave Wilson and Jack Marlin with Cambridge/Guernsey County CVB Director Debbie Robinson and ONRA Past President Dixie Lacy. Guernsey County Engineer Paul Sherry was also present to showcase the nice work done to show the original brick road and nice new pavement on the rest of this well-traveled roadway.

 "If only the road could talk to us – people and animals and coaches and Conestoga wagons and surreys and model T’s and bicycles all using this roa," said Dixie Lacy.

Licking County

Licking County Mile Marker Replacement to be Completed Soon

The final three Licking County Mile Markers, 215, 221, and 224, are awaiting installation by ODOT District 5. Licking County has the longest segment of the National Road in Ohio, 30.5 miles. This is tremendous news, and when the markers are installed, it will be a newsworthy event for ONRA and the National Road. A big CONGRATS and THANKS to Jim Young and Sandy Gartner for getting these last three Mile Markers funded!

Upcoming Events on the National Road

Join Belmont County Tourism on Saturday, April 27th from 11 am – 4 pm at the 2024 Belmont County Heritage Trail/Rubberneck Tour. Spend the day enjoying stunning views, historical sites, and Belmont County heritage while driving along three scenic byways. The Ohio National Road will be featured with a stop at the historic Blaine S Bridge with antique cars, period children's games, a food truck, and more. Other stops include the Sedgwick House Museum and Walnut Grove Cemetery in Martins Ferry; Union Park, Great Stone Viaduc, and National Imperial Glass Museum in Bellaire; and the Willow Grove Mine Memorial in Neffs.

Cambridge Main Street is holding a basket auction on April 25th at the Pritchard Laughlin Civic Center. All proceeds from this event will help support Cambridge Main Street and its preservation and downtown revitalization efforts. There will be a live auction, refreshments, and a cash bar. Happy hour begins at 5:30 and the auction will begin at 6 pm. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased online or at the door.

Historic downtown Cambridge will be transformed into fairy tale land, taken over by princesses, princes, fairies, and pirates. Put on those tiaras, wings, and capes and join the fun. The event will feature carriage rides, picture opportunities with Poppy & Branch, and more. Tickets are $25 each.

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