2023 Spring Newsletter

The light is returning and we are starting to unfurl, slowly stretching our limbs farther away from our core. for some this spring brings a newness that is unfamiliar to the senses. a new normal, it's the same but so entirely different than springs of the past.. decades. there's a unrequested freedom in the newness, an enticing aroma to the way spring has sauntered in this year.

It's leaving me with quiet steady curiosity for what is to come. What seed planted, watered and nourished will sprout again for the new season? What seed planted, watered and nourished will not thrive? I sit here on my back steps holding similar hopes for us, as I do for my summer garden.

I hope that we all are held with care, cradled in possibility, shaped by nourishment and light. I hope that our potential energy is is released at a pace that remembers- there are two whole seasons to thrive into, before curling back in again. i can hear my future self chuckling to present me,

"pace yourself little sprout, pace yourself."

ASP Online Game Night!

Play a series of fun challenges & mini-games with an online group!

Game types depend on the night

They might include adventure-types, story games, puzzles, trivia, conversation starters, & more. To not spoil the fun, the game list is uniquely curated for each group

Group activity via audio and chat participation

All offerings are related to pre-selected themes including values, communication, relationships, growth, boundaries, end-of-life, and death

Please bring your own tech, drinks, & snacks

This is a free event with donations to ASP welcomed.

About the Facilitator

As a full-spectrum doula Summer offers care, consent skill building, creative activities, care planning, and learner-centered education. They enjoy collaborating with people of all-ages leaning into life cycles, transitions, and rites grounded in story sharing & playfulness.

Register for Game Night Here!

Happening This Weekend !! Don't miss this year.

Blooming with Grief

April 1: 6-9pm 836 S Kenyon

Blooming with Grief

April 1: 6-9pm 836 S Kenyon

Join us for an evening to engage

Letter Writing * Covid Memorial * Grief River * Poets * Burlesque * Interactive Art * Food * Drink * Music

Event starts at 6pm

Live Performances 7pm - 8

Open Mic 8pm - 8:30

Fire 9 pm

Haiku Pyrography

Poem by Jason Kirk (aka Brasswax)

Materials: aromatic cedar (Juniperus virginiana)

Dimensions: 19.25" x 3" x 0.25"

Death Doula Training

In this 8 week program, we learn through building collaborative skills, practices, and resources for community-led death care.

Monday & Wednesday 6-8:30pm PST

April 3-May 24

Our Spring 2023 Cohort has a 8 seats left, sign up today!

Sign up for our Spring 2023 Cohort

ASP: Past Students

Media and Chat Group

We are looking forward to gathering together in community! This is a monthly study group for past ASP students. Conversations are held together and are co-created with each group who joins. We gather on zoom via audio, chat, and screen sharing. The event is free and donations to ASP are always welcome.
This group is created to read, gather, and discuss a section of a poem, video, song, novel, short story, myth, fairy tale, or non-fiction selection that you read in advance of the reading group for that month. Please bring one piece of short media related death care with you to each read and chat group– for example this might be: 1,500 words 3-pages, 5-min video, 1 song, etc. All are invited to join on zoom via audio, with the option to screen share text/video/song/etc.
Access info: This group activity is on zoom & has live captioning, use of audio & chat are needed for participation. Please register in advance to receive the zoom link. This is a free event with donations to ASP welcomed.
Join us!

April 21, 2023 8:00am-4:00pm PST

Join us for our 4th Annual Death and Dying Conference for those caring for the living, the dying and the dead

This is an in person and virtually broadcasted conference. Sliding scale and discount codes available if cost is a barrier, please contact us.

2023 Featured Speakers:

Ekua Adisa

Davinah Simmons

Hope Wechkin, MD

Eula Scott Bynoe

View our website unebonnemort.life for updates and past conference information

In Person COVID requirements: we ask all attendees test upon arrival and remain masked in the space unless eating or drinking. Thank you for continuing to support community as we navigate this ongoing pandemic.

Register to attend 2023 Une Bonne Mort Conference

BIPOC Grief Community Drum Circle

Imani's Light & Kouyate Arts present a BIPOC Grief community Drum Circle is a space for community processing and healing. In this circle, we will explore grief through the power of drumming.

June 16 6-7:30pm

Rainier Arts Center

Register Here

ASP Students: We are Still Hoping to Make Slack Happen!

Asynchronous Online Space | Anytime - On Mobile or Desktop

We are trying to create space in Slack where all group discussion, community interaction, and resource sharing can happen. With ASP students across time zones and locations, this can be an amazing resource to stay connected and collaborate regionally!! This can allow engagement to happen in groups and privately through one streamlined platform that is accessible in multiple countries for free.

As part of your community building with ASP, you are invited to the Death Resource Center Slack and can join at any time. Here you will find threads where you can interact with everyone including #asp-deathdoulatraining, #asp-maidanddoulas, #advocacy, and #tech-help.

#asp-deathdoulatraining & #asp-maidanddoulas Given the size of the course community, coursework discussions can happen asynchronously within Slack for BOTH our . This channel is where you will participate in discussions for each session, and if the cohort is using Slack often then the reflection questions will be posted here.


Even after the course ends, you can co-create an ongoing community where conversations with the full group of learners is encouraged. All will have opportunities for making connections, interaction, and accountability within this group. You can also connect with folks directly by sharing social media, email, and contact info!


This is where all technology questions can be answered! If you are having trouble accessing the welcome course work, getting a weird 404 message, or something else… take a screenshot and describe the problem here! We’ll do our best to troubleshoot the problems together.


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