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April 18th Legislative Update
Important Update from The Board of Directors
This is a very busy time of year for farmers and we understand this is not a good time to ask you to add one more thing to your long list.  But things are moving fast at the capitol and
we need your help .  We are very encouraged because at the end of last week a Senate Bill that helps protect our private property rights was introduced along with the existing House Bill that passed committee a couple weeks ago.  

We are asking you to PLEASE take a few moments of your valuable time to contact legislators even if it is just a brief email,letter or phone call.  This personal contact will be instrumental in providing representatives and senators with the feedback they need to support these bills. 

The list for landowners is short but very important in our fight to stop RICL. 
1- Do NOT Sign Voluntary Easements
2- Contact legislators 
3- File your objection or amend your first objection

Thank you very much!!!
Have a good spring and stay safe out there! 
Carolyn Sheridan 
Board of Director President 
On Behalf of The Preservation of Rural Iowa Alliance 
Leg islative Update

Contacting Representatives and Senators is critical right now

Legislative action is taking place NOW!
Call, Email or Write y our Legislator and other legislators from all areas of the state.  Ask them to support the bills that have been introduced in both the House and Senate that will help protect Iowa landowners. 

Representatives: Refer specifically to HF 620 
Senators: Refer specifically to SSB 1276 

HF 620 and SSB 1276 both do the following: 
  • Require the IUB to find that a proposed electric transmission line is necessary for a public use and has a reasonable relationship to the overall plan for transmitting electricity for public use.    
  • Do not allow the petition for a line to be granted if eminent domain will be used and the line does not include substations at least every 50 miles. 
  • Make definitions, including limiting the term public to mean consumers located in Iowa. 
  • Exempts certain 34.5 KW and greater lines operating on AC and for specified utilities. 
  • Effective on enactment and applies to filings since November 1, 2014 that the IUB has not acted on.
    • HF 620 Electric Transmission Lines (Government Oversight; Successor to HSB 222)
      Floor Mgr. Kaufmann; 
    • NOTE: SSB 1276 includes language related to pipelines and use of eminent domain. 
What should you include in your  communication  with legislators?

We do not provide "canned letters" since we are told by legislators that your personal letters or emails make a bigger impact.  Here are some suggestions for your letter/email/phone call. 
  1. Your personal story and why you opposed to the misuse of eminent domain in general and for this project.
  2. Ask them to support HF 620 or SSB 1276
  3. Key points you may consider adding. 
  • These bills provide guidance to the IUB in handling petitions by merchant transmission companies that request the right of eminent domain as part of their petition for a transmission franchise.

  • These bills require any petition to transmit high voltage direct current filed by a merchant transmission company which requests the right of eminent domain to provide substations that allow power to be bought and sold by Iowans on the line.  By requiring these substations, Iowans will clearly have an opportunity to benefit from construction of the line.

  • HF 620 and SSB 1276 do not prohibit the construction of a high voltage direct current transmission lines by a merchant transmission company.  It simply sets requirements for the line if the right of eminent domain is requested.

  • The bills remove subjectivity in the IUB review of petitions to run high voltage direct current transmission lines when the right of eminent domain by establishing clear requirements that must be met to serve a public benefit.  

To call your legislator during session:
Representatives: 515.281.3221
Senators: 515.281.3371
Ask to be transferred to their desk.

To write your legislator during session:
(Legislator Name)
1007 East Grand Avenue
Des Moines, Iowa 50319

To email your legislator call the numbers above or visit the Iowa Legislative website: https://www.legis.iowa.gov/ 
Representatives: www.legis.iowa.gov/legislators/house
Senators:  www.legis.iowa.gov/legislators/senate
Home addresses and phone numbers are available online.   
Or visit our website - Call to Action/Legislation Tab
Please consider contacting other legislators besides the ones in your district.   Not all legislators are aware of the concerns of landowners impacted by the RICL proposed high voltage transmission line. 

To Monitor Activity ONLINE:  Go to the Legislature Website: www.legisliowa.gov 

Watch live debate, find information about legislators, lobbyists and committee schedules.  

Updated Numbers 

Objections:  1315 formal objections 
Voluntary Easements:  Less than 15% 
There are 176 voluntary easements registered at county court houses in all 16 counties. The Alliance checks each county court house weekly to monitor these numbers. 
Click to see table with numbers in each county as of April 19th  
 Visit our website for updated information


Our goal is to provide you with the information you need all in one location.  Weekly updates will help keep you informed of what is happening across the state and in your county.  The website provides a way for the Alliance to update you on a real time basis. 
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