Welcome to "The Dirt" where we share what you can expect from us in the coming weeks,  what's new at NatureWorks, and some garden buzz.
Watch Your Step
Winter's ice may be gone but use caution on walkways and patios. There are trip & slip hazards everywhere due to winter's freeze/thaw cycles which heave stones - often just enough to catch a toe. And the black or green patches you see are slick mildew and algae. We'll be looking for these hazards and will make recommendations to keep you safe.

Hardscape dangers - slippery mildew (ewww!) and toe-stubbers.
Branches Down? Look Up.
Is your lawn littered with twigs and branches after a storm?  It's a sign that your trees need some love. Dead branches in canopies are easily snapped by wind or snow weight. Trees trimmed regularly shed less as healthy wood is stronger. Plus, dead tissue attracts pests and pathogens making the tree more vulnerable to decline.  Our arborists will inspect your trees during your annual review and make recommendations to minimize debris. 

Unpruned deadwood drops easily, making a mess.
Spring Decor is Coming! 
Spring is upon us! NatureWorks' d├ęcor elves are busy stocking our shelves with all of the Hellebores, Ranunculus, Pussy Willow and other fun surprises for our spring installations. If you're already on our schedule, expect to see our crews planting away in the coming weeks. If you need a pop of pizzazz, contact your account manager to arrange.

Fragrant alyssum, traditional-but-always-cheerful pansies, and bulbs usher in spring. 
Welcome Kaitlyn!
We're excited for you to meet our newest account manager, Kaitlyn Lowe. Kaitlyn has come up through the field here where she worked both in gardening and construction, so she's well-versed on all aspects of landscaping. She holds a degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Georgia, with a minor in horticulture. It's a big year for Kaitlyn as she's also getting married in the fall!

Kaitlyn jumped right in this winter to help create spectacular decor displays. Decor is one of her specialties, so if you're lucky enough to be partnered with her, ask for her ideas.
Client Spotlight: Connecting Families across the Globe
Long-time NatureWorks client Robin Hauck was recently featured on The Today Show where they profiled her work with EF Go Ahead Tours. Her company has partnered with DNA company, Ancestry, to create travel experiences that connect their clients with relatives around the world, including custom tours with geneology historians who can trace the family story back many generations. In this segment, Robin joins a client from Florida as he and his dad meet cousins they didn't know they had in Sicily. Such heart-warming work that reminds us how connected we all are!  Watch here.

Robin Hauck, Director of Strategic Partnerships & Business Development at Go Ahead Tours on The Today Show.
We (and Justin Timberlake) Are Taking a Stand
Round Up is in the news, and the reports are confusing - the US EPA says the active ingredient glyphosate is "not likely" to cause cancer in humans, while the World Health Organization says it's "probable" that it does. We don't like those odds - for our employees or your landscape, so we're happy to announce that glyphosate is no longer our front line choice for weed control.

Our core values root us firmly in Safety and Innovation. So we minimize health risks to our employees, while we manage your landscape in the most ecological way. Last year, we tested an alternative weed control called Mirimichi Green. It's 100% organically derived with no environmental buildup.  And it's effective on all but the most stubborn weeds, so it's now part of our eco-arsenal. We'll continue to test & inform you of new, sustainable ways to manage your landscape. Did you know goats eat poison ivy? Stay tuned.

'Green' is the essence of our core values; Justin Timberlake is behind the Mirimichi line of ecologically friendly landscape care products, and the environmental award-winning Mirimichi golf course. Read all about it.
What's with all the Holes in My Turf?
It's likely skunks or raccoons. Desperate to fatten up after a long cold winter, these nocturnal critters claw at your lawn in search of grubs. The good news is they're controlling your grubs! The bad news is...you've got grubs. 

So cute, but such a nuisance!
Darn! Forget to Plant Bulbs Last Fall?...
...it's not too late. Daffs, tulips, hyacinths etc. can all be planted now as potted plants - all budded up and ready to go. When the blooms go by, just leave them be and enjoy them  again next spring.

Plant potted bulbs now for immediate gratification. 
"Spring is when you feel like dancing, even with a shoe full of slush."
~ Doug Larson