Winter can be a tough time for lawns during the dark cold northwest winters, thus we fight moss every year. Although it's difficult to prevent, luckily it's easy to control.

Liquid iron, sprayed on a lawn quickly and effectively controls moss. It actually kills the moss within hours, turning it black. Although moss is easy to kill, it will regrow every year, requiring annual or twice annual treatment.

We recommend treating for moss twice yearly - early winter and mid-spring. Moss treatment is normally considered an enhanced service, but it's relatively inexpensive and necessary to maintain quality turf in western Washington.

We treat for moss during April and early May. You will see your lawn darken and the moss turn black. Don't be alarmed, this is normal and does not harm the lawn. The treatment actually helps the overall appearance of the lawn color by deepening its green color, while also killing the moss.

We will also propose an early winter treatment in December or early January to stop the moss from developing through the winter, which would thin out the grass. Moss will grow again, so we recommend the second treatment in spring. 

With two moss control treatments, good control can be achieved and the lawn will be protected.  

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