Keep Fire Hydrants Clear!
Hydrants can be hidden under piles of snow, which makes them difficult to find in an emergency. Once the hydrants are found, firefighters spend minutes shoveling out the hydrant before they can begin extinguishing the fire.

Help our firefighters keep our community safe!
  1. Remove snow and ice within a 3-foot perimeter of a hydrant.
  2. Shovel a pathway from the hydrant to the street to assist with access.
  3. Try to remove any ice that has formed on the hydrant.

Thank you for your assistance!

shoveling out a fire hydrant
Water Tower Park Updates
Thank you to the North Bank Communities Fund for the generous grant of $2,622.25 to be used for improvements to Water Tower Park. The funds from this grant will allow for the installation of a drinking fountain in the park. Current plans include having a functional drinking fountain installed by April 1, 2022.

Spring Lake Township is planning to apply for a Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund grant in 2022 to help fund accessibility improvements at Water Tower Park. This will primarily include a new small parking lot, walkways, and lighting. This is the first phase of park improvements. It is anticipated that small incremental improvements will occur for the next several years. The plan is to keep the park simple but to make it more inviting.

Water Tower Park
Master Plan Update
Spring Lake Township is completing a Master Plan Review and Update. The Master Plan guides the Township plans for and manages land use and development. The Township conducted a survey last year to get input on areas of concern for residents. That information is being reviewed and action plans developed to guide development going forward. Later in the process, the Township will issue a draft copy of the Master Plan Update for public review and comment. Working documents being used for discussion, as well as the current Master Plan, can be found on our website.

Master Plan image
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