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Annual Home Owner Meeting, Volunteers Needed Lake Patrol, Slash and Trash and

Weed Warrior, Camp Columbine,4th of July Parade, 4th Of July Details, Lake Stock, Pike Bounty, Parking Restrictions, HOV Regs, AppFolio Reminders, Road Work Scheduled, Boat Stickers, Wildlife Reminders, Fire Pit Regs, Slash & Trash Save The Date, Seeking ARC Volunteer,

Annual Home Owner Meeting

Sunday, May 28th 1:00pm

At the Clubhouse 

Meet and Greet at the Gazebo, weather permitting, immediately following, refreshments provided.

Boat stickers will be available at the meet and greet, as well as at our office during in-person hours. Be sure to have your homeowner pass with you to secure your sticker.

Details will be emailed in the coming days.

Volunteers Needed

For Harbison Ditch Cleanup!

Mid To Late May Depending On Snow Melt

This yearly team effort ensures proper runoff to supply our lake. Pease contact the office if you're able to lend a hand. We will have more details soon. Thank You For Your Community Support!

Harbison Ditch

Happy Spring Columbine Lakers! 

We are beginning to see signs of the ground around the neighborhood! We are in need of volunteers to adopt small sections of roads and community property to pull noxious weeds and keep Columbine Lake beautiful. Many hands make light work! Please sign up for your section at the link below. We will have a few meet ups over the summer to tackle any areas which need extra attention. Thank you in advance for helping our community! 

Columbine Lake Weed Warriors 

Sign Me Up!

Contact Katie Ellis with questions or to sign up:


building plans

ARC Volunteer Needed

We're seeking a new member for our Architectural Review Committee with some building or architectural experience. Meetings are held monthly and members can attend in person or virtually. Our committee is responsible for reviewing all building permits to insure structural exteriors remain in line with our CLCC building criteria. Please contact the office if you're interested in joining.

Keep Zebra Mussels OUT:

Clean, Drain, Dry Watercraft

Lake-killing Zebra mussels have arrived in Colorado near Kremmling. Columbine Lake is not immune! CLCC boaters need to follow Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) protocol and remain vigilant. 

  • If you take your watercraft of any kind to ANY other lake in Colorado or out of state, inspect your boat for zebra mussels before entering Columbine!
  • Colorado is a mandatory Aquatic Nuisance Stamp (ANS) state for Motorcraft and Sailboats but not for paddleboards, kayaks or canoes. 
  • CPW defines a motorboat as the any vessel propelled by machinery, whether or not such machinery is the principal source of propulsion, including ‘personal watercraft’ 
  • Private lakes are not exempt: Inspection and a stamp IS required on private lakes. See ANS Frequently Asked Questions, below.
  • Motorboats must be re-inspected if they leave and re-enter Colorado
  • CPW requires non-motorized boats going from water to water to be: clean, drained and dried prior to transport. That means no mud, no water, no plants, no animals inside or out. 
  • Trailers are included in rules to clean/drain/dry prior to transport.
zebra mussel 2
zebra boat
zebra raft
baby zebra

Summer Happenings

 July 4th Picnic and Parade

Chairperson and Volunteers Needed In Order To Make This Event Possible.

Columbine Lake Annual Parade and Picnic

Parade Participants line up 9:30am on Columbine Drive (just above office entrance)

Parade begins 10am 

Decorate your car, OHV, Golf Cart, Pet, or just walk along and line up behind our first responders. Just show up, no sign up!

BBQ Picnic on the office shoreline will follow the parade. We will be grilling up hotdogs and burgers. Just bring your chairs or blankets and a side to share if you like.

Please contact the office to chair this event:

high five

Camp Columbine Kids

July 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 6th

8am - 9:30am

OK Kids, this one's for you!

Come out and join in the fun with Chris Atencio.

Details to Follow Soon!

Stocking Up!

Columbine Lake will be restocked with fresh trout week of May 22nd.

We will, as in years past, be continuing our "GET PAID TO FISH" program. A twenty dollar bounty will be paid for each pike removed from our lake. If caught while our office is closed please remember to wrap in plastic, and freeze, until you are able to bring by and collect your bounty. Leaving outside in a bucket will draw bears. Fresh or frozen the reward is still $20.

If you're wondering why pike? According to CPW, northern pike are a predatory species that can be harmful to trout fisheries. CPW is also concerned that if northern pike reached a critical habitat along the Colorado River, they would prey on the state's endangered native fishes.

Last year thanks to our participants we were able to remove 66 pike from our lake.

Trout Restock May 22nd


The Northern Pike Bounty Fish

Lake Access Parking

Parking spots for lake access are limited at each location and we ask you to be courteous to those who do not have boat racks and leave the parking spots for those who need to unload and load boats and especially for the owners who have physical constraints. Remember that parking along roads is prohibited.

Activate Your AppFolio Portal

As our community grows, so does our need to be organized!

circa 90s aerial

Aerial Circa 1991

Recent aerial

Aerial Circa 2016

We are currently at 94% compliance with our AppFolio property management software. With our 500+ individual homeowners, we have surpassed the need for software that will organize association messaging, provide necessary reminders, handle our billing needs, provide permit applications, keep up with our accounts receivable, and provide you, the homeowner, with immediate access to update all of your contact information. ARC permits, as well as all related invoices will be available only thru AppFolio. Keep in mind, our office will no longer accept paper checks as of July 1st.

mosquito pellets

More Info:

How to Prevent Mosquitos From Breeding On Your Property.

Owner 101

Get Ahead Of Mosquito Season

CLCC HOA will be conducting our yearly mosquito treatments for our lake and common areas in our community. Along with pellets which helps eliminate the larvae, existing mosquitos will be controlled with fogging. We highly recommend those owners with still water or marshy areas on their property to please treat these wet areas as well.

Mosquitos can breed in extremely small areas. Females lay approximately 300 eggs in their 14 day lifecycle which hatch in 48 hours. You can see why control is so important.

Female mosquitos unlike many other insects do not die after biting. Yes, just the females bite. They are after the nutrients on our blood and can bite several times in an evening. Mosquitos are responsible for many diseases such as Zika, West Nile, Malaria and more recently Chikungunya. Our pets can also contract Heartworm Disease.

There are a few brands of mosquito preventative methods available at hardware stores and on Amazon. Pellets are by far the easiest to use and give proper application in square ft. Just be sure the active ingredient is Bacillus thuringiensis subspecies israelensis (Bti) which kills the mosquito larvae, but is harmless to other living things.

Road Work To Begin Approximately May 15th

Contractors will be blading all CLCC community roads beginning the week of May15th. Start of work will be dependent upon weather and contractor schedule. We estimate three days for work to be completed.

Please make sure all vehicles and any other items are cleared from all roads. Homeowners that are currently in the build/rebuild, or other use of contractors, please communicate with them that all materials etc. need to be fully clear of the roads during this timeframe. 

For your safety please use slower than normal speeds during road work hours.

Road Work
speed 10 sign

Got Your Boat Sticker?

Remember all watercraft used in Columbine Lake must have a boat sticker displaying the owner's lot and block number. Any vessel without this identifying sticker will be removed from the area. These measures help ensure our private lake is being used only for our homeowners and guests.

If you need a sticker please stop by the office or stop by after the annual home owner meeting, May 28th. Be sure to have your Home owner badge.

Office hours listed at the bottom of this newsletter.

OHV Do's and Don'ts

If you have ATVs or have guests or renters with access to them please familiarize yourself with the CLCC Off-Highway Vehicles (OHV) regulations for use on our roads (Article XII of our Owners Regulations). Key points include:

* No child under the age of 10 may drive an OHV

Attention owners of short-term rental properties! OHV use on CLCC roads is prohibited. OHVs must stay trailered while on CL property. It is the owner's responsibility to notify all renters of this policy. 

* Drivers over the age of 10 must have a valid driver’s license OR be accompanied by a person with a valid driver’s license

* OHVs are to be used only to travel to and from a place or activityCircling around the lake and neighborhoods and “joy-riding” is prohibited!

Owner Regulations


GL Trail Maps

bear 2
mom moose

Mountain Lions, Moose, and Bears...Oh My!

Yes Dorothy, you're not in Denver anymore. No matter which suburban area you hale from, keep in mind, our community is on the edge of national parks and forests.

We must always be aware that we share the land with these beautiful and sometimes dangerous creatures. This past winter several homeowners had some "too close encounters" with mountain lions. (see article March/April 2023) Spring is a good time to remind our homeowners, new and old, how to enjoy our wildlife safely.

  • Keep Your Distance!
  • Store Trash In Closed Bear Proof Containers !
  • Never Leave Trash Outside Of Our Contained Compactor!
  • Colorado Parks and Wildlife Strongly Recommends Against Feeding Any Wildlife Including Birds!
  • Be Aware Of Your Surroundings At All Times! Within Our Community And Out On The Trails.
  • Protect Your Pups By Keeping Them Leashed!
  • If You See Something, Say Something. If You See A Moose, Say, From Your Deck, And Notice A Dog Walker Approaching, Give Them A Heads Up.
  • Female Moose Are Highly Aggressive While Protecting Their Young!
  • Moose With Collars Are Not Pets, They Are Being Tracked By Co. Wildlife Agencies.
  • Keep Your Barbecue Grill As Clean As Possible. Studies Show Bears Can Smell Up To Three Miles Away.

Fire Pit And Protocol 

We all know how a calm afternoon can turn suddenly, bringing with it high winds from every direction.

It's fast approaching that time of year. We need utmost compliance with Fire Regulations. Just one spark can lead to disaster. Remember these regulations have been put into place for your safety and the safety of your personal property.

Please be advised: 

  • No Fireworks, sparklers, tiki torches, or open flames.
  • No slash or building material to be piled or barrel burned.
  • CLCC has the right to enforce fire bands apart from town or county.
  • Fire pits must be within the approved regulations. See the link below for specifics on your fire pit.
  • Be sure to have direct access to water in order to extinguish it completely, and never leave a fire unattended.

Section 4.09 Building Criteria

fire pits
No Open Flames
no fireworks

Part-time Job Opportunity!

In order to extend our clubhouse hours for the summer, we are reaching out for a few extra hands. We can only provide access to our clubhouse with a trained employee on site. Our hours of operation depend solely on the number of employees we have to fill the shifts.

Summer or year-round opportunity. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age. Flexible hours, 4-5 hour shifts. Please reach out to the office.

save date 2

Slash & Trash July 22nd & 23rd

Volunteers Needed!

email the office if you can help out:

Details to follow!

Lake View

Lake Patrol Volunteers Needed

Lake Patrollers volunteer to help keep your private lake private and help mitigate unauthorized users.

Lake and fishing knowledge is helpful but not necessary and one must be willing to volunteer on weekends and holidays.

Interested owners please email:

Be Informed,

 Be Alert!

Please register with the link below.

Code Red Registration

code red
earth day 2

Make More Of Your Walks!

Warm weather is upon us. Soon our neighborhood will be buzzing with speed walkers, dog walkers and joggers, just enjoying the beauty of where we live.

The spring snowmelt has exposed lots of small trash. Try to remember to bring a trash bag (and maybe gloves) on your daily walk to help clean up the small debris on the roadsides. You might think no one notices your effort, but give it a try. The "thank yous" you receive are contagious.

Happy spring in the mountains!

Emergency and Important Numbers

Grand County Sheriff . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 970-725-3343

Grand Lake Fire Dept. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 970-627-8428

Grand County Offices . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 970-725-3347

Town of Grand Lake . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 970-627-3435

Middle Park Medical Center . . . . . . . . . . 970-887-5800

Three Lakes Water & San . . . . . . . . . . . 970-627-3544

Columbine Lake Water District . . . . . . . .970-627-3683

Mountain Parks Electric . . . . . . . . . . . . .970-887-3378

Colorado Parks & Wildlife. . . . . . . . . . . 970-725-6200

Never Summer

Office Hours

For In Person Visits

Monday - Thursday 1pm - 4pm 

Friday 10am - 12pm and 1pm - 4pm

Closed Saturday - Sunday 



Clubhouse Hours

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

4pm - 8pm

Saturday 12pm - 8pm 

Sunday 10am - 6pm

Closed Tuesdays and Thursdays 

Lap Swim - Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, 9am-12pm, 

Sunday 9am-10am


Summer Clubhouse Hours

Will Begin Memorial Day Weekend 5/27

Extended Hours Will Depend On Staff Availability

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday 12pm-8pm

Sunday 10am - 6pm

Closed Tuesday

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