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Dole: Producer of powders, purees, IQFs, and more.

While Dole has long been one of our trusted suppliers, they continue to improve and expand on their offerings. We're excited to share some new products with you and some offerings that are now available year-round.

Take a look at the highlights below, and contact us to request a free sample or more information today!
NEW from Dole!
Green Banana Flour

Green banana flour is made from unripe green bananas and processed at Dole's facilities. It is a free-flowing powder with a neutral taste. This new flour is great for its nutritional and digestive benefits. Green bananas are naturally rich in resistance starch which aids in gut health. It's also rich in minerals like potassium and magnesium.

Green banana flour is vegan, gluten-free, low sugar, and has a strong water/oil holding capacity. This new product would make a great functional ingredient in bakeries, beverages, and health supplement applications.
Pineapple Fiber Powder

Similar to green banana flour, pineapple fiber powder is a resistant start that's high in dietary fiber, fatty acids, and more. Use this ingredient in baked goods, beverages, and supplements for better gut health, lower GI, anti-inflammatory, skin hydration, and more!
More To Explore - Now Available Year Round!
Banana Puree

Produced in the Philippines, this puree is available in a year-round supply. It's available in a range of sizes. Contact us for more info!
IQF Sliced Banana

Flash-frozen at the peak of freshness, IQF sliced bananas are also produced in the Philippines and available in different quantities.
IQF Pineapple

IQF Pineapples are produced in the Philippines. Choose from chunks, cubes, slices, or tidbits to fit the needs of your production.
IQF Raspberries

Produced in Serbia, these arrive in the US with more crumbles. This makes them ideal for mixes where the fruit doesn't need to be intact.
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About Dole
Dole is a global leader and standard setter for fresh produce, IQFs, fruit purees, concentrates, and more.

Their mission is to "endeavor, each and every day, to make the world a healthier, more sustainable place."
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