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  • Featured Blogs: Recipe for Almond Flour Strawberry Cheese Danish and Healing Foods For Recovery
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~ In Our Kitchen ~

Our chefs are creating culinary works of art every day that combine the best of taste, health, and aesthetic.
~ Featured Blogs ~
"Right away I loved the way I was feeling from this way of eating. I was consuming a lot more plants but it was also hard to eat that many vegetables without digestive problems. That’s when I decided to start juicing."
Looking for a special weekend treat? This is a gluten free AND sugar free pastry that is easy to make and easier to eat!
~ Chef Spotlight on Las Vegas Chefs ~
Chef Whitni, Las Vegas, NV

Chef Whitni graduated from The Art Institute OC, with Dean’s Honors. She has been a private chef/personal chef and caterer for over 28 years, working in the homes of Palo Alto for 20 years before returning to her home town, Orange County. She now resides in Nevada.

Chef Whitni specializes in healthy gourmet meals with specific experience in Candida, Keto, Atkins,  Paleo, Mediterranean diet, low sodium, plant based, vegan, and Whole 30. Whitni enjoys cooking for "Clean Eating" diets, but also loves to cook Mexican, Italian, French and Seafood. She also specializes in beautiful, gourmet platters. She believes that you eat with your eyes first. 

Specialty Diet Cuisine Expertise: Atkins, Candida, Diabetes, Keto, Low Fat, Mediterranean, Paleo, and Whole30

Whatever the client wishes, I will make it delicious!” - Chef Whitni

Chef Amanda, Las Vegas, NV

I grew up in Southern Orange County and went to high school in Bend, Oregon. While living in Oregon I learned how to forage for wild mushrooms. I moved into a van and traveled the pacific northwest with my cat harvesting gourmet forest products like mushrooms, berries, pinecones, etc. Since I finished high school early I decided to attend Le Cordon Bleu in Pittsburgh, PA. I graduated at the top of my class, bought an RV, and traveled to Montana to continue mushroom picking and work seasonally in resort restaurants.

I love the challenge of helping those with dietary ailments because I also suffer and it's important to not feel left out. I struggle with allergies and intolerances to FODMAPs, peanuts soy, lactose, refined sugar, processed foods, nightshades, coffee....

Specialty Diet Cuisine expertise:  Paleo, Whole30, Vegan, Vegetarian, Plant-based, raw, Gluten-Free, Low FODMAP, No FODMAP, Refined Sugar-Free, Keto, low carb, low fat, diabetic diet, and Mediterranean. 
~ It's Poll Time! We want to hear from you! ~
Have you eaten gluten-free?
Yes, I have Celiac disease
Yes, I'm gluten free!
Yes, I've tried gluten-free foods
No thank you, I eat bread all day
~ Healthcare Professionals Partner Spotlight ~
I'm on a mission to connect with like-minded health & wellness pros. I’m the founder of Whole Healthy Everyday. Our team of chefs provide healthier meals based on clients dietary needs + personal preferences.

  1. Do you instruct your clients on how they should be eating? 
  2. Do you ever have a client say they can't stick to your recommended diet?
  3. Have you ever had a client say they just don't have the time or knowledge to prepare homemade meals?

We would love to partner with you to support your clients and the success of their healthy-eating-plan. We take the plan you give them and prepare delicious nutritious meals that taste amazing.
~ Articles Our Chefs Are Reading ~
Our chefs are dedicated to staying up to date on the latest in food and health news!

Do you have old produce lurking in the back of your fridge?

We talk a lot about the transition from fall to winter, but the transition out of winter into spring can also have a significant impact on our bodies.

Much of our lives revolves around food, have you thought about your relationship with food?
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