Eye Allergies:
Tips and Relief for Itchy, Watery Eyes
It is estimated that 50 million people in the United States have seasonal allergies.The symptoms of eye allergies, itchy and watery eyes, are caused by the same irritants that cause sneezing and a running nose in seasonal allergy sufferers, identified as up to 30% of adults and 40% of children.
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A Special Note for
Contact Lens Wearers
Allergies may hamper comfort and wear-ability of your contact lenses, as allergens will accumulate on the surface on the lenses. Consider wearing glasses only during allergy season or wearing daily, disposable lenses. 
Prevention & Treatment
Prevention  The best approach to reducing the symptoms of eye allergies is to limit exposure to the allergens causing them. Stay indoors when the pollen count is high, keep windows closed, and run the air conditioner to filter the air - don't forget to change filters! When outside wear wraparound sunglasses to help shield your eyes from pollen and ragweed, drive with your windows closed, change your clothes when going back into the house, and wash your hands.
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Treatment  For some, symptoms will be relieved by the use of over-the-counter re-wetting drops to flush your eyes of the allergens. It may not seem that something so easy as lubricating the eye with re-wetting drops will relieve the great discomfort of allergies, but it really can be. The drier the eye, the more sensitive and reactive it may become to allergens. If your symptoms persist, call to schedule a visit with the doctor. Likely, an antihistamine, like new 24 hour drops, will be prescribed. Chronic, year long allergies are best managed by treating underlying dry eye issues. The next step for a more stubborn case is to manage it with steroids. As the condition improves, follow up may begin with an antihistamine, then move to re-wetting drops once better controlled. Early treatment is best for treating allergies so call us as you become uncomfortable. We can help in selecting the best re-wetting drops for your case; call us for more information.