Spring Has Sprouted - Time To Get Things Going In The Garden

April 2018 / Volume 133
April Horticultural Tips
All kinds of garden tips (Lawn & Turf, Fruits & Vegetables, Trees & Shrubs, Fruits and other information) for the month of April can be found by clicking on APRIL.
Annual Plant Sale: Tulsa Master Gardeners Largest Fundraiser!

The Exchange Center Building is the smaller red building just north of the large red building known as the River Spirit Expo Building
The Tulsa Master Gardeners Annual One-Day Plant Sale will be held on Thursday, April 19th from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. at the Exchange Center on the fairgrounds.  This building is located directly north of the large River Spirit Expo Building on the Tulsa Fairgrounds.  Although the pre-order dates have passed, this is another opportunity to choose from dozens of selections and hundreds of plants while supporting your local Master Gardeners.  

The Tulsa master Gardeners do not receive any outside financial support - we are completely self-funded.  And, because we are a 501(c)(3) organization, any donations made to support us where you do not receive anything in return/exchange, your donations are fully tax deductible.  So, while your plant purchases would not be eligible for a tax deduction, you will be able to shop from a very wide variety of plants this year (our largest selection yet), including the most popular of all these days.......milkweeds!   Come see us on the 19th and we will be glad to answer all of the gardening questions that you may have.
Where Will You Find The Master Gardeners In April and May?

The Tulsa Master Gardeners will be out and about the entire month of April and May at various events around the Tulsa area.  We attend the events to strengthen the partnerships we have with the various nurseries and clubs around the area and to be publicly available to answer any and all of your gardening and horticultural questions you may have while attending these events.  Here's where we'll be in April:

April 13-14                   Spring Fest @ Tulsa Garden Center
April 14                        Garden Fest @ A New Leaf Nursery, Broken Arrow
April 21                        Herbal Affair @ Sand Springs
April 28                        Jenks Herb 'n' Plant Festival @ Downtown Jenks

May 5                          Broken Arrow Rose Show and Festival @ Broken Arrow
April 12                       National Public Garden Day @ Philbrook, Gilcrease, and Tulsa Botanic Gardens


Saturday, May 12
Gardens throughout Tulsa join forces for a special event for National Public Gardens Day 2018.

Get on the party bus.  Enjoy special curated experiences at Philbrook, Tulsa Botanic Garden, Tulsa Garden Center/Linnaeus Teaching Garden, and Gilcrease.

Enjoy wines and beers from local breweries and vineyards, pizza from Prairie Fire Pie, and a few surprises.

$30/person. Limited to 70 spots. Ages 21+ only.

Note that some details are subject to change.  Check Philbrook.org for further details and updates.
Crapemyrtle Bark Scale - Ugly, But Is It Fatal?

Crapemyrtles are one of the most popular trees found around Northeast Oklahoma and Tulsa in particular.  In fact, it is a popular landscape plant throughout the southern U.S., generating $46 million in wholesale farm revenue each year.  And, while beautiful most of the year, right now many trees around the area look like something from Halloween.  Their stalks are mostly, if not all, black.  This is a sooty mold that results from a disease called Crapemyrtle Bark Scale.  While it makes the tree look absolutely ugly, it may not necessarily be fatal.  Click  CMBS to find out more about its origin, how it multiplies and what to do about it if you get it on your trees.
Soil Testing - A Must For A Great Garden and Landscape
Have you been adding the popular brand fertilizer, compost and/or manure to your vegetable garden every year and getting lackluster results?  Has it been years, or ever, since you had a soil test, analysis and evaluation performed on your garden, flower beds, and/or lawns?  If the answer is YES to both of these questions, then it may very well be time to have a soil test done.  It really is worth your time, and only has to be done every 3-4 years.  Click SOIL TEST to learn more about the many benefits from this low-cost procedure.  
Soil Sidekicks & Companion Planting In The Garden
Relationships are the glue that holds a society together.  People are social animals and therefore rely on each other for all manner of things.  But, have you ever thought of your plants in the same way?  Is it possible that plants may grow happier and healthier with the right companions and soil sidekicks? Click  SOIL SIDEKICKS to find out the answer.
Proper Plant Rotation
Plant rotation in your garden is a very effective way to help prevent diseases, aid in increasing soil nutrients and to decrease insect damage.  Because many diseases are found in the soil, continued planting of the same plant in the same place, year after year, will increase the disease damage to your plants. Since different plants use varying amounts of nutrients, crop rotation will also aide in helping to keep the soil from being depleted of many of these nutrients.  Rotation will also help to decrease destructive insect and nematode populations.   Click on PLANT ROTATION for more information and an informational chart.
Container Gardening
Gardening with containers adds so much interest to porches, fences, and backyards. Hanging baskets, pots of many shapes and sizes are used to add beauty to your urban gardens. These containers are mini gardens themselves that express certain moods and the gardener's personality.  When certain rules, techniques, and suggestions are followed, these containers will draw the homeowner and guests to the gardens many times.   Click CONTAINER GARDENING for more valuable information.
Spring Care Of Fruit Trees
Spring is here and one of the first signs of spring is the blossoming of fruit trees with the promise of sweet fruit in the late summer and fall.  If you are looking forward to your own backyard fruit harvest, you will need to protect your fruit trees from pests and disease and to provide them with the nutrition and care they need to produce abundant fruit.  Click FRUIT TREES for access to more information and details on the various pests and diseases and how to counter such.
Planting An Herb Garden
The popularity of herb gardens continues to grow each year. Some of the earliest texts referencing herbs date back to 2000 B.C. when herbs were used primarily for medicine.  Today, in addition to medicinal uses, herbs are grown for food seasonings, fragrance enhancers, cosmetic products, and landscape beautification. Whether they are annuals or perennials, herbs can be grown easily with just a few helpful hints.  Click on  HERB GARDEN  to learn more about planting of a herb garden as well as the care and uses for herbs.
Do Weeds Have Benefits?  Yes, They Do!

{HENBIT}                                                            {CHICKWEED}
T he true definition of a weed is a plant that is growing where it is not supposed to be growing.  As we walk through parks, gardens and in and around streets, we encounter weeds of all shapes, sizes and color.  While most people consider a weed to be a nuisance, some of the most common garden weeds are actually beneficial herbs.  Click on WEED BENEFITS  to learn more about the hidden benefits of weeds in and around our yards and gardens.

The Tulsa Master Gardener Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) organization.  As such, it receives no city, state or federal funding for its Tulsa community outreach programs. In fact, the Tulsa's Master Gardener programs are self-funded by its own fundraisers, from member donations, and from public donations.

The main Tulsa Master Gardener fundraiser is its Annual Spring Plant Sale that is held each April.  Other fundraisers include the Garden Tour and Garage Sale in June.  And, one of the most important income sources that sometimes gets overlooked are the personal and corporate donations.  These are so important in helping us to meet our financial obligations and we want you to know they are very much appreciated. 

NEW!   MG Endowment Fund
Did you know that we have been around for over three decades, since 1983?  And, we plan to be around for many more decades.  Did you know that  we are one of the top five Master Gardener county programs in the entire nation?  We are, indeed, because of the size of our Foundation membership as well as the diversity and activity level of our community outreach programs!  
So, we are pleased to announce, in partnership with the Tulsa Community Foundation, the Master Gardener Foundation recently established an Endowment Fund to ensure our long-term financial strength.  Our plans are to build this fund for many years before making any withdrawals from it.  Please consider us as you make your annual gift giving as well as longer-term estate planning decisions.  Remember, all donations are fully tax deductible! 
If you wish to make a tax-deductible donation to help fund the long-term success of the program, click on   TULSA MASTER GARDENER ENDOWMENT FUND.
If you wish to make a tax-deductible donation to help fund our annual expenses, click on  TULSA MASTER GARDENER AGENCY FUND.
We thank you for having been such faithful contributors both in the past and in advance for your future consideration and participation!

Donations for this month include:

Tulsa Master Gardener General Fund
Ann Humes

Tulsa Master Gardener Speakers Bureau
Owasso Bouquet of Gardeners

Tulsa Master Gardener Exploring Insects
C. Sue Stees
Thomas E. or Elizabeth B. Rains

Got a Question? Or Maybe a Soil or Plant Sample?
MG logo
Our Master Gardeners are on hand to assist you with even the toughest gardening questions. Visit us in person, by phone, via email or online! Hours of operation are Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m to 4:00 p.m.

Address: 4116 E. 15th Street, Gate 6 at the Fairgrounds
Phone: (918) 746-3701

Need More Information?
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All about butterfly gardening in Tulsa County.

How to Take a Soil Test
How to collect a good sample of soil from your lawn or garden and get it tested at the OSU lab.

Once you have collected your soil test and gotten the results back, now what? Find out here. 

Show and tell.
Cool Season Lawn Care (Fescue)
12-month maintenance calendar.
State horticulturists, nurseries and growers pick favorite plants, shrubs and trees for use in the Oklahoma landscape. See the winners for this year and years past.

A list of recommended trees with descriptions. 

A list of over 60, by size and color.

Visit our demonstration garden on  15th Street, open 7 days a week. 

Current and historical source of rainfall, air temperatures, soil temps and much more. Click on Bixby station.  

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