Our Permanant Locations

Sherman Oaks
Downtown Santa Monica
Schwarz Wellness Center in Redlands

Sherman Oaks will remain our main office and administrative center as it has been for 15 years!

Our satellite locations

Palm Desert
Westlake Village 

Joining me is our team of incredible female Certified Clinical Thermographers – Nora Fasano, Advanced Certified Clinical Thermographer since 2012 and Eva Yanez, who joined us in the Inland Empire last year and earned her certification with exemplary marks. The high quality equipment, M.D. Thermologist interpretations and follow up are the same at all locations and with each CCT. 
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Self-care and refer a friend

The Self-Care reward program remains at all our locations when you return for an annual scan within one month of your annual due date. Enjoy $25 off the annual pricing as our gift to you for taking care of your health. We also continue to thank you for referrals with $25 off any scan or package for you and your referred friend. To take advantage of this gift, say "self-care" or let us know who your referral buddy is when you make your appointment. We appreciate you letting your friends know about our services and for making your health a priority. Now more than ever.